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I'm So Happy



For the first time in a few months I am very, very, very happy. My aunts returned home from the middle east (not for war) yesterday and I was able to see them today. I don't know how long they are here for, but to be able to see them after 7 months puts me in a very good mood. I'm very close to my aunts and I miss talking with them everyday. On top of that, my uncle is back from Iraq. It was a special Chandler family reunion.

I'll be going back to my grandparents house tomorrow (don't know what time) after I do some more last minute shopping.

My back still hurts like hell, but I''m still working out. I can't afford to miss a day.

Finals are over! Thank god! I received 3 new scripts that I need to memorize for acting class in the mail today. I'm putting it off until next week. I should be able to do well. The estimated time for the scenes are 15 minutes. That's a lot of dialogue.

Rockland County has a new timeslot. We will now be airing on Thursdays & Fridays. Roger has hinted that we may begin airing three days a week. I'm sure eventually we'll end up like Scripts and Scruples and air 5x a week. That'll be cool.

I miss my friends in PA. I haven't seen them in a long time. I'll have to make time to go see them next week.

That's it for now....until next time!


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he did? when did Rog hint that? that would be cool. I just got my lines for next week, and they look awesome. How soon will the Damien/Babs tryst come out? Hell if I know. LOL

and that was great you got to spend the holiday w/ you family. I thought I posted in this, but I didn't. I hope you treasured every moment of it.

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