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    • that doesn't "change everything" if anything Finn being alive brings everything back to the way it was. This is so messy. Just mess for the sake of it. No stakes, as usual. Just boring and pointless.
    • WAYNE BRADY THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS        Wayne Brady       2004 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL      Wayne Brady     2012                       Dr. Reese Buckingham    2018-19 and GIRLFRIENDS      Derek Tyler      2006 HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER     James Stinson    2006; 2007; 2010; 2011; 2013-14 COLONY      Everett Kynes        2018 SOFIA THE FIRST     Voice of Clover           2012-18 BLACK LIGHTNING    Gravedigger/ Tyson Sykes     2020 THE GOOD FIGHT     Del Cooper     2021 THE LOUD HOUSE      Voice of Harold McBride     2016-22 SELF: WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?       1998-2007 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES      Panelist    1999-2003 THE WAYNE BRADY SHOW    2001-03 THE WAYNE BRADY SHOW     2002-04 CELEBRITY DUETS     Host       2006 DON'T FORGET THE LYRICS!      2007-09 LET'S MAKE A DEAL   Host     2009-Present  (Also LMAD in Prime time) WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?    2013-Present THE REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD     2013-16 THE CELEBRITY NAME GAME     2014-15 THE MASKED SINGER     2019-20 GAME OF TALENTS      2021 movies CLIFFORD'S REALLY BIG MOVIE       Voice of Shackelford      2004 CROSSOVER       Vaughn         2006 1982               Alonzo         2013   EXECUTIVE PRODUCED: THE WAYNE BRADY SHOW    2001-03 THE WAYNE BRADY SHOW     2002-04 LET'S MAKE A DEAL    2017-18 GAME OF TALENTS      2021 WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?     2013-Present                 MAILE  BRADY THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL         Tiffany   2018-19     Emma Barber's BFF   Daughter of Wayne Brady. Has appeared with Dad on HELL'S KITCHEN as guests.                     Please register in order to view this content   TOM CHOI     BROTHERS AND SISTERS        Steward     2007 GENERAL HOSPITAL     Jim Harlow       2007 DAYS OF OUR LIVES     Dr. Chung    2014 GENERAL HOSPITAL    New York City Doctor at New York Methodist    2022 and WOMAN'S MURDER CLUB      Police Officer       2007-08 STATIC               Regular Performances    2012-13 A.N.T  FARM       Mr. Hashimoto    2013 TEEN WOLF      Ken Yukimora    2014-16 BIZAARDVARK     Dr. __ Wong    2017-18 ME             Hoo     2021 voiced roles on television SQUIDGAME       Frontman    2021 ALL OF US ARE DEAD     Nam so-Ju     2022 JUVENILE JUSTICE    2022 FISHBOWL WIVES      Baba    2022 SNOWDROP     Nam Taell    2022 movies MINORITY REPORT     Payman-Agent #2    2002 ROAD TO THE ALTAR    Ping      2009 HALL PASS       Asian Husband       2011 TRUTH OR DARE    Officer Han Chung    2018          
    • You're welcome, Darn! If I remember correctly, Erica's early modeling career included things like appearing in ads for local department stores and catalog work. For better or worse, the show took her to unexpected heights.
    • Sam Mc Murray In his SOD interview this week he mentions a role on Edge of Night in 1974 And great work re Pamela King photo. I can see her as early 60's Lisa.
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