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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Maggie is overseeing the preparation for the charity ball to celebrate the opening of the Eric and Samantha Brady Memorial Wing at University Hospital and help fund that and other hospital projects. Maggie orders a few of the caterers and decorators around as her phone rings. She answers it to hear Alice on the other side of the line. Alice tells Maggie they have a problem with Julie. Alice says she has been trying to convince her to come to the ball tonight, saying it's for a good cause, but she refuses. Alice thinks that Maggie could help convince her to go somehow. Maggie tells Alice she will be right there. Maggie barks out a few more orders before telling one of the caterers she is heading out but will be back soon. Maggie races off as the scene shifts to...


Frankie is with Greta when she wakes up. She asks if he stayed all night. He nods and says she was asleep when he got there. He tells her it's a shame since he brought her some ice cream. Greta laughs and says she is sorry but asks why he brought ice cream. Frankie says that Jack told him she always liked Rocky Road so, upon returning to Salem from Vegas, he went and got some to bring to her. He adds that the nurse said it would be ok. Greta apologizes but tells Frankie he can go get it now. Frankie asks about breakfast but Greta tells him to forget that and to try to sneak the ice cream in. Frankie isn't sure but Greta gives him a puppy-dog face, convincing Frankie to go get the ice cream. The scene then shifts to...


Belle is with Claire when Caroline comes over and asks if she would like anything else to eat or drink. Belle tells her grandmother thank you and says they are both pretty full. Caroline tells Belle she has to go run some errands and to let someone know if she needs anything else. Caroline embraces both Belle and Claire and tells Belle she will see her later at the ball. Belle nods and smiles as Caroline leaves.

Just then, Philip comes in. Belle asks what he is doing there. He tells her he is picking up some food to take back to work. He needs something different for a change and adds that her family still serves him after all he has done, surprisingly. Belle tells him she heard he has taken on lots of extra responsibility at Titan and that he has turned his life around. Philip says that he needed to and he only hopes that he is being as successful as others make him out to be. Belle says she is glad he has made strides. Philip mentions he has a long way to go to prove himself, especially in her eyes. Belle puts her head down.

Philip says he wants to be able to have some part in Claire's life. Belle says that won't happen until she knows for sure that he has turned his life around. He is off to a good start but it could still be a fluke. Philip agrees and says he understands and vows to redeem himself in her eyes. Philip tells her he knows it will take alot and he is prepared. He understands the older Claire gets as she doesn't seem him, the more likely she will never call him "daddy" or forge a bond with him. Belle says they have to get going.

Philip tells Belle he is being serious and that what happened on the cruise ship this summer changed him for the better. He promises to show her that what she is seeing and hearing is the truth and that it's only the beginning of the new and improved Philip she wants to see. Belle smiles and says she hopes so. She picks up Claire. Philip asks if he could just give her a kiss. Belle hesitates but, eventually, agrees. Philip kisses Claire and tells them he will see them around. Belle smiles as she collects her and Claire's stuff and leaves. Philip watches as they leave and tells himself he will only have one chance to get his life back and he can't blow it. Philip then says he couldn't handle failing. It would kill him. The scene then shifts to...


Frankie and Greta are eating the ice cream he bought. Greta can't believe he got it by the nurses. Frankie thinks he picked up a few sneaky pointers from her, Jack, and Billie. They both laugh. Greta tells Frankie she wants to thank him for all that he has done and for being by her side throughout. She knows he has other things to deal with. Frankie says it's no problem and that he wants to. Greta says she is worried about Jack, Billie, and Alex. Frankie calms her, saying it will work itself out. He thinks Jack and Billie will get through this and will help Alex cope.

Just then. Victor walks in and says he is pleased to see a smile on his daughter's face. He thanks Frankie for being there for his daughter. Frankie says he loves doing it. Frankie and Greta then smile at each other. He tells Victor and Greta he will give them some time alone and promises he will be back a little later. Victor asks if he is going to the ball. Greta asks what ball. Victor fills her in on the charity ball. Frankie says he was going to stay back with Greta but she pushes him to go. Frankie reluctantly agrees but says he will stop by to see her beforehand. Frankie bids them both goodbye, as Victor and Greta do the same to him.

After Frankie has left, Victor sits down next to Greta and says that is a good guy right there. Greta smiles. Victor asks if there is more going on there then meets the eye. Greta isn't sure. Victor says it seems like it as the guy is breaking th rules and sneaking ice cream in for her. He asks her if she wants it to be more then it is. Greta shrugs and, after a few moments, admits she kind of does and has felt like that for months. She is just afraid to put herself out there. She's been hurt too many times. Victor tells her she is a Kiriakis and a very strong young woman. He thinks it's worth the risk, especially if she is able to have something special if the risk should turn out rewarding.

