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Episode 198



Margo makes a visit to Lyla and scolds her mother for lying just to keep Katie from leaving town. Lyla groans that she knows it wasn't right, but after losing Craig and almost losing Casey a few weeks ago, she doesn't think she can handle another loss. As tiresome as Katie is, she chuckles, she needs to keep Katie close to keep a watchful eye on her. Margo protests that now with all the lies surrounding both of them, Katie's going to need a life preserver to keep her from drowning in them. Later, when Margo returns home, Tom asks about how Casey's probation meeting went last week. Margo makes up a story and once Tom makes his way up to bed, she grimaces at the fact that telling the truth is alot easier said than done. She hates the irony of the situation and soon follows Tom to bed, hoping sleep will clear her mind of the fact that she, Lyla, and Katie are all liars.

Luke goes into Java and sees Jade getting off work. Exhausted from her shift, she sighs that he couldn't have come at a better time; she was just about to call him. After the credit card stunt at Yo's, Colin has been bugging her left and right. She knows he's up to something. Walking through Old Town, they come across Alison. Jade nudges Luke, signaling that this is the perfect time to approach Alison about helping them. Alison is reluctant, but eventually agrees to help them, despite her mild distaste for Jade. After meeting with Luke and Jade, Alison approaches Emily at the Enquirer office. They both are relieved that their love lives are stable again, and hope that Susan will have the same luck once Michael decides to come back to town.

Lucinda walks into the guest house and meets with Noah and Carrie. She refuses the idea of them using her guest house as a love shack, but Carrie argues that it will only be for a little while; and she'll pay rent. Lucinda agrees and decides to make a quick trip to check on Lily and Holden. Across town, Dusty and Lily are talking about his recent engagement. Lily's glad that Dusty has finally moved on from Jennifer, but muses that she never would have thought he would find love with the woman who kept Johnny a secret from Jennife for so long. Dusty painfully smirks and Lily quickly apologizes. As Dusty bids goodbye, Lucinda waltzes up and asks Dusty what the hell he thinks he's doing. Dusty tells Lucinda not to worry; he didn't tell Lily anything. Out of sight, Lily eavesdrops from the doorway.

Carly thanks Jack for agreeing to take the kids fishing today, huffing that she has piles of work to do. Jack grins that her stylish designs can wait and invites her out with them. Carly eventually agrees, and the two set out with the kids for the pond. They both giggle at the sight of Sage catching her first fish and her subsequent pity for taking the poor creature out of its home environment after nearly killing it. Jack catches Carly staring at the water and asks her what's on her mind. Carly shrugs nothing, but Jack finally gets her to talk. Her eyes water as she recalls Parker jumping into this very same pond, hellbent on finding him all those years ago. Jack remembers and thinks back to how happy they were before it all went downhill. They were talking about having more kids, Jack smiles. Both look at J.J. and agree that they will always think of him as "theirs". At the door, Carly sends the kids inside to wash up. They plead for Jack to stay, but he protests that he has errands to run. Carly turns to close the door, but Jack holds the door and plants a simple kiss on her cheek. Trembling at his touch, Carly hurriedly thanks him again and closes the door.

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:wub: Dusty, you're a sentimental ol' pile of goo...it's too bad Carjack doesn't get half this sentiment on the show.

And I flove that Margo can at least admit her hypocrisy to herself. Another thing that drives me nuts on ATWT.

You, babe, are the whipped cream on the hot chocolate of life....don't ask what it means, just take it as muy bueno.

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