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Episode 193



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Kim receives an urgent page from Chris to come to the house. Upon arrival, she discovers that she's been set up. The dinner table is set, Chris and Nancy have cooked Kim's favorite, and Bob is sitting at the table. Although reluctant, Kim finally sits down to the table to eat. Chris and Nancy take their cue and exit. Bob comments how nice the meal is and Kim's doubtful that Bob didn't know. Bob argues that he got the same urgent page from Chris and Kim seems satisifed with his defense. The two begin to eat while Nancy and Chris eavesdrop from the hallway. Kim admits that she misses Bob. In turn, Bob recalls that Kim's the one that's distanced herself. Through tears, she admits that she knows that they have alot of things to work out, but she's willing to give this all another try. Bob grins that he'd like that very much. Nancy and Chris high-five to their success and retreat to the living room.

Aaron gets a bit excited when he sees Alison walk through the door of the apartment, but soon reminds himself that he's in the process of moving out of her apartment. From the hall, she calls out, wondering if he's done yet. She'd like to take a shower. He tells her that he likes just a few minutes. He sits on the bed and re-plays Casey walking in and finding the box of mail from Gabe. It kills him how deceitful he's become and inwardly cracks that it's something he could picture Alison doing, but never himself. He quickly strolls to the bathroom to grab his toothbrush, calling out for Alison through the noise of the shower that he's leaving. He thinks he hears Alison call his name and inches closer to the shower to get a better listen. He folds back the curtain, making Alison scream. Knowing that it's now or never, Aaron spontaneously jumps into the shower, fully clothed, with Alison. As the steam rises, passions gets the better of the two and before long, Aaron's pulling his clingy, wet shirt off and passionately kissing Alison.

Driving along, Dusty sees Noah broke down on the side of the road. He pulls over and helps his old friend change his tire while the two play catch up. Noah's stunned to hear that Dusty's marrying Emily and admits that he could never marry someone who took him hostage and almost killed him. Flashing back to that dark cabin from just a year ago, Dusty flinches at the memory and bids adieu to Noah. Meeting Emily for coffee at Java, he keeps re-playing that horrific memory in his head. Emily notices he's being distant and calls him on his non-sociable attitude. Dusty pawns it off to being exhausted and retreats back home. When Lily appears, wondering if Dusty can do some P.I. work for her on Clark, Dusty admits to her that he thinks he's having second thoughts about marrying Emily. Lily urges her old friend to follow his heart, not his head. If Emily can forget and forgive Dusty for all his past mistakes, then surely he can forget and forgive Emily for what she's done in the past.

Noah thanks Dusty for his help and continues onward to Barbara's penthouse. Scurrying around with designs, Barbara growls that Carrie isn't home. Noah decides to wait and makes small talk with Barbara while he waits. He praises Carrie for all her hard work and gushes that she's been more than ecstatic to work with her idol Barbara Ryan. Barbara fakes a touched glance and retreats to her office for a quick conference call, ordering Noah to make himself at home while he waits for Carrie. As he strolls along the lush penthouse, he notices several photos of Barbara with Jennifer and recalls how Carrie revealed to him that she's Jennifer's half-sister. When Carrie arrives, Noah once again urges her to make herself known to Barbara for who she really is. Carrie defends that Barbara will find out in time and politely asks for him not to bring it up anymore. End of conversation, she scolds.

Jack drives up to Carly's, dropping off J.J., when he notices Will outside hassling Sage. Sage hollers for Will to go home as Will stumbles and almost falls on the poor girl. Jack quickly snatches a very intoxicated Will and drags him into a cold shoulder. After he's dried a little, Will half-soberly moans that he was just trying to find Gwen. Jack reprimands him, stating that Hal's probably looking down on his son and frowning. He reminds the youth that he's in this position because of what he did to Iris. Coming home from an exhaustive day at work, Carly makes up her way upstairs and overhears Jack telling Will that it's not his job to "fix" Gwen's life. Jack tried to do that for Carly, and they ended up breaking up because of it. Hal once told Jack he needed to "let Carly be Carly", and Jack is passing on that advice to Will. Will needs to let Gwen make her own decisions. His job is to be there for her---through the good or the bad. Carly, quite impressed, shows a slight smile as she listens.


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