Greta asks if Victor is saying she should talk to Frankie about the feelings she has been having. Victor nods, saying if she wants to get somewhere with him, that is the only way to do it because he is in the same boat. He is just as afraid to put himself out there for fear of rejection or losing their friendship. Victor adds that he would have said something already if he felt confident enough to do so. If she truly wants to give a relationship with Frankie a chance, she has to talk to him. Victor tells her the ball is in her court. Greta thanks him and says she is glad that they had the chance to have their first father/daughter heart to heart. Victor smiles as he embraces Greta, saying he hopes it's the first of many. Greta hopes so too, saying she had him pegged wrong. He has already proven himself to be a loving, devoted father to her. Victor thanks her for saying that, saying it means alot. They embrace again as the scene shifts to...


Alyson is walking down the pier, wondering how to get to the supermarket. She wishes Jean were there as she had been handling all that since they arrived in Salem. Alyson sees some officers up ahead who are still looking for Micheal Myers and tries to get their attention but they walk on, unable to hear her. Alyson walks forward and comes across Alex. She excuses herself and asks if he would be able to help her. She asks if he has any idea where the Real Deals Supermarket, saying it's supposed to be somewhere in the area. Alex says he is new to Salem and has no idea, apologizing that he can't help. Alyson thanks him anyways and, noting the solemn look on his face and tears welling in his eyes, asks if he is ok.

Alex tells her he doesn't want to talk about it. Alyson admits she used to feel that way but, since coming to Salem, she has changed alot. Circumstances forced her too. She tells Alex it does help to talk and tells him she is a good listener. Alex says he doesn't even know her. Alyson laughs and says she knows almost no one in this town either and most of the people she knows she would rather not know. Alex puts his head down. Alyson tells him her mother is in the hospital in coma because of Micheal Myers, saying she blames the police and Salem officials for not handling the situation better. She adds that her mother might not make it. Alex then comes out and says his didn't, saying Myers killed his mother by snapping her neck. Alyson says she is so sorry. Alex thanks her and admits he blames the authorities too but then notes there are two other people he blames...his father and his girlfriend.

Alyson asks what they have to do with it. Alex tells her they would've never been in Salem if his mother hadn't decided to go after his long-lost father after all these years. He says his father's girlfriend gave his mother hell. He admits his mother brought it on but his girlfriend didn't help matters. He admits to her how he just learned who his father was after all these years and now that is all he has left and he can't even stand to look at him. Alyson admits that her father left her and her mother years ago and she hasn't heard from him since, nor does she care too. Alex tells her he shares that sentiment right now. Alyson is amazed that they both seem to be in similar situations. Myers seems to have affected both their lives and they both hate their fathers right now, despite them being all they have at the moment.

An officer then walks by. Alex tells her that he may be able to help her find the market. Alyson realizes she had forgotten about that and asks the officer, who gives her directions. Alyson says she has to get going as she has to pick up some stuff and get home to her infant son. Alex is shocked she has a son. Alyson nods, saying he is the light of her life. She wishes him luck and then gives him her phone number to reach her at her hotel room. She tells him to call anytime he wants to talk. She tells him her name as he tells her his and says thank you. She says goodbye to him and walks off as he says goodbye back and watches her as she leaves. Alex then looks back out on the waterfront and sighs deeply as the scene shifts to...


Maggie arrives and sees Alice sitting with Julie in the living room. Alice is trying to persuade Julie to go tonight to the ball but Julie says she isn't in the mood. Maggie comes in and telsl Julie it's for a good cause and reminds Julie she is always the one who says the family needs to stand together. Their family and University Hospital have a long working relationship together and they all need to support and honor the Brady's tonight. Maggie tells her that their family needs to be there and her not being there will cause a void. Julie says they don't need her but Maggie insists she does. She needs her expertise on some things for the ball and adds that it would help her to stop thinking about her problems for one night. Maggie begs her to at least come for awhile. Realizing neither Alice or Maggie is going to give up, Julie agrees to go but just for a little while. Alice smiles as Maggie embraces her and thanks her, saying she won't regret it as the scene shifts to...


Doug is sitting on a park bench when Caroline walks by, carrying some bags. Doug asks if she could use a hand, to which Caroline says that would be lovely. Doug tells her she shouldn't be walking around alone with everything that has happened. Caroline says the cops are all over after what happened with Myers so there really hasn't been a safer time to walk around. Doug says that's a good point. Caroline asks if he is going to the ball tonight. Doug tells her he received an invitation this morning but admits he is leaving town in the morning so he has alot to do. Caroline asks what took Doug so long, saying she had heard he was leaving weeks ago. She tells him she loves that he is still here but it seems he isn't sold on the idea of going himself. He tells her that Hope has kept him there with her coming and going and all. Caroline doesn't think so and thinks he should go to the party tonight. She tells him to do it as a favor to her and the family his daughter married into.

