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Episode 197



Casey thanks Aaron for standing up for him at Yo's. Aaron shrugs that it was no big deal. He used to deal with scumbags like that when he first came to town and he hates to see them push around anyone else. Later, Alison thanks Aaron herself with a steamy roll in the sack. Meanwhile, across town, Susan's delighted to get a call from Michael, who insists that he'd very much like to pick up where they left off when he returns to town.

Carrie thanks Noah for a wonderful time and goes inside to find Paul waiting on her. He explains that Barbara has gone out of town and left him in charge of making sure that Carrie has everything out by noon. Carrie's baffled and asks to talk to Barbara herself, but Paul suggests that Carrie just gather her things and go. Later, Carrie knocks on Noah's door and asks if she can live with him for a bit until she finds her own place. Noah agrees, but suggests they okay it with Lucinda in the morning since it is her guest house after all.

Lucinda's startled when Dusty knocks on her door. She hisses that it's a bit late for him to be coming by, but Dusty elbows his way in. He demands to know why she's so deadset on keeping her history with Clark such a secret. Lucinda informs "Dustin" that it's none of his damn business. Dusty fires back that he has every right to spill all the details to a very skeptical audience of Snyder men, but Lucinda spits back that he wouldn't dare. She would roast him over a fire and serve him with barbecue sauce, she amusingly retorts. Dusty agrees to let the subject rest for now, but foreshadows that he will get the answer to her past with Clark...sooner, rather than later.

Margo is stunned to learn of Katie's pregnancy and later visits her sister while Brad is taping at WOAK. Katie tries not to give Margo a "yes" or "no" answer to her interrogation style questioning. Katie finally breaks and admits that she's not pregnant. She only said she was to keep Brad from taking a job out of town once she learned Lyla's cancer had come back. But now that she knows Lyla was faking her cancer returning, she has to come up with something to tell Brad. Margo scolds Katie and advises her that telling the truth would be the best thing.


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