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  1. Yes, the original Thomas was the more traditionally handsome, "hunky" one, as was the original Tyler. However, their replacements were the better actors. I think Robert Sampson was only in the pilot, but I could be wrong. Egan still counts as a recast, although, for all intents and purposes, he created the role. As for Paula, Julie Adams first appeared in '83, I believe. She was the only person to play Paula, so she could count as an original cast member, as could Ed Nelson, although he left a few months before the show ended. @Shadow: Yes, Todd Curtis was an original cast member, although he had a few temporary replacements (Grant Goodeve and Russell Todd) And speaking of age, I wonder how old some of the characters are supposed to be. Here are my guesses: Judson Tyler: Has to at least be in his 70s, though Rory Calhoun was actually only about 10 years older than Constance Towers, who played his daughter. Clarissa: Late 40s to early 50s Baxter: Early 50s Thomas: Late 20s, possibly 30, as he was a practicing doctor and not a med student or resident. Tyler: Mid to late 20s Matt: He said he was 27 during a scene when Baxter and Jeffrey (the older Baracquan guy who was Baxter's friend) tracked him down and told him he was Prince Marim. This was during the last month of the show. Wally: Late teens to early 20s Sam Clegg: Late 50s to early 60s Myrna: Same as Clarissa Trey: Early 30s Julie: Mid to late 20s Jordy: Same as Julie, since they were twins Brenda: Late teens Mark Denning: Mid to late 50s Paula Denning: Around the same as Myrna and Clarissa Sloane Denning: Mid to late 20s Kelly Harper: Mid to late 30s Zed Diamond: Mid to late 30s
  2. A couple of the younger actors were replaced early on, like the original Julie, the original Matt and the original Thomas. The original Tyler was eventually replaced also, but he stayed on a little longer. Wally/Bill Beyers was the only McCandless son who was there from beginning to end. Now that I think of it, the only actors to have lasted the whole run of the show (were not killed off or replaced, even temporarily, recasts, or joined the show later) are Rory Calhoun, Constance Towers, Bill Beyers, Nicholas Walker, and Debrah Farentino. Let me know if I left anyone out, but I think it was just those five.
  3. If you have them, please do post them. Thanks!
  4. Very interesting article, Carl. Thanks for posting. It looks like Nick Walker's upbringing prepared him well for playing Trey Clegg.
  5. "Capitol" had a very good-looking cast, both the younger members and the veterans. The veterans were not pushed aside like in some of today's soaps (like, say, GH); they had a good balance of in terms of cast interaction and storylines for characters in all age groups. The veteran actors were respected, as they should be.
  6. I thought so too. I wonder if she was dating him at the time, seeing that they got married only a few years after that article was written.
  7. I've had those pictures on my computer for awhile. I think I might have scanned them for someone several years ago. I post my pictures to photobucket and link to them from there. It was a very interesting article and I love the color pictures. She is so beautiful and very photogenic.
  8. There were some black and white pictures with the article as well, but somehow I can't find them on my computer and my scanner's not working, so when I get the scanner fixed, I'll post them.
  9. Text of article: "After polio and divorce, Constance Towers discovers, through her children: Life is Really A Many Splendored Thing. Constance Towers avoids people who are negative and antagonistic. "They come in and immediately look at the glass that's half empty, instead of seeing it as half full." A divorcee the past few years, she has been struggling to be both mother and father to her son Michael, 11, and daughter Maureen, 10. And she says, happily, "My children are so flexible. They make every adjustment, and with such good cheer! And they remind me that the glass is haf filled rather than half empty." Life has been bittersweet for Constance, who recently became Marian Hiller, wife of Dr. Sanford Hiller (played by Stephen Joyce) on Love is a Many Splendored Thing. Born Cosntance Mary Towers on a May 20 in the town of Whitefish, Mont., she was part of a closely-knit, happy Irish-Catholic family. Her dad, Harry J. Towers, was in the drug business and moved often. Constance remembers living in Missoula, Mont.; Moscow, Idaho; Spokane, and then Seattle, Wash. By 10, she was singing on radio, and by 12, she was singing operatic arias. After studying at the Julliard School of Music in New York, she went into show business. Then, suddenly, in 1956, she was felled by polio and was warned she'd never walk again. "I recovered, although I was unable to walk for eight months." Fortunately, only her right leg was affected and therapy cured that. It was a disaster, but Constance looks back on the illness as giving her "time out to think." She saw the glass as half filled." Three years after the polio attack, she married handsome millionaire Eugene McGrath, who didn't object to her career. In time, they separated and divorced, ("a problem, because I'm Catholic") and she concentrated on her career. Six years ago, she gave up her Hollywood home and moved to New York to do a show, Anya. She was separated from her husband at the time, and had guilt feelings about working, but she told herself, "I'm a woman, and I don't have a husband, and it's not how much time I spend with my children that counts, but how I spend the time." She has tried, diligently, to improve the quality of the time she spends with her youngsters Michael and Maureen. "I wake them up, and they have breakfast, and they go off to school. And I'm home when they come home for dinner." The first thing Michael does when he comes home is to ask, "Mom here?" and when he sees her, he's satisfied, and goes off to play with his friends. Michael spent the summer in