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Light And Shadows 

Verse 1:  Common blockage, new barricades / Irregular state of restlessness / Past and present occupy the mind / Potential thoughts of future tied up in a bind / Conflict of luxuries and necessities / Half-measured and too relaxed / Downgraded from collections of existence / Floating among creatures and cargo

Verse 2:  Clashes of opposing views / Lack of general consensus / Arbitration in high demand / To decide the way in which things will be / Minimum requirements generate minimum effect / Upping the ante will lead to renewed interests / Eager eyes of spectators will widen / In anticipation of being entertained

Verse 3:  Limited appeal and access / A modicum of opportunities / Proceeding with a plan may be advantageous / Minimizing mistakes is conducive to a better outcome / Upward and far-reaching focus is challenging to conceive of / When similar backgrounds ignore natural status / And chase after artificial concepts

Chorus 1:  Light and shadows competing / To reign supreme among the lives of men / Revelation and concealment are attached / To every place and person

Chorus 2:  Light and shadows competing / To reign supreme among the lives of men / Revelation and concealment are attached / To every place and person / Truth and lies dwell in light and shadows

Written by B. (Monday, August 18, 2014) Copyright 2014

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Verse 1:  Colour is size, size is everything / Take a number and get in line / The glory you possess is in high demand / And you'll share it with all who are intrigued / An undeniable wonder of the world / To look at, to hold, and to have / A snake and a dove rolled into one package / Lay it on thick and be unrelenting

Verse 2:  Many don't give a damn about your ageless plight / Your concerns are ignored / Blending in is what you're expected to do / Although you're failing / You reject your innate capabilities / And subscribe to nonsensical dogma / A half-being kneeling before the mighty / Begging for scraps and for sympathy / If only you knew your origins and purpose / The world as we know it would be forever changed

Verse 3:  Without justice, there's no peace of mind / Unscramble your brains and reclaim yourself / Being a clown won't get you far away / From the distractions and pitfalls which surround you / When you're presented with playing by the rules or taking short-cuts / Choose wisely / Moments reverberate beyond breath and sound / Like a roller coaster, they keep pushing forward

Chorus:  A spectrum, a state of mind, a group / You're the master and it's the subject / An institution to maintain and to destroy / You're the challenger of bodies and minds

Written by B. (Monday, October 26, 2015) Copyright 2015

Edited by ghaw2007
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Wickedly Perfect

Verse 1:  Surrender your brain to the gods / To receive all that you'll ever need / A pseudo-being with new senses / You'll experience fresher and grander things / Wickedly perfect, wickedly perfect / Do as you're told / Nothing more, nothing less / With arms wide open and a willing soul / Nothing is off limits, nothing's taboo / Your glorious gift is special and rare / With a single clap, you can be anywhere / Wander between the edges of your mind / With fire at your feet and no water in sight / You'll entertain us or just simply burn

Verse 2:  No hint, no clue / Nothing is left behind / If you always ask questions / You're wasting time / Follow the path approved by kings and queens / And be immersed by great pleasures and rewards / Wickedly perfect, wickedly perfect / You're the problem but don't be afraid of yourself / We're the solution to transport you to a better realm / Up and away from uneventful life / And into many sublime frontiers / A unique relationship you'll have / With all the ones who watch you closely / You're exactly what you were created to be

Chorus:  Truth and reality are open to interpretation / What was still is and will ultimately never be / You're an ordinary fool if you know what's good for you / Unburden yourself of commonality / And be the one we revere

Written by B. (Wednesday, October 14, 2015) Copyright 2015

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Verse 1:  Out with the old / In with the new / A different perspective / A muddier view / Smoke and mirrors / A game of chance / All the chosen ones will recreate a dance / Blending fact with fiction / A metamorphosis without restriction / Transfixed by beasts who come across / As beautiful creatures with a known status / We've been rocked to our core

Verse 2:  Without a history, you're a beguiling mystery / As confounding as the pyramids of Egypt / A wonder of contemporary and daring times / Here and now is a reflection of what came before / And what is occurring / But the future was captured and transformed long before many realized / In the midst of a storm, you were sheltered / So we could be transfixed by your beastly ways / Hypnotically subtle from an unknown entity / Every beat, every whisper in secondary form / Has rocked us to our core

Verse 3:  Not bound to any place or time / What I present to you is completely mine / I've developed my style, my way of life / From what has preceded me / It would blow your mind / If you knew about my dreams and my uncommon thoughts / The realm I'm in, however small, constantly changes / So I do the same, even if it's strange / I've been constructed through beastly cycles of blood and bones / With abilities to rock almost anything to its core 

Chorus:  You cannot learn lessons in every weathered book / Throughout the ages, censorship has colonized / The collective mind of the masses / Every now and then, alternative views are formulated and dispersed / While ignorance remains at the forefront of existence / In a manner that is blissful, lithe and utterly seductive

