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Eight dead in Atlanta shootings

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High. I don't want to base my feeling on something as superficial as hair, but his neck beard reminds me of some of the January 6th Capitol Hill peeps, and his shaved back and sides is giving me white supremacist vibes.


Once again, some guy in a rage grabs his gun (which substitutes for his d*ck) and decides to gun down a minority group which is also female. And workers at a massage parlor, on top of that. Like, are they really a threat to his way of life? He picked weak links. The rise in anti-Asian sentiment and all that 'China virus' BS from DT spearheaded this. Never mind that 4 of the dead have been confirmed as South Korean nationals. 


Also the killer is apparently on suicide watch, but he still got the cops to go get him some Burger King. So he wasn't too suicidal to eat. Can you imagine if someone of another color instructed the cops to go to Dairy Queen to get him a shake?


I hear that the killer was active in his local church. I'm not saying he wasn't radicalized online, but given that churches are now power players in their own right who can urge their flock to vote a certain way -- and have done since the late 70s -- can we just agree to investigate these places to see just what kind of hate talk and stirring up these places are doing? And once and for all, can we stop subsidising 'places of worship' and start taxing them? All places of worship -- churches, temples, synagogues, Scientologist audit centres etc. etc. There are people out there hiding behind 'religion,' collecting far too much money and power from the gullible and God-fearin'. I say this as a lapsed Catholic and 'believer' of sorts. 

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It's horrific. We know all about this poor little church-goin' manchild who had a bad day, but still nothing on the victims, not their ages, not who they were, nothing. Just some faceless, dehumanized women. Plus one male. What kind of day do you think they were having?

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Sex addiction? Really? Michael Fassbender's character in the movie SHAME reacted more realistically to his sex addiction than his 'addict.' Clearly, that is as much a lie as he was on suicide watch, but the police went and got him Burger King? Burger King? On suicide watch? ???


@ChitHappens no video yet, but I'm sure it will surface.

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