Athens, Greece, with the Cannon family, which lives next door in the Towers' midtown apartment house in New York. And Maureen had a marvelous summer singing in "The Sound of Music" which starred her mother, at the Jones Beach, Long Island, amphitheatre. "Maureen, who had never sung before, auditioned for the role, and won it," explains Constance, proudly. "I've never pushed my children into show business." Constance, a ravishingly beautiful blue-eyed blonde, has tried very hard to make the children feel comfortable about her career. "When I'm in a play, I take them to my dressing room, and show them around so they know where I go when I leave them every evening. I want them to have a mental picture of where I am, so they don't feel abandoned." As a result, Michael and Maureen have a great sense of participation in her life and career. When they know she doesn't have to get up early certain mornings, they let her sleep late. "Some day," she smiles, "my children will be explaining how they raised their mother so beautifully." Their New York apartment is crowded with fine paintings and religious statues from Mexico, but the kids have plenty of space for casual fun. They play basketball with the kids next door, in their room and the terraces, and Constance often takes them into the nearby park for ballplaying, hiking, and bicycle riding. They often go to the many museums. "The city has so much to offer," says Constance, who lived for many years in Hollywood and once occupied the Beverly Hills mansion that Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh built. "I sold that house to Tony Newley and Joan Collins, and they in turn sold it to Sammy Davis." New York is good for Constance and her children. "My father, now president of the Associated Chain Drug Stores, and my mother live here, and my sister Lucille, who has three sons, just moved back to New York." She shops in the supermarket, and she cooks. Although she has a lady who helps run the household, she insists on doing "everything a mother does...I find there's no way to stay within my budget if I didn't do my own shopping." Working on her first daytime serial has been another joy in her life. "I'm crippled on the show, and in a wheelchair, and married to Stephen Joyce, who's having an affair with Betsy Chernak (Andrea Marcovicci). Stephen Joyce has been wonderful to work with." She was pleasantly surprised when she sang at a recent club date. "I was introduced as having been in many movies and Broadway shows, and supper clubs, and having made records...but when they mentioned my being on Love is a Many Splendored Thing, the audience got up and screamed!" More than 15 years of big-time movie-stage-music work apparently didn't have the impact of one daytime serial! For Constance Towers, life really is a many splendored thing"
  10. Thanks, Carl I have the magazine that interview came from. In fact, I have another one from a different mag (Daytime TV, I think it was November 1971) I can post on that thread if you don't have it.
  11. I would buy them too! Claudio gave me the Italian episodes and, while I can pick out a few words, I would sure like to know what they're saying. Some of those scenes, especially when Paula is all hysterical, are a riot in Italian. Baxter was disfigured in the crash and he went facial and vocal reconstruction surgeries, so they couldn't recognize his voice either. Ah, the wonders of soap opera plastic surgery!
  12. Julie Adams did a great job as Paula. Yes, I think Paula had something to do with the maid's death also. Myrna and Paula had an interesting relationship on the show. They were kind of like "frenemies" lol. Their scene in the courtroom in Mark and Paula's divorce hearing, after Myrna had found out about Paula's "novel" about the Cleggs, was hilarious. One thing that confused me on Capitol was Baxter and Clarissa getting remarried. Weren't they already married, or was their marriage null and void when Baxter was declared legally dead? They had to sign a marriage license, so it wasn't just a renewal of vows. Had Jarrett/Baxter left for Columbe the night before Mark's wedding, and had Mark not been shot and the wedding between him and Clarissa taken place, things could have gotten very interesting if Clarissa had found out (say, from Thomas) that Jarrett was Baxter after she was married to Mark.
  13. Yes, I did see the Biography on Carolyn Jones. Constance had some wonderful things to say about her. I have the premiere episode in English, but pretty much every other episode I have with Carolyn in it is in Italian. I wish I could have seen more of the early episodes in English, but since people were just starting to get VCRs at the time, those are much harder to find on the trading circuit than the later ones. That's why I'm hoping against hope that someday the series will be released on DVD. It's not too likely, given the relatively small fanbase, but you never know...
  14. I'm so glad I could help. Fortunately, I've seen a lot of Capitol recently, so the storylines are fresh in my mind. It's so much fun to have people to discuss Capitol with. Paula avoided jail time for Clarissa's shooting because she had some brain tumor (common soap opera plot device) that made her emotionally unstable. Of course, Paula was unstable even without the brain tumor. lol Then there was her killing of her psychiatrist, Dr. Parker. She ran the poor guy down with her car, but nobody suspected her because of her "agoraphobia" There was a scene shortly after Mark was shot where the cops were going over Paula's rap sheet, thinking maybe she could have shot Mark in a jealous rage. Mark was looking for an apartment with Clarissa at one time (sometime in 1984), but I don't know exactly what happened with that. Then, when they were planning their wedding the first time around, before Mark got shot, they had found a house and, had the wedding happened, they would have moved so they could start a new life together in their own home.
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