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Episode 220



  • Barbara is relieved to find that Will and Gwen are back from their vacation and asks how everything went. Barbara notices the akward pause and asks what's going on. However, a drunken Roxie soon breaks up the air by calling Gwen a "slut" and accusing Barbara of being a not so pretty five letter word.
  • Meg continues to move towards the white light. She asks her father what's going on and why is she dead. Howard laughs and says that Meg isn't dead. She's in between life and death. Meg says that she can't leave. She has a brand new baby waiting to be born and a gorgeous, loving husband waiting for her.
  • Lily and Sierra are shocked that Lucinda is having the party so soon and they also make mention of how late it is. Lucinda tells them to all go to bed and she will see them bright and early Tuesday.
  • Jack tells Margo that there's something else, but Margo knows what it is and tells Mike that due to a conflict of interest and with her family involved, she has no choice but to drop out of the case and tells Mike that Jack is on his way to resume the search in her place.


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