Written by B. (Sunday, April 26, 2015) Copyright 2015

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I've heard extraordinary tales of wonder and excitement / Come and sit beside me / And let me share them with you / My father made me hungry / Hungrier than any person ever did / Not for traditional things like exotic dishes and fine wine / But for power, for wealth, for influence

It was more valuable than capturing the sunlight / That glistened on the skin / While cruel weather slowly took over your emotions / And manipulated your sense of control and even-temperedness / It was as if a continuous injection of blood / Was being poured into my body / And suddenly I was electrified into wanting more / Than I could ever dream of having

The desire was like a tree wanting to be reattached to its roots / Fully knowing that without that primary connection / It would cease to be / It was like a bird with broken wings / Watching others like it soar through the open sky / While it walked on the ground / As if it were not what is was

I wanted that power because I knew it would be my salvation / The center of my being and purpose / How I would relate to the world / It would be like taking a cosmic trip into outer space / And having the ability to land on every planet / To dance on every star and replicate that movement throughout time / With no worries of boundaries and blockades / The universe at your fingertips / And nothing else in between

To be a soldier defending sublime temples of prosperity / Navigating through refined slums and ethnic fields / And being awarded the highest honour / Bestowed upon a dedicated fighter / Would be a joyous moment to cherish

Having an abundance of everything / And never desirous of something / Is like oxygen lifting you up to taste the sun / And soak into every shade of the rainbow / A cornucopia of necessity and pleasure

To have the magic swirling in and out of you / Is like sleeping on cool water / And always remaining dry / Like living in a sand castle / That could withstand the mightiest storm

To be in sync with different customs / And mandating your point of view / Is like changing something just by looking at it / Concentrating on the various aspects that make it unique / And adding a new and beautiful layer which is vibrant and ethereal

An hourglass that never runs out of sand / And eyes that transcend the scope of time / Beyond common measures / And into the heart of simplified matters / With clean skin, delicious breath and a confident smile / The universe at your fingertips

I've heard extraordinary tales of wonder and excitement / You sat beside me / And I shared them with you / My father made me hungry / Hungrier than any person ever did / Are you now hungry? / If so, what will you do about it?

Written by B. (Thursday, July 9, 2015) Copyright 2015

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The Wire

Verse 1:  Your favourite weapon is rated R / It darkens the sky / If I change it, I'll be Sunshine Superman / High seas and desert lands are part of your broken world / It should cease to exist / I want to re-direct the train you've been travelling on / Which leads you to despair / Which causes you not to care / A new world in your heart is what I'd like to construct / Building up your body, your mind, your soul

Verse 2:  Manufacturing coffins is not the industry I dabble in / Calling off the search for you is something I just won't do / If I must, I'll use bows and arrows to eliminate shadows / The shadows surrounding you and occupying your domain / Flooding it with misery and soaking with anger / Your world should be of warmth / An abundance of comfort / I'm wearing steel-toed boots / To build up your body, your mind, your soul

Verse 3:  Tick, tock goes the clock / It's both a friend and a foe / Treating everyone the same / Deflecting all the blame / Moments of opportunities seldom present themselves / And when they do, you must take heed and venture on / Be carried away with the wind of changes / The changes you've needed / To build up your body, your mind, your soul

Chorus:  Prisons on fire, down to the wire / Seizing the airwaves of your consciousness / Always a rebel, I won't die on my knees / You shouldn't either so begin your journey with me / Timing is everything / And everything is down to the wire

Written by B. (Friday, December 26, 2014) Copyright 2014

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We Are Men

Verse 1:  We're not just beast for the slaughterhouse / We are men, we are men / Evidence of a war being waged against us are prevalent / Enemies surround us / If you're groomed as a slave / You'll eventually become a slave / But if you resist their conditioning / You'll have control of your mind and your senses

Verse 2:  You can wear all the sunglasses you want / It won't eliminate the shame you feel / For allowing the madness to seep onto your bloodstream / You're beating yourself up / If you speak to be understood / You still have to clarify your intentions / And how it could possibly impact the world / And future generations

Verse 3:  Pretty songs and modern dancing / Are a useful distraction / Against the acquisition and application of knowledge / Entertainment is profitable / Dignity is admirable / Having principles is necessary / When you're the builders of nations / You can't be hesitant to rule / Your actions define you 

Chorus 1:  Children cry and children play / Our behaviour many yesterdays / We construct and we destroy / The many things which surround us / Still, we don't know if we're progressing / We are men

Chorus 2:  Children cry and children play / Our behaviour many yesterdays / Still, we don't know if we're progressing / We are men / We know and we think we know

Written by B. (Wednesday, June 18, 2014) Copyright 2014

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Verse 1:  Use me as your medicine / I'm not like those others quick fixes / Slashing and burning and poisoning will only soften tragedy / Selling dreams is not the way / To enrich the poorest souls / Proving that a healed state is beneficial / Will empower others

Verse 2:  If you show signs of confusion / Desperation will occur / Slashing and burning and poisoning will only soften tragedy / Conducting tests and analyzing results / Is an arduous process / Proving that a healed state is beneficial / Will empower others

