Diverse Dynasty Reboot in the Works at The CW

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1 hour ago, dc11786 said:


It's posted on IMDb, but I know people can edit that. This article mentions him, but it appears that the source is IMDb, also.


Southern BG Casting claims to be handling the casting of extras for the pilot of Dynasty. The dates coincide with the dates of the filming Dynasty. In a post dated March 8 on their Facebook page, it says:


Looking for:
Male Caucasian stand in height 5'11 weight 160-180 ages 25-45 brunette for actor James Mackay. Please look him up before submitting. Need like type. Must have open availability between March 21- April 3rd. Rate 140/12
Subject: Steven


I'm sorry if people I was misleading.

It's ok. You did nothing wrong. Not a biggie.:D

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8 minutes ago, All My Shadows said:

If he's not our Steven, then I want Kevin Schmidt from Y&R.

Now that's a great idea!  I wonder if there was a casting call for it or are the producers just picking whoever the hell they want to?...LOL

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I'm good with Show and Brown for starters. I loved Gillies opposite Denis Leary on SDRR.  I don't know Kelley and Adegoke's work, I've never watched VD or SaB.. I haven't decided to tune in yet, but we'll see.

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