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Episode 192




Susan approaches Bob at work to discuss an elderly patient about to forego a risky surgery. Chris interrupts the two and asks to speak with Bob. Jumping to conclusions, Bob blasts his son for being like his mother and thinking there's something more to him and Susan than just friendship. Chris denies he was thinking anything like that. A pause in the conversation amplifies the conversation between two nurses in the hall, commenting that they thought Dr. Chris Hughes was in jail for trying to kill his father. Bob scolds the nurses and sends them on their way. Chris echoes that they're right; he does deserve to still be in jail. Bob escorts Chris into his office, where he openly apologizes to his father for letting power get to his head and doing what he did. Chris knows that his arrest was the main reason that his parent's marriage started to crack. Bob agrees that in those first few months, he wasn't himself. He was so full of anger and resentment that he pushed away Kim. For some reason, he felt he could confide in Susan as a colleague, and that's when everything went downhill. Chris announces that he's leaving town in the next day or so and would love to have one meal with his parents, just for old time's sake. Bob thinks it's a good idea, but huffs that Kim might not like that idea very much. Chris promises to talk to his mother and leaves.

Emma paces the floor before finally gathering the energy to confront her son. She admits that she never expected such behavior from him; she was shocked, actually. Holden defends that he got worried after her unteenth trip out of town and feared that she was bailing out on her family. Emma scoffs and says that they're all grown ups; she doesn't know why she always has to be there to pick up their mess. After they all turned 18, she thought she'd only see them on rare occasions. Instead, they've been waltzing in and out of her home for decades. Holden never knew she felt that way. Emma declares that the final nail in the coffin was when she watched her own daughter lie about being pregnant just to keep the town scumbag, Paul Ryan, in her grasp. After that, she needed to get away and Clark was the only one that she felt actually appreciated her. Faith comes in and bluntly asks if Emma has a boyfriend. Emma forces a slight smile, seemingly agitated, but Holden addresses Faith that it's none of their business. After Faith leaves, Emma notes the irony that he can tell his own daughter that it's none of her business, but yet he's the one that interfered in his mother's business and invited Clark to town under false pretenses. Holden takes the scolding in stride and promises that he's learned his lesson. Finally, he concludes, that all he wants is for Emma to be happy. And if seeing Clark makes her happy, then she has his support. Tears streaming, she thanks her son for finally acknowledging his mistake and hugs him. Holden comments that Harvey would have wanted her to move on and by now, he's probably breathing a sigh of relief. They both share a hearty laugh and hug again.

Pulling the hair back out of her face, Lily looks up to see her mother enter Java. They both look across the room and see Jade dilligently working. Lily's glad that her niece is getting back on her feet. Lucinda smiles and agrees that she's glad Jade isn't stirring up as mcuh trouble as she did before. Perhaps, she suggests, Jade has really turned around. Lily asks what her mother wanted when she called and Lucinda reveals that she wants to know everything about Emma and her new boyfriend. Lily's confused and asks when her mother became so interested in town gossip. Lucinda shrugs that she and Emma have never seen eye to eye, but she at least wants to see the woman happy. Lily admits that she doesn't know much about Clark Allan. She only knows that he's supposedly very wealthy and makes Emma very happy. Lucinda stares and asks if that's all that Lily knows. Again confused by her mother's curiousity and asks her what she knows that she's not telling. Lucinda maintains that she knows just as much, if not less, than what Lily knows. Jack saunters in and sits down with Lily and Lucinda, glad to hear that they're talking about Clark. As it turns out, Jack has just done a background check on Clark and his past is clean as a whistle. Still convinced that he's up to no good, Jack's determined to continue his search into Clark's past. Fidgeting in her seat, Lucinda hisses for Jack to leave the poor man alone. Later, after Lucinda has left, Lily tells Jack that she thinks Lucinda might know Clark.

Susan pauses as she drives up her driveway and sees Aaron sitting outisde on the front porch swing. Aaron's glad to see her and tells her that she needs to talk to Alison for him. Susan grumbles that she's done with doing his dirty work. Aaron insists that he's only trying to make Alison see how sorry he is. Susan demands that if Aaron wants Alison to see that he's sorry, he should just leave her alone. She'll come back to him when she's ready. Meanwhile, Alison finishes up her shift at the hospital and stumbles upon Chris leaving his father's office. Alison says she's sorry for bringing him into the middle of hers and Aaron's drama. Chris chuckles that it's perfectly alright, as long as Aaron doesn't hold a grudge against him for playing along. Alison grunts that Aaron has no room to be holding grudges. Walking to the parking garage, the two briefly discuss how Casey is holding up before changing the subject to Bob and Kim. Alison recalls that Kim has had some harsh words for Susan in the past. Bob is Susan's friend, Alison quips. If Kim would only realize that there's nothing between Bob and Susan anymore, the problem would be solved. Chris grimaces that the problem is deeper than that. His parents' marriage is on the verge of non-existence because of him. Alison comforts Chris and denies that Chris is to blame. Chris knows different, though, and vows to make his parents reunite, one way or another, before he leaves town.

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Lucinda definitely knows more about Clark than she's letting on. Do I smell a Lucinda/Clark/Emma triangle in the future? ;)

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