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Episode 221



  • Halloween arrives in Oakdale.
  • Dusty wakes up and finds that he fell asleep in the chapel. He goes to check on his wife, but finds Lucy at the door. She jokes at him for falling asleep in church, but then notices Dusty's odd behavior and asks what is wrong. Dusty tells her that Dr. Schiller announced she was doing an emergency C-section about three hours ago and he fell asleep, praying to God that He would spare Meg and the baby. Lucy urges him to go check on his wife and baby.
  • Dr. Schiller announces to her surgical team that Meg is fading. She prompts them to speed up their work, though they've been their through the wee hours of the morning. Meanwhile, Howard tells Meg that he is very proud of the way that she turned out, even though she is at times, more stubborn than her mother. Meg tells of the recent events with her mother and Howard jokes that nothing much has changed since Emma's still stubborn as anything. Then, Meg hears a loud whispering sound and sees her father quickly fade back into the light, as the light vanishes.
  • Barbara wakes up and thanks Will and Gwen for staying with her. She tells them how Will knows just how spooked she gets around Halloween. They recall a drunken Roxie coming and crashing their reunion and how Barbara had her removed from the premises.


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