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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Abby gets help from Stephanie and Jack as she walks into the terminal and stops to thank Forrest for everything he’s done. As he smiles, Jack and Max walk up behind him and look at each other. They heard what Abby said and are none too happy. When Abby asks where Frankie went to, Dr. Dobbs says that he went to see Greta. Alex then walks up and Jack tells him that things will work out. His mother’s death won’t be in vain. Alex stares at him silently and then walks over to Abby, asking her if she feels ok being back home.

Abby says she feels uneasy. With everything she heard about Michael Myers.........and that’s when she stops talking as Alex looks at Jack. When Jack tries to walk over and talk to Alex, he says that if his mother would have never wanted to look him up.........she would still be alive. Billie walks up as Alex walks over to Jack, points his finger into his face and tells him.......

Alex: Her blood........is on your hands.

As Alex turns and leaves, Billie tries to put her arms around Jack.........but he pushes her away, saying that she should be happy with what just happened. Billie doesn’t understand where all this anger is coming from but Jack says she knows. With Elizabeth dead........she is home free. Billie is shocked he would think such a thing. Jack reminds her she said that very thing and Billie says he should know that isn’t what she meant. She didn’t want this. Jack goes to help Abby and tells Billie to stay away from him..........permanently.

As Jack leaves with Abby and Stephanie, Forrest walks over and tells Billie that everything will be fine. She wipes the tears from her face with a handkerchief Forrest gives her, thanks him, and walks off. Forrest then turns and calls one of his associates and tells this man to do two things...........

Find his brother Lawrence...........and bring him the file on Roman Brady. After he hangs up, Forrest looks at Dr. Dobbs as he walks toward the exit.


Steve looks out the window at the terrible storm and tells Hope how sorry he is they are stuck there, saying they can’t fly out till morning. He tells Hope to read the last two entries of the diary. She tells him to leave her alone. He says he hardly said a word as he lays down on the bed. She says she doesn’t want to repeat the mistake they almost made the last time she read that diary.

A few hours later, she sits in a chair watching a sleeping Steve. Hope then drifts off, dreaming about making love to Steve. Steve wakes up to Hope stirring in her sleep, sits on the end of the bed, and wakes Hope up out of her dream. When he asks what she was dreaming about, Hope is silent. She then says they need to go back to Salem and give up looking into the past but Steve disagrees, saying that they will both regret doing so. Hope starts to cry and Steve tries to comfort her but she says that she is tired of hurting the people they love and doesn't want to hurt them even more by doing something they will regret. She just wants this to end.

Steve tells her that, as hard as they are trying, they can’t get rid of the past. When he says that maybe they should read the rest of the diary, Hope gets up, runs to the bathroom, and locks herself in. Steve goes and tells Hope to come out but she tells him to leave her alone. With that, Steve gives up and goes back to bed, yelling at her that he will be there for her when she is ready. As he falls asleep, Hope lays in the bathtub, crying uncontrollably at the guilt she is feeling.


In the master bedroom, Maggie walks in and over to a recovering Victor. He says she is the best nurse he ever had. Maggie smiles but then gets somewhat serious when she asks if any headway has been made in finding Michael Myers. Victor says his contacts are coming up empty. As Maggie checks his bandage, he also says that Myers’ M.O. seems to be that he attacks on Halloween night. They don’t have anything to fear for now. When Maggie asks about next Halloween, Victor looks up at her and says.......

Victor: God willing..........we’ll be in a cabin in Europe if he decides to return.

Maggie laughs at Victor and, as he closes his eyes, she bends down and gives him a kiss. Victor smiles and barely can sit up as he kisses her back. He then picks up the phone and says that now is the time.........and servants bring in a delicious meal for the both of them. Maggie smiles at Victor as he tells her that the surprises aren’t over with yet.

He then reaches into his end table as the servants leave and hands Maggie an invitation. Maggie asks what it is as she opens it up and Victor sits silently and smiles as Maggie reads her invitation to the celebration of the opening of the Samantha & Eric Brady Memorial Wing at Salem University Hospital. Maggie thanks Victor by hugging and kissing him. He says he’s sorry but everything is happening so fast and he wants to give the people of Salem some type of relief after the year everyone has had.

Maggie agrees and Victor tells her everything is set up. Maggie thanks Victor........by leaning in and kissing him again. She gently pushes him down on the bed and Victor tells her........

Victor: You know I’m injured. You’ll have to do all the work.
Maggie: No problem.

With that, Victor turns off the light..........and the scene fades into.........


Tony walks off the elevator as Stefano hangs up with one of his men. He tells Tony that Victor is in for another surprise when he reads his stock reports in the morning. Tony asks why he can’t leave this alone and Stefano responds......

Stefano: Because the fight was brought to ME, Tony. I can’t look the other way.
Tony: Yes, I know. You couldn’t look the other way when Megan died or when Renee was murdered. By the way........where is that nutcase cousin of mine anyway?
Stefano: Probably keeping an eye on Steve Johnson and Hope Brady.

Tony keeps his cool but now realizes Stefano is either playing games.........or knows the truth about what went down at Maison Blanche.

Tony steps forward and tells Stefano.........

Tony: I’m sick of this garbage. Your whole life you couldn’t let things go. First, with your children,........then with Roman Brady,..........then Marlena..........you can’t do it.
Stefano: What you don’t understand, Tony, is that my life was made for the battle. These Brady's are worthy adversaries. Just as you are........which is why I did some investigating.
Tony: Really? And what did you uncover, Father?
Stefano: I know you have a long time contact from within the family who remains loyal to you. Now........tell me the rest, Tony. What are you, Steven and Hope doing behind my back?!

Tony looks Stefano right in the face and before, he says a word........Lincoln walks into the room. Tony and Stefano leave well enough alone.........for now. As Tony leaves, Stefano turns to Lincoln and tells him........

Stefano: Excellent work, my friend. Your timing is perfect.
Lincoln: No problem, Stefano. That is what you wanted.
Stefano: Oh, yes. Yes, Lincoln, my friend. My son is working behind the scenes with Steven and Hope. He also has an operative in my empire. I want this person found.......and dealt with, you understand?
Lincoln: Permanently?
Stefano: No.......not yet. But send a message, Lincoln. No one crosses me........

Not Tony...........

Not the Bradys.......

Not Victor. No one........you understand?

As always, Stefano.

Lincoln leaves as Stefano goes and stands by his huge picture window and looks out on Salem as he sips his brandy........

And as the scene slowly fades to black.





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