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Cynthia Watros Replacing Michelle Stafford as ‘GH’s’ Nina Reeves

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Cynthia Watros, Lost, Guiding Light, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless

Cynthia Watros ("Guiding Light," "Lost") is joining the cast of "General Hospital" as a recast Nina Reeves. She replaces the departing Michelle Stafford, who is set to reprise her iconic role as Phyllis Summers on "The Young and the Restless." More

The post Cynthia Watros Replacing Michelle Stafford as ‘GH’s’ Nina Reeves appeared first on Soap Opera Network.

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 I absolutely loved and adored Nina Reeves until they replaced her. This new actress just cannot fill Michelle Stafford’s- shoes as Nina. Michelle Stafford had the most hilarious movements and faces. She made the character of Nina lively, mysterious and interesting. She was a great part of the cast but this new replacement, Cynthia Waltros, does not fit the role. She may be a great actress and other roles may be a great fit for her, but, I’m sorry, she does not look, or act,  like anyone Valentin Cassidine would pursue. She’s boring and frumpy. Bad choice for GH...  might as well get rid of Nina’s character now. 

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It reminds me of her stint on Y&R where she originated the role of Kelly, a nothing character that she made interesting enough that the viewer wanted to know more about her.

Eventually Watros left for series television and the role was recast with Cady McClain where the character continued to tread water until TPTB decided to get rid of the character by turning Kelly batsh*t crazy and making her into a stalker who kidnapped Jack (a truly awful storyline) and left his doppelganger to take over his life in GC.

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I mean, I can still like Watros and think Nina is a complete waste of time as a character

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 both can be true ... Watros IS an improvement over Stafford. But that doesn't mean Nina isn't useless. Honestly, very few thought the character would actually improve or be important. But Watros is extremely watchable and far more likeable. Since we're stuck with Nina because of Frank, at least it's Watros. Folks were excited because Watros is a far better and far more likeable actress. No one had any delusions the character would improve or be important. She's not and never will be.


Wonder if they'll recast Drew? Knowing Frank .... "THINK OF DREW'S LEGACY!!!!" 


Frank and the show get draaaaaaged hard every day on Twitter but no one cares. ABC is so checked out and Frank just props his pets (and Varni's).

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