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Actors who followed a writer/EP from show to show

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That was CBS' doing who orchestrated Maura West's hiring via Sony Pictures Television. I don't believe West went to The Young and the Restless simply because Paul Leyden was in a short-term role, or because Hogan Sheffer was there as co-head writer. Not to mention, West had already begun filming as Diane before Leyden even began filming as Blake. West debuted in October 2010. Leyden debuted in November 2010.

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More to add to FOJ

Jason Thompson from GH to Y&R.  He specifically said in a 2016 interview that JFP brought him to Y&R.


Hunter King from Hollywood Heights to Y&R.  But I don't know if she'd consider herself a "friend" of Jill.   Jill brought her over to Y&R but I wouldn't say Hunter "followed" Jill. Hunter was  a teen when she got hired at Y&R.  So maybe she simply took a job she was offered.


Michael E. Knight from AMC to Y&R as a Friend of Chuck Pratt (and Jill).
This 2015 interview in which MEK praises Pratt is mind-boggling:
When Mal Young took over at Y&R, MEK was out at Y&R.


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