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  1. Oy. The Y&R numbers are terrible. I enjoy most of the show and especially the Stafford being back as Phyllis, but I guess other parts of the show aren’t incentive enough for others to tune in. It is unfortunate. I like the ways that this regime has attempted to bring back Y&R’s identity through the score and camera angles. If we see a regime change, then I predict JG will be let go before Morina. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw Sally return to HW.
  2. I don’t know anything about anyone else’s avatar. My avatar is the portrait from my church directory. I could critique your looks too, but I will refrain. Anyway, back to the show, Chelsea has sucked the life out of any momentum that the Griffith-Morina team had built from April to June. The character has never worked other than as a short term character as originally conceived under MAB.
  3. +1000 I am not Jonny or close to it. I lurked on this board for a while and decided to come out and post. Clearly that was a mistake. I can understand now why other lurkers will not post. Nearly every new member who has attempted to join conversation over the last few months has been subject to bullying by a handful of people. I am going to use the ignore feature myself.
  4. Thinking about booking a room at the GCAC. lol.

  5. Ive been waiting for this for months. Robin Strassman will probably goose the ratings points up a little bit and Days might pass Gen Hosp.
  6. That sounds interesting. I love a delish sudszee story!
  7. Thankss. I have been watching the show since the beginning. No Jordi yet. I am hoping that we get to see Phyllis and Adam this wk.
  8. the new shots in the intro opener look weird. They dont look like they were taped in the same lighting or camera quality. The motions are somehow stilted,
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