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What Are You Listening To?


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Try Again by Aaliyah.

So sad, its almost 6 years since her tragic death :(

RIP, truly an R&B goddess who never got the chance to reach her pinnacle. She would have been great.

I hate to say this - but she stole songs from Arabs. "Sampled" them.

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Alanis Morissette's Under Rug Swept album from 2002.

Her finest work of her career in my humble opinion.

The final track, Utopia is what I am listening to currently. Wrriten in the days following Sept. 11th, 2001 I really think Alanis honed in on exactly what all of us were feeling at that time.

we'd gather around all in a room fasten our belts engage in dialogue

we'd all slow down rest without guilt not lie without fear disagree sans judgement

we would stay and respond and expand and include and allow and forgive and

enjoy and evolve and discern and inquire and accept and admit and divulge and

open and reach out and speak up

This is utopia this is my utopia

This is my ideal my end in sight

Utopia this is my utopia

This is my nirvana

My ultimate

we'd open our arms we'd all jump in we'd all coast down into safety nets

we would share and listen and support and welcome be propelled by passion not

invest in outcomes we would breathe and be charmed and amused by difference

be gentle and make room for every emotion

we'd provide forums we'd all speak out we'd all be heard we'd all feel seen

we'd rise post-obstacle more defined more grateful we would heal be humbled

and be unstoppable we'd hold close and let go and know when to do which we'd

release and disarm and stand up and feel safe

this is utopia this is my utopia

this is my ideal my end in sight

utopia this is my utopia

this is my nirvana

my ultimate

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I saw The Messengers and Deja Vu.

The Messengers is your standard "family moves out to the country after the teenage daughter experiences a traumatic event and bad things happen in the new house" story. :P As soon as all the main cast appears on screen, you pretty much know who the main victim and who the evildoer are going to be. Predictable and below average.

I thought Deja Vu with Denzel Washington as an ATF agent was pretty good. Someone sets off a bomb on a ship, killing hundreds of people. Simultaneously, a woman's body is found in the water but she was not on the ship, she was murdered separately but the two incidents are connected. Denzel hooks up with a department of the FBI that has a device that can observe anything 4 days in the past--they can't go back further and they can't fast forward so it's always 4 days prior. So they spend a lot of time watching the woman in the days prior to her murder and trying to piece together the events leading to the bombing. Meanwhile, Denzel is falling in love with the woman as he's watching her in the past and begins to question whether she is alive or dead. Good stuff.

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