Doug tells Caroline that is a mighty big guilt trip. He asks why she wants him there so bad. She says it's for obvious reasons but adds that Julie will be there and he needs to talk to her before he leaves. He needs to make sure he is doing the right thing since it's clear he isn't so sure himself. Doug says he is sure but Caroline tells him to humor her and to prove it. If he is so sure, he will come tonight and talk to Julie and show that he is by how he reacts and deals with that. She says that, at the very least, it gives him a chance to say goodbye to everyone. Doug says he will think about it. Caroline says good and says she has one bit of advice for him and that is to listen to his heart. It will tell him all he needs to do. Doug nods. Caroline then says she has to get a move on to get ready for tonight and then motions to Doug to come on. Doug follows her as they begin to walk faster through the park as the scene shifts to...


Now on Salem, Steve tells Hope they are almost home and then asks if there is the way it's going to be now between them. She hasn't said a word, even when he asked her if the price was right at the airport parking garage when they picked up his car. Hope says she just wants to go home and get on with her life, with her family. She doesn't want to dig in the past anymore. She knew it was a mistake and should've never let what happened to her with Myers push her into looking into the past again. Steve disagrees. Hope begs him to just leave it alone from now on, saying it's for the best. Steve then pulls over and tells Hope he will make her a deal. If she agrees to read the final two diary entries, he will back off. He tells her they should at least complete what they started and notes they aren't at Maison Blanche anymore. It won't affect them as strongly. Hope isn't so sure. Steve says that is the only way he is backing off. Hope finally agrees, saying Steve doesn't leave her a choice. Steve pulls out Gina's diary. Hope turns to where they left off and begins to read:

Hope: Patch has changed my life so much and now he is my life. Here we are making plans for our future when I never thought of such things before he arrived. I never thought I would have any sort of future outside this room and, today, we began to talk about ways of getting out of here. Patch thinks we can't have a proper relationship here. We can't live our life here any longer so, tomorrow night, we are going to take a leap of faith. We're going to try again to leave this place and to begin a new chapter in our lives. We both agreed our pasts no longer matter. We're not looking back but are looking forward. I love him and he loves me and that is all we need. Hopefully, after tomorrow, we can live out our lives the way we want to. Together. That is the way we both want it. We either both leave her or neither of us do. That is how much I care about him and how much he seems to care about me. Now, more then ever, I feel like what we have isn't just a fling or some sort of phase. I feel like this is forever. I feel like our love will stand the test of time and that it will never die. I hope that tomorrow we can begin life anew...together.

Steve and Hope both look at each other after she has finished reading, seemingly lost in the moment. Hope then notes that they seemed to have moved closer together as she was reading and says that she is done. She isn't reading the last entry. Steve tells her they had a deal. Hope tells him she doesn't care. She orders him to take her home, to her family. She tells him they can collaborate the story Tony gave Bo and Kayla and then can move on with their lives. Steve tells Hope she is wrong. A fed up Hope then lashes out, telling him to just do what she asked or she will get out and walk. Steve then backs off, starts the car, and begins driving again as Hope looks out the window as tears stream down her face and the scene shifts to...


Billie walks up outside the front door. She hopes that cooler heads can prevail and that Jack and her can talk things out today. She rings the doorbell. Abby answers. Billie and Abby greet each other and she asks how her father is. Abby says he took off early this morning, saying he had things to do before he had to cover the ball for The Spectator tonight. Billie asks if he was upset. Abby tells Billie he is very quiet and she can tell he is a mess but is trying to keep it on the inside. Billie feels bad that Abby has to deal with this right now. Abby says it's fine. She is just worried about her father.

Just then, Jack walks through the front door. Abby slowly walks up with her cane to her father and embraces him, asking if he is ok. Jack smiles and nods. She asks where he went. Jack tells her that he just went to look for Alex but was unable to find him. Abby apologizes. Billie then appears and Jack and her lock eyes. Jack asks why she is there. Billie tells him she thinks they need to talk. Jack tells her he can't do that right now. He has enough to deal with. Billie tells Jack to let her help. She can be there for him, like she always has. Jack tells her he can't even look at her and that he can't do this with her right now. He tells her to just leave him alone. Billie walks up closer to him and asks:

Billie: What about us? How long are we going to do this dance where we don't talk and avoid talking about the issues we have? Weeks? Months this time? We have wasted enough time going through this crap, Jack.
Jack: There is no us, Billie. We're through, ok? There! Now you got an answer to save you some time. Now, you can move on. You get what you want and I get what I want, which won't happen until you leave. So, please do so.
Billie: Jack! I don't want to move on. I just want to talk and...
Jack: Just leave, Billie! Just go!
Abby: Dad!
Jack: Stay out of this, Abigail. Go, Billie. Please.

Abby tells Billie she is sorry and takes her hand. Billie nods and embraces Abby, smiling as she turns and walks out the front door. After Billie leaves, Abby asks what the hell is wrong with him and then walks slowly with her cane into the living room. Jack then walks over to the window and watches Billie leave. Billie fights back tears as she turns around and looks back at Jack. She then turns away from him and begins to cry as she walks off and the scene fades to black.



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