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Episode 219



  • Katie begs Panzico to let her go, but he won't budge. She tells him that Lyla will never give him the money and when her friends and family, Panzico will be the one not paying, but spending...avery long time in bars. Panzico laughs and slams the door in Katie's face, then locking it.
  • Jack tells Margo that he did a little background on Panzico to see where all he could be hiding Katie, judging from his past hideouts. He then tells Margo to sit down. Margo tells him that she's in the middle of the Carolinas, looking for her sister. She has no time to sit down. Jack informs Margo that Panzico was set to pull off a major diamond theft on The Blue Lady II. Margo grimaces at the name, saying that her mother once worked as a night performer on the ship.
  • As Dr. Schiller tries to bring Meg and the baby back from the brink of death, Meg envisions a strong white light. She hears a familiar voice and recoginzes it as her father's voice. Meanwhile, Dusty arrives at the chapel, praying to God to save Meg and the baby.
  • Lucinda calls a board meeting at Worldwide and announces that her choice for Vice President will be held at the re-introduction party for Worldwide. However, due to some scheduling conflicts, the only night for the party is Tuesday night...Halloween.


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