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Actors who followed a writer/EP from show to show

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Yep! I know it’s been answered already but he played Blake Joseph, a lackey of Colin’s who was blackmailing Cane and I think Blake even got himself a job at Crimson Lights and Cane had to pass off Blake as a friend from Australia to Lily. Blake later died on the church steps with Cane/Caleb at Jill & Colin’s wedding in their shootout.

it was all really bad story overall lol. 

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Has anyone done a full list of FOJ, defined for this purpose as actors whom she worked with on one show and later hired on another? People whom she just happened to work with on multiple shows wouldn’t count (NLG, who worked with JFP on Santa Barbara and GH, but wasn’t hired by her on GH, wouldn’t count.)

These are the people who come to mind (I’m likely missing some obvious ones):

Robert Adamson (HH, Y&R)  

John Bolger (AWOLTLGH)  

Jennifer Bransford (OLTLGH)  

Kale Browne (AWOLTL)  

Jensen Buchanan (AWGHY&R)  

Steve Burton (GHY&R)  

Robin Christopher (AWOLTLGH)  

Linda Dano (AWOLTLGH)  

Lane Davies (SB, GH)

Justin Deas (SBGL)  

Mark Derwin (GLOLTL)  

Marj Dusay (SBGL)  

Timothy Gibbs (SBAWOLTL)  

Rick Hearst  (GLGH)  

Hunter King (HH, Y&R)

Vincent Irizarry (SBGL)  

Robert Kelker-Kelly (AWGH)  

A Martinez (SBGH)  

Kevin McClatchy (GLAWOLTLGH)  

Grayson McCouch (AW, HH)  

Melissa Ordway (HH, Y&R)  

Mark Pinter (AWGHY&R)  

Dahlia Salem (AWGH)  

Sonia Satra (GLOLTL)  

Jason Thompson (GHY&R)  

Gina Tognoni (OLTLY&R)  

Marcy Walker (SBGL)  

Michael Zaslow (GLOLTL)  

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Chuck Pratt previously worked with Jamie Luner on Melrose Place before she was hired as the recast Liza on AMC during his HW stint there. He’d also previously worked with Tamara Braun as Carly on GH prior to bringing her on as Reese on AMC.

Tammy Lauren had previously worked with LML on Homefront before she was hired as Detective Maggie on Y&R.

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I also remember seeing an influx of old WTHI actors show up at RH, as well, though this happened a fair bit less when the Labines moved to GH, instead there was an influx of DAYS actors in the 90s, as Shelley Curtis had moved there, and brought Mary Beth Evans, Wally Kurth, Stephen Nichols, and Matt Ashford (I'm certain I'm forgetting a few) during the early-to-mid 90s, whereas I think Ron Hale was the only RH actor who moved to GH during the Labine era.

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Off the top of my head -- and at two different points -- Camilla Moore as nu-Anna and Billy Warlock as nu-A.J.

I'm not sure if this story has been debunked, but supposedly Jane left GH with the intent to join Marland's The Soul Survivors.

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