Any Capitol Fans Here?

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I hated how this show ended, with shootings in front of a firing squad.:unsure::(


I was still a child when this show ended, so I didn't put it together that all those teasers for the Bold & the Beautiful meant that Capitol would be displaced.


I used to record the soaps for my Mom (I taught myself how to program the VCR) and although my Mother really only watched Y&R and ATWT, Capitol was in between the two shows so I often found it easier to record the three shows and I started watching Capitol so I had started to follow the show's storylines just as the series was winding down.

I was shocked when that last episode aired. That last episode seemed so final that it finally became clear to me in the last minutes of the episode that the show was not coming back.

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What kind of character did Billy Warlock play on Capitol?  What kind of character did the late Dane Witherspoon play?

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