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All: Favorite/Least Favorite Triangles/Quadrangles?

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Some recent discussion in the monthly Days inspired me to ask what is everyone’s  favorite triangle/quad and their least favorite? 

Probably my favorite triangles of all time is Nikki/Victor/Ashley on Y&R along with Reva/Josh/Annie on GL. Favorite quad is Neil/Dru/Nathan/Olivia on Y&R


My least favorite triangle is definitely Hope/Liam/Steffy on B&B and worst quad for me is Nick/Sharon/Jack/Phyllis. God that was torture!



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I have to think more on it, but watching late ‘70s/early ‘80s GH, the Alan/Monica/Rick/Lesley quad was just incomparable. A very adult, balanced story. It’s not surprising that it was iconic.

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Yeah, I have to tip my metaphorical hat to then-HW Pat Falken Smith for that story.  So many good moments came from the Alan/Monica/Rick/Lesley quadrangle.


Two other good ones: Justin/Jackie/Alan/Elizabeth and Ed/Holly/Roger/Rita, both from GL.  YEARS of story came from those romantic entanglements.

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I'm gonna have to go with the unconventional triangle of AW's Mac/Rachel/Iris as my favorite lol. I'd love to see more of it.


For my favorite quad, I have to say Sami/Lucas/Carrie/Austin (in the 90s only). Wasn't a big fan of JER's re-do in the 2000s.


Can't really pick a least favorite triangle, and not that I hated any of these, but the triangles on Passions were pretty bad. They were all the same. The "fate" couple and the pathetic, insufferable pain in the ass that spoiled it for them.

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7 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:



Definitely.  Beth made sense with Phillip AND with Lujack.


In general, I'm not a fan of ANY triangle or quadrangle where one man or woman is forced to become psychotic in order to stack the metaphorical deck for this-or-that couple.  It's almost like you're cheating.  Example: SFT's Jo/Tony/Sam triangle.  Granted, Mary Stuart probably didn't have the same chemistry with George Gaynes (or Roy Shuman) that she had with Robert Mandan, but making Sam go insane JUST so Jo and Tony could end up together plays like a total cop-out to me.  If Gaynes' Sam wasn't clicking with Jo, then just have Jo and Sam part as friends, have Jo and Tony end up together, and maybe try Sam with someone else (Eunice?).

42 minutes ago, AbcNbc247 said:

I'm gonna have to go with the unconventional triangle of AW's Mac/Rachel/Iris as my favorite lol. I'd love to see more of it.


Ooooh, that's a good one.  (Same goes for Steve/Alice/Rachel.).  I'd love to see more of that one as well.


Say what you want about Bill Bell, but with Bill/Laura/Mickey (DAYS) and Lance/Lorie/Lucas/Leslie (Y&R), the man could spin YEARS of story on sexually frustrated folks yearning for each other.

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20 minutes ago, Khan said:

Say what you want about Bill Bell, but with Bill/Laura/Mickey (DAYS) and Lance/Lorie/Lucas/Leslie (Y&R), the man could spin YEARS of story on sexually frustrated folks yearning for each other.

Not to mention Doug and Julie's long road to the altar.

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The GH quad of Monica/Alan/Lesley/Rick was fantastic, and that slap scene between Monica and Lesley is iconic.  Well written, balanced, used history and great character work.  And it lead to continued story that didn’t rely on retelling the same quad.  Rick and Lesley spent a long time coming back together, and then building a new family.  Alan and Monica had another decade before they divorced, filled with affairs and passion for each other.


I also loved Sonny/Brenda/Jax, and I still miss Brenda on the show.


DAYS- quad of Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas was fun for a long time, before Reilly’s storytelling devolved into just characters talking to themselves about their machinations, only to almost be overheard by their victims.  For months at a time.  I also really liked Hope/Gina, Billie and Bo, because as much as I loved Hope Brady, I really cared about Billie and was torn about wanting Bo and Hope together and sad for Billie.


GL- Alexandra/Roger/Mindy is pretty great for all the fallout, and the dynamic scenes we got from all actors involved.  I also really love Blake/Alan-Michael/Eleni/Frank, although it wasn’t very balanced because Blake was pretty much on the outs the whole time.


Worst- Roman/Marlena/John- They destroyed Roman to get there, and I hate that.  Although I did enjoy the story and thought it was well written in driving story (all the way through Sami kidnapping baby Belle), they really made Roman unlikeable, and paved the way for terrible version we have had since (bad recast an all).

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My personal favorites












Margo/Tom/Emily- but I guess this was one sided. 




Y&R- too many for various reasons 








Carly/Sonny/Random chick  




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Sami/Austin/Carrie and Marlena/John/Kristen are what got me into the show in the 90s. Okay and the possession. But that was JR when he was good. He knew that craziness would draw you in, but you STAYED for the relationship drama. 




Yeah, I admit it. Sam/Jason/Liz/Lucky. Though I knew who I wanted Jason to be with.


I can wax forever and a day on Sonny/Jax/Brenda. And I count down the minutes before as TB Carly said once for Brenda to sweep in leaving nothing, but delicious drama. And if GH were to ever get cancelled, I expect an appearance if Sonny isn't going to die or go to jail but run off into the sunset. 




Billy/Mac/any third party. Nuff said. Good moments. I was so sorry for how Billy/Mac/Chloe because that was very well set up.




Well I hate to say it...Phyllis/Nick/Sharon though it made me hate Phyllis, it was great drama. It is also one of my LEAST favorite.




Reva/Josh/Annie from GL



Speaking of...




It had its moments, but I'll go with Bo/Hope/Billie. Sometimes I hated Billie coming back though I liked Billie because they never took her in a different direction sometimes. 


Natalie/John/Marty. While Marty kinda got her happy ending by the end of OLTL and I loved the Natalie/Marty rivalry and SH acted her A&& off, I didn't like in hindsight Marty going insane over Marty. RC did kinda built up to the rivalry beautifully, but he kinda dropped the ball on her there.


Gigi/Rex/BitchyBangs. Just ugh over anything Gigi/Rex. I was cheering on Stacy when she showed up. And I felt Bitchy Bangs was justified. Speaking of propping that was all Gigi was.



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GH's Sonny/Brenda/Jax obviously is my favorite.  I loved both couples even if over the years it got played out and adding Carly to replace Brenda was not the same.  It was must see tv when I was young.


Days Roman/Marlena/John  I get the thought Roman got trashed for it, but I still felt for him even though he was kind of an ass.  He was never not the wronged party in that triangle and they never should have gotten rid of Wayne.  Plus it gets major points for the years of story it inspired all over the canvas

HM Carrie/Austin/Sami



GH Liz/Jason/Sam-I really didn't care much about either

Days Shane/Kayla/Kim-yuck

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