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Episode 196



Alison's shocked when Aaron points out that he knows his jealousy nearly ended their relationship and he wants to make it right by hanging out with Alison and Casey more. Maybe more time together will help him see the good friend that Alison sees in Casey, he proposes. Alison tells him of a mixer at Yo's tonight and asks him if he wants to go with her and Casey. Later, Casey almost backs out when he learns Aaron's tagging along, but eventually gives in. At Yo's, a douchebag college student keeps calling Casey "jailbird" and Aaron stands up for him, leaving both Casey and Alison surprised.

Kevin, Luke, Jade, and Colin all decide to go to the mixer at Yo's as well. Colin gets a bit too drunk and starts making moves on every girl in the bar. Jade scoffs at what a pig he is and she and Luke again start formulating a plan. They decide that if Colin is so interested in the wealth of the Walsh's, maybe Jade should start acting like she has some of it, too. Later, Colin's eyes grow wide when Jade slaps her credit card down at the bar and offers to buy a round of drinks for everyone. Meanwhile, Carrie and Noah appear at the door. The two act civil towards Luke. Later, Luke confides in Kevin that he knows he and Noah are over and he's moved on with Kevin, but it still hurts to see Noah with the girl who split them up.

Rosanna finds Jack working on Emma's refrigerator at the farm. Jack reveals that Clark and Emma went house hunting so if he wants to meet Emma's new boyfriend, she'll have to come back another time. Rosanna denies she came for Clark and says she came to speak with Jack. She asks Jack if he can get in touch with the FBI and see if there are any leads on Cabot. Jack agrees, sincerely expressing his hope that Rosanna finds her son. He grimaces when Rosanna brings up Carly. She thinks that all Carly needs is a little nudge to fall back in his arms. Jack thanks Rosanna for her concern, but chuckles that he and Carly are past reconciliation. Later, Jack comes across an old photo of him and Carly and thinks that maybe Rosanna's right; it's worth a shot.

Katie's stunned to learn that her mother was lying all this time about her cancer returning. Lyla argues that she only did it because she was afraid to lose Katie, especially so soon after losing Craig. Katie rails that her mother had no room to lie like she did. However, Lyla soon turns the tables and laughs that Katie did the same thing by lying to Brad that she's pregnant. She must not have wanted to leave Lyla's side, either. Both women agree they should share their feeling with one another from now on and contemplate how they can get themselves out of this jam without tipping off Brad. Meanwhile, Brad excitedly shares with Margo that he and Katie are having a baby.


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