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Just an update....Hurt Again?



Based on the title you'd think it was about my ex, but no. I injured myself while working out. I hit my lower back on one of the weights that was behind me as I was doing curls. Ugh, I'm so clumsy sometimes.

I don't know how much longer I can damn continue to be cold at work. There is no damn reason for my office to be 27 degrees when I come into work in the morning. No reason.

Being single kicks ass! It's fun not being tied down, but still keeping the door open for a serious relationship. I'll be able to go out like I used to come January. Thank god for vacations smile.gif .

Rockland County is really picking up people. The relationship between Dante & Elijah is being explored more seeing as how Elijah has taken a liking to Dante's girlfriend Arden. Could Ashley be an ally for Elijah? I hope so. He needs a friend.

Rockland County airs Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:45am ET on Radio Loger and repeats on Soap Opera Radio (Live 365) throughout the week. Each episode now runs around ten minutes in length.

After each episode airs on Radio Loger, it becomes available to listen to on this website, along with the transcript for that show.

Am I the only one liking the ABC soaps right now? I hope not. My column (which I still haven't found a damn title for, lol) will hopefully be debuting this week right here on SON. I'll be touching on the recast of Carly Corinthos-Alcazar and where I think GH went wrong with Jennifer Bransford (Carly #3). I'll also be touching briefly on OLTL and discuss the recent


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The tension is going to build fast so you should get some good scenes to play.

Based on the time I have to produce both RC and S&S, I never get to tell as much story as I normally might. S&S airs five days a week. I'm constantly trying to figure out ways to speed up RC or make the episodes more self-contained. It's a fun, creative process.

I'm supposed to be interviewed by SOD this week about both shows so I'll let you know if I'll have anything in an upcoming issue.

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