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Episode 194



After Jack escorts Will home, Carly calls by and warns Gwen that her husband has been looking for her. Gwen doesn't know what to do with Will anymore and fears for her safety and for Hallie's. Carly maternally scolds her sister for thinking such a thing; Will would never even think about harming Gwen or the baby. When Jack returns, Carly thanks him for all his effort in making her family at peace again and rewards him with a kiss on the cheek. Later, Jack confides in Holden that he keeps getting mixed signals from Carly. Holden advises his cousin to go after her. The subject of Clark comes up and Holden informs Jack that Lily has asked Dusty to look into it. Jack isn't pleased with the news and wishes Dusty wasn't interfering in such a private family matter.

Dusty knocks on the door at Lucinda's and the two make small chat about Worldwide's tremendous rebound since Craig nearly sank it. Dusty is glad the bastard is dead and gone and has hope that Lucy will return Johnny once she learns of her father's death. Dusty realizes that Lucinda hasn't spoken with Lucy in quite some time and apologizes for being so insensitive. Lucinda changes the subject and asks what brings Dusty by. Dusty reveals that he knows that she knows Clark; and he knows why she wants to keep it under wraps. Lucinda calls his bluff and Dusty reveals that Clark was her childhood sweetheart from her Mary Ellen days in Peoria. Lucinda is shocked and in an emotional rage, she orders Dusty out of her study, but not before striking fear into his heart by forbidding him from telling anyone.

After dinner is over, Bob heads out to the hospital on an emergency page. Kim finds Nancy helping Chris pack his things. She moans that she wishes he didn't have to leave so soon, but her son playfully reminds her that he has a plane to catch. Kim kisses her son goodbye before thanking him for what he's done. The concern he has shown for his parents has helped them tremendously. Chris admits that he's still very worried about them and doesn't want them to seperate over such frivolous things. Kim promises to keep her tongue in check around Susan. As the two get ready to go to the airport, Nancy offers to walk Chris out to the car. With Kim in the car waiting, Nancy touches her grandson's cheek and reminds him just how proud she is of him; and Chris Sr. would be, too. She knows it because she can feel his smile surrounding them right now. Chris and Nancy both choek back tears as Nancy tells Chris that he may have made a mistake in what he did, but he's a better, wiser man now because of it. Chris thanks Nancy and kisses her goodbye before ducking into the car with Kim. Nancy waves as she watches them drive away.

At the hospital, Bob's busy with patients from a bus incident when Chris comes through and says goodbye. Bob remarks how he has forgiven Chris, despite his initial feelings of anger, hurt, and betrayal. Chris disappointedly confesses that he knows he hurt Bob, but if he could change it, he would. Bob tells him that now is no time for regrets; it's happened and now, it's in the past. The father and son share an extremely emotion-filled goodbye as Kim looks on. Susan happens upon them, spots Kim, and groans that she'll come back. Chris stops her and tells her that his mother has something to say to her. "Oh great," she sighs. Kim chokes on her pride and holds out her hand, explaining that she's let a 20 year grudge nearly destroy her marriage and she's ready to send the past where it belongs..in the past. Susan calls her on it, recalling that they called truce months ago before Kim started interfering in hers and Michael's relationship. Kim gives Chris an infuriated look, but he reminds her with a glance why she's doing this by looking at himself and then Bob.

Kim takes her hand and jolts it forward again, asking that this time, they calls a real truce. Never again will the past be mentioned, she swears. She nearly suffocates when spitting out that she acknowledges that Susan is one of Bob's best friends and colleagues and she's not going to stand in the way of that. The past is in the past, she repeats. Finally, a reluctant Susan shakes her hand before dismissing herself from the akward situation. Chris grabs Bob and Kim and drapes his arms over their shoulders, with him in the middle and Bob and Kim on each side. As they walk down the hall, Chris teases, "Now that wasn's so hard was it?" Kim replies, "Oh, the things I do for you, Christopher!" The three laugh as they walk out of Memorial and head towards the airport.

Alison rolls over, pushing the hair out of her face and pulling the cover up over her bare breasts. She giggles like a schoolgirl at the sight of Aaron sprawled out butt naked on the bed. She quickly dresses and softly sighs to Aaron that she's leaving. He does nothing except scratch his chest and groan before finally rolling over. Alison leaves and immediately, reports for work at Donovan's. She soon comes face to face with her mother. Susan informs her that Chris has left town and made his mother call another truce before doing so. Alison's distraught that Chris left town without telling her goodbye, recalling that she wanted to talk to him again. Susan's still baffled by what just happened between her and Kim. Alison admits that maybe, somewhere deep down, Kim cares enough for the survival of her marriage to truly mean it this time. Susan changes the subject back to Chris and asks what he and Alison chatted about. Alison recalls Chris having some wise words when it came to excusing Aaron's wild behavior and jealousy of Casey. "He said that for Aaron to go that out of the way, for him to really be that jealous," she explains, "than it must answer my question I've had for as long as Aaron and I have been together: Am I really good enough for him?" Susan agrees that if Aaron didn't love Alison, he would have never acted that way. Alison smiles at the twisted irony of the situation. Later, Aaron confides in Holden that he thinks he and Alison are on the way to recovery. Holden muses that it might be so, but in order for that to happen, he's going to have to rid himself of his jealousy with Casey.


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Hmmn...I find myself intrigued by the possible Lucinda/Clark/Emma triangle, and why Lucy wouldn't want anyone to know about their connection.


Loved Dusty's snarky 'tude about Craig even though he's dead. :D

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I knew Lucinda and Clark had a past!

Touching Nancy and Chris scenes. :)

Cute Hughes scenes as well with Chris, Kim and Bob.

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