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B&B: Bold from the beginning

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In a way, it's a clever move since they likely know episodes are being shared, stored and archived by fans. This way, they have some measure if control and can benefit from viewer counts and ad placements (should they decided to run ads). For years, I have been saying that soap opera production companies should be streaming vintage episodes and finally, someone was smart enough to listen and regard!!

Also, if P&G decided to stream 1985-1986 of As The World Turns, I'd be over the moon!

Since episodes have a run time of 30 minutes per episode, commercials included (I wonder if these uploaded videos will include ads?), they really should upload at least 2 per day. Also, has B&B never heard of binge-watching? 

On the positive side, it would be great if this began a trend with classic daytime dramas.

Ironically, I watched the first episode again just three weeks ago.

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