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    • Another hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow at 1 pm.  
    • Only time I liked Ayan was when she and her hubby were walking hand in hand remembering how they met..how her family didn't approve of him.  She was being human and not that exhausting parasite she's portrayed elsewhere. I'm going to be honest and say the reason she and Stansbury don't click is because both of them are too much alike to appreciate the positives in one another.  It's why both Nina and Sara are friendly with both because both of those women are less likely to want to be HBIC. Lesa was upset when she thought her husband was talking down to her..but he was giving her sound business advice.  She tends to talk down to him.  Her sons are adorable though. Caroline B is messy...but she does love her son and is ambitious about building a brand.   This show is so interesting with the different backgrounds of all the women along with their family lives, that the petty dramas aren't needed.
    • Well, what's crazier about Leo's stupid Hit List is that the name formation keeps changing. When I took a look at it when he was in the wine cellar, he had all of those names that I had listed. On Friday's episode (6/24), it seems that Will was not on there, but his name was listed earlier when he was hiding in the Dimera wine cellar. I know this because the wine cellar gave me such sweet memories of Queen Kristen.  Please register in order to view this content
    • Ugh. I don't get the appeal of him (Brandon Barash) At. All.  He came in as a sub to finish out the Stefan story because the other guy couldn't show up to work sober. He strikes up maybe a teeeeeny amount of chemistry with Camila Banus, and now we're stuck with him in the land of misfit characters that have no need to be on canvas.   
    • RHoDubai   So watched Episode 3 and 4 in one sitting.    First...Nina. It just occurred to me that Nina is from Dallas, right? And when she was sitting here talking to Caroline about her friend Claudia...it clicked? Wasn't Nina casted in what was going to be RHOD's reboot with Claudia Jordan???? Which of course made me go...does that mean Caroline knows Claudia Jordan, too? And then given who is showing up this week...it's not far-fetched either. Things that make me go hmmmm. And I agree with @NothinButAttitude...I like Nina's Zaddy. He could get it.    These two episodes have been interesting to watch. I feel like everyone is giving so much to play with. Sara's background. Lesa's fashion show and watching her building her brand, the whole time we see her friendship with Ayan shining through. Brooks also working to build an empire and honestly showing so much for someone who is so messy. Nina brings the wealth that I would expect Caroline to have brought back in the day on LoL.    But...that is probably why I might have to disagree with everyone else on her. Yes, on LoL, Caroline was the HBIC and ran everything. She knew the game in that world and how to play it. But it's becoming clear here this is a new world and a whole new game. She is NOT the only Alpha anymore. The tricks...like icing out someone...that would work on LoL are not going to work here. And like EricFake's current tagline on BH, that makes her even more dangerous.    And dangerous...is STILL interesting. She is still somewhat transparent like she was on LoL with her losing her business. You can see that in this actual organic storyline about what happens when your young husband wants babies and you...are older and in a different stage of your life. However like I said...her attempt to ice out Ayan...yeah NO. She is too much the star, too much connected, and there is no way to do that when no one is going to bow down to her over Ayan. However...her targeting Lesa next...another move Caroline learned on LoL is also going to end badly for her, either. Nice attempt to keep herself relevant on a show with alphas, but she has miscalculated. And the plot twist of Sara being the one to tell on her to Ayan and Lesa was truly a chef's kiss.    Outmatched? Time will tell. Outclassed? From what I've seeing of Lesa...YES.    Sorry, Queen Bee.   CAROLINE. Like I said above, Sergio asking for a child while she is long pass wanting one, like Sanya and Ross over on RHOA, is some organic drama. And it would be fascinating to watch because they are going to have some hard talks as well. Speaking of hard talks, it would be nice to see Caroline dive more into her work life post-LoL. Like I mentioned, she lost her company on that show. So she's...an influencer now? Seems like a downgrade to me. Though given what she is an influencer on, that does explain her face. Outside of that...who is Caroline Stansbury in this world? Sadly...no one. She needs to step it up. I do not think feuding with Lesa is the right move, but it should be fun to watch if COLLEGE HILL proved anything.   AYAN. THE STAR!!! The last two episodes have continued to soften her nicely. And I love seeing it. Like I said, I love seeing her friendship with Lesa and her being a boss at the fashion show and having her back was great to watch. I even liked that she can be feuding with Caroline, but still able to have a conversation with her husband. See? She ain't all bad. And her frenemy relationship with Brooks is a hoot. Will her truce with Caroline stick? Probably not. Especially since Lesa is feuding with her. Should be fun to watch.   MILAN. Over the last two episodes, all I saw was a real businesswoman and that was fascinating for me to watch. She was so sound. She was so motivated. And STILL being a mom. I am single and have always found it hard to get a work/life balance so especially lately as I appear to be at a crossroads, I liked to watch it. And in these episodes we got a little bit more of a picture of her husband. He seem plain to me tbh. But watching them have a disagreement...God, he loves that woman. And...he has a nice bubble. Please register in order to view this content Okay, he's kinda foine with that accent. Just seeing Milan in her element at the fashion show was dazzling. There's just something about someone living their dream. It's...inspiring. And she also has an element of being able to feud *cough*collegehill*cough*. That mess that Caroline started...not a good look since Lesa has been trying to make peacemaker I felt between her and Ayan. And Lesa looked like she's good to go toe to toe with Caroline.    BROOKS. Speaking of businesswomen, it sounded like Brooks had a sound business plan. That said, all she really brought was messiness. And I live for it. But she did not do much this past two episodes.   NINA. I admit that the RHOD thought is making me side-eye her. That said...that party was the biz-ness!!! And the scene with her Zaddy and that license plate. WOW!!!!  She most definitely screams wealth. And I LOVE her obsession with french fries. SAME.   SARA. This lovely enigma. I loved getting more of her backstory in Episode 3. So she literally not only changed her personal life, but her professional life as well. And she did not even have to. She just followed her bliss. Le sigh. Again, given my own life this week that is just awe-inspiring to me. And her at the photoshoot...GIRL, YOU BETTER FLIRT!!! LOL!!! And she looked breathtaking in the red. No need to doubt.  That said...Ooooo at her being messy by telling Lesa and Ayan what Caroline said about not going to the fashion show. Spicy.   And this week brings Shady Phae Phae. Can't wait. 
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