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Episode 222: Bombshell after Bombshell!



  • Dr. Schiller finds Dusty in the hospital hall. She tells him that after some major complications during surgery, they were finally able to bring Meg back and perform a C-section. She then tells him that the baby is going through some tests, but she assures him that a nurse will be by later to let him see his new daughter! Emma overhears and thanks Dr. Schiller for all her hard work and then runs up to Dusty, congratulating him on the birth of his and Meg's baby girl! Dusty, happier than ever, bursts into tears.
  • Jack arrives at a shopping mall in the Carolinas to take over Margo's spot in the search for Katie. Margo caution Jack not to let his hatred for Panzico regarding the death of his rookie partner earlier in the year cloud his ability to find her baby sister. Jack promises to do no such thing and Margo hops on a jet, headed straight for Oakdale. After a briefing from Mike, they resume the search, unaware that they passed up the warehouse that Katie is being held captive in.
  • Meanwhile, Margo returns home and finds her mother, Lyla Peretti at her front door, wanting to help in the search for Katie!! Margo asks her mother how she knew and Tom emerges, saying that he called her after he returned from aiding in the search a few days ago. Margo thanks her mother for showing concern, but promises that they have everything under control. Lyla says "Like hell you do! That sick psycho, Panzico has my baby girl and I'll do whatever it takes to bring her back!"
  • Lucinda greets the investors and board members as they enter the party, announcing Worlwide's re-introduction. Maddie tells Luke that she doesn't feel so good and Luke decides to take her home. Meanwhile, Sierra overhears Lucy on the phone, telling a former college friend that she's been keeping something from her mother. She dropped out of Williams more than three months ago. Sierra is stunned and angrily confronts her daughter.
  • Back in Lucinda's office, Lily goes over some last minute details for the party and finds Holden at the door. Holden begs Lily to forget the party and come home with him, but Lily says that she and Sierra have way too much work to do and that her mother is making an announcement regarding the vice presidency of the company tonight. Holden understands and says that he got a family friend to babysit the girls until Luke comes home from taking Maddie home, saying that Luke is going to take them trick-or-treating. Holden then asks if Lily would be so kind as to let him escort her to the party.
  • Dusty watches as Meg awakens and tries to revover from the anesthesia. Meg jokes that she'll have a nasty scar now for swimsuit season and tells Dusty of her talk with her father. Dusty can't believe that she was so near death, that she almost left him. Meg declares that she could never leave him. Just then, Nurse Sarah comes by and brings the baby in. She also brings a doting Emma along with her, saying that she's already been acquainted with the little one when she met the nurse in the hallway. The three briefly talk about what a ruckus Josh made at the wedding, but are soon taken off the subject when they realize that they haven't picked a baby name yet and Luke never brought the baby books by. Dusty likes the name "Nicole" for his mother, and Meg likes the name "Emma" for her mother. They decide on the name Emma Nicole Snyder Donovan.
  • Lucinda asks everyone to take their seats. Sierra rails her daughter for being so careless and Lucy says that she missed her family too much and plans on enrolling at Oakdale U. in the spring. The two women take a seat, promising to resume their chat later, and Lily and Holden arrive. Holden gets a phone call about Meg and the baby and soon spreads the news with Lily, Sierra, Lucy, and Lucinda. Lucinda calls the party to order and thanks everyone for coming tonight. She unveils the new logo for the company and announces that Worldwide will never be defeated and will always prevail. She thanks her daughters, her granddaughter, and her son in law for helping her realize that. In a shocking scene, Lucinda announces that in no way could she choose between her two daughters for Vice President of the company...and announces Holden as the new Vice President! Everyone is in an uproar. Lily congratulates her husband, but soon finds that she's just a tad jealous of her husband's new position. Sierra thanks her mother for relieving her of yet another high position, since she might have to return to Montega soon.
  • The room soon becomes quiet, though, when the door opens. Lucinda faints and Lily and Sierra rush to her side. The person standing at the door is revealed to be....



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