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Episode 195



Holden, Jack, and Lily meet with Dusty, who lies and tells them that Clark's past came up clean. Lily begs Jack and Holden to let this go. Later, Holden runs into Clark and is surprised to learn that he's moving to Oakdale to be closer to Emma. Once Lucinda learns of the development from Holden, though, she doesn't like the idea very much. Across town, Clark arrives at the Snyder farm and gets acquainted with Luke. Clark notices something familiar about Luke and chuckles that he looks just like a male version of his childhood girlfriend.

Paul gives Carrie a cold glance as he passes her in the hallway of Barbara's petnhouse. Noah asks Carrie why Paul takes all that she does from Paul and she admits that she's used to jerks. Ever since she was a small child, all she's had in her life are jerks. The one man that did love her disappeared and she doesn't know where he is. Meanwhile, Paul once again proposes that Barbara cut her losses and let the poor girl go. When Lisa arrives to collect a check for her housing at the Lakeview, Barbara vents to her old friend about Paul's frustration with Carrie and shrugs that she thinks Paul doesn't like her because she had a close connection to James. Once Lisa hears that Carrie was once connected to James, she fears her friend is being too trusting with Carrie.

Rosanna arrives at Old Town to do some shopping with Carly. Carly admits that she thought this might get Rosanna's mind off of things. Rosanna recalls that Cabot is out there somewhere and she won't stop searching until she brings him home to her. Carly reveals that Jack said some very nice things about her to Will the other day. In fact, she muses, she should have just re-ignited things with Jack the second they got freed from that storage shed, but she didn't out of fear for giving the kids false hope of a reunion that might very well end in heartbreak again.

Luke meets up with Jade at Donovan's. Jade explains that they couldn't meet at Java because Colin is working today. As Alison eavesdrops, Jade and Luke formulate a plan to expose Colin as the wolf in sheep's clothing that he is. Luke notices Alison listening and suggests that they use her as a decoy to get to Colin. After leaving work, Alison runs into Casey. The two decide that maybe distancing themselves, but staying friends, might help Aaron's jealousy problem. Later, Alison approaches Aaron and explains that she and Casey have decided to spend more time apart to potentially reduce Aaron's jealousy. She's shocked when Aaron argues against it and suggests they all three start spending more time together.

Lyla's upset when Michael calls the house looking for Katie. He wants to explain his reasons for leaving town; he just needed some time to himself. Lyla hisses for him not to bother returning to town; Katie and the whole town of Oakdale is better off without him. Brad and Katie make an appearance and Brad suggests that she tell her mother the good news. Lyla's shocked when Katie announces she and Brad are expecting, and fakes enthusiasm for the couple. Later, with Brad nowhere in sight, Lyla reveals that she knows just what Katie's doing...and she won't allow it. When Katie puts up a fight, Lyla finally comes clean and tells Katie that her cancer isn't back; she only said that for her own selfish reason: to keep Katie from leaving her.


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Ew, Clark's comment about Luke resembling Lucinda comes off kinda creepy. :blink::lol:

What's Aaron up to?

FREAK! Is Katie leaving or not? God! If Lyla doesn't have cancer, then Katie needs to leave. ASAP!

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