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1993 Daytime Emmy Awards

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With the upcoming Daytime Emmys 4 weeks away, I thought it would be neat to take a look back at a ceremony marking a milestone anniversary. 25 years ago, the Daytime Emmys had their first May Sweeps prime time broadcast, and this was ABC's first primetime broadcast of the Daytime Emmys. The first two years of the prime time broadcasts were in late June, as they were during the daytime broadcasts of 1987-1990. 


Of course all the hype was on the Lead Actress category, with Susan Lucci being nominated for a 13th consecutive year, and 14th overall. The following year would see Susan Lucci's consecutive nomination streak being over.


1993 also saw the first of Heather Tom's five wins, and Y&R marked it's 20th anniversary with it's 5th best drama series win.


I picked the 1993 ceremony for the look back as I felt it was a pivotal year in daytime drama history. Four major events took place in 1993 that would impact daytime drama for the remainder of the decade and the effects are still felt even today:


- Days new head writer James Reilly ushers in the sci-fi era, resulting in a huge ratings rise.

- Guiding Light kills off Maureen Bauer.

- As the World Turns head writer Douglas Marland passes away.

- General Hospital sees the returns of Luke and Laura.


I'd love to know other's thoughts on the 1993 Daytime Emmys.





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"Guiding Light" should have won Best Show.  I believe they submitted two episodes from the blackout in July of '92. No other show even came close to GL's consistent excellence that year.

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