Verse 3:  If you have more guts than blood / Half the battle is already won / You'll be twice defeated / If you attempt to conquer what you don't understand / Proving that a healed state is beneficial / Will empower others

Chorus 1:  Accelerate, keep pushing through / Don't let fear get a hold of you / You'll lose if you do / Recondition yourself, accelerate

Chorus 2:  Flow like the strongest river / Accelerate, accelerate / All of which is inside of you / Is the foundation you should build upon

Written by B. (Monday, June 23, 2014) Copyright 2014

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Our Brand Is Crisis
Verse 1:  If you're caught in a bind / And you want to get out / Give us a call and we'll come flying to you / We'll brainstorm to construct a well-crafted narrative / Put it in the papers and make it go viral / The masses will chew on whatever we deliver to their homes / Most will be satisfied and beg for more / We're able to unravel multiple distractions and disorders / Like juggling balls with our eyes closed / Without the use of magic / Without relying on luck / The fruits of our labour will nourish a nation
Verse 2:  If you're low with no place to go / We'll put on a show to captivate an audience / With an invisible hand, we'll scratch your back / Just as long as we're well-compensated / When you give, you take more than what's expected / Like a thief in the night / You're unheard and unseen / If you're ratted out or threatened with exposure / Donate to charity to increase your popularity / The great and the small will all bow at your feet / They'll kiss the ring while biting their tongues / You won't be castigated / You won't be stripped bare / Your name and words will act as sword and shield
Verse 3:  Two sides of a coin / Both ends of a spectrum / Unbeknownst to our opponents / The decks are stacked in our favour / When solutions are needed to disputes and dilemmas / Knowing we'll be victorious, we'll offer as many/ This is not a game / This is a way of life / When groomed to be successful / Failure is not an option / Our echoes linger in your dreams / Our visions blend into your shadows / All that we create is reflected in you / Scrub your skin and detox your organs / We've made plans for you / And you'll serve us very well
Chorus:  Our brand is crisis / What we live and what we breathe / The fire burning in us / And consuming all that we touch / We're exceptional at what we do / That's why they call us professionals / Being on top is the sole position we aspire to

Written by B. (Sunday, August 28, 2016) Copyright 2016

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We Are
Verse 1:  Got no time to waste / This world we inhabit must be shaped into our image / The image of excellence and strength / Our purpose is to influence every creature and object / To ultimately rule over them / This is who we've been destined to become / Since the days of ice and fire
Verse 2:  All forms of illusions and deception / Are at the core of who we are / The various masks which are worn / Distort our nature and intentions / If it weren't for secrets and lies / We would have been exposed a long time ago / Relating to our causes, to our ways of life / Is essential to our advancement 
Verse 3:  Without much sympathies in our dealings / What has been carved out was predetermined / You can't get more of what you want / Be grateful for all that has been given to you / Struggling to attain luxuries / While necessities are poorly managed / And are in minor supply / Reaching for the stars and skies / Is difficult when your hands are tied or cut off / It's an exquisite symphony when your prayers remain unanswered
Bridge:  Hearts and minds are what we've desired them to be / When things are up for grabs / We must be quick and territorial / Claiming what is found / Makes us the owners of treasures
Chorus 1:  We are what you've been taught to fear / We're the space between the light and the darkness / We are the sights and sounds which captivate your senses / We're the holders of time and the hunters of gardens
Chorus 2:  We are the central force you encounter / We're the shakers of lands and risers of the seas / We are the generators of trade and ideas / We're the chains to which you wish to break
Chorus 3:  We are what you should cherish and adore / We're the visible part of confusion and clarity / We are the ones to instill and perpetuate greatness / We're imbued with unlimited and significant privileges
Chorus 4:  We are you and you are us / We're not surrendering our possessions and doctrines / We are integral to your existences / Both real and imagined / We're the beginning of ages / And the proprietors of justice / We are the ways and means / To making the most of the here and now / We are consuming all types of skin and blood / We're mastering the art of behaviour and the possible / We are everything and everything is us
Written by B. (Tuesday, February 23, 2016) Copyright 2016

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Verse 1:  Dear [fill in the blank man] / I know you always want me to score an "F" / I know you always want me to hold out my hand / I know you always want me to be surrounded by broken dreams / Dear mighty man / I know you're always planning to start a war / I know you're always creating division among people / I know you're always profiting from chaos and misery / Dear I-don't-mind-my-own-business man / I know you're always getting involved into everything / I know you always want to know what's being thought of and said / I know you always want to have the last word

Verse 2:  Dear egotist man / I know you always believe in the great equalizer / I know you always want to have it wherever you roam / I know you always want to be protected in every way / Dear deceptive man / I know you're always lying / That's why you exist / I know you always create situations for your benefit / I know you're always taking advantage of everything

Verse 3:  Dear self-centered man / I know you always get emotional when others reject you / I know you always want to influence everything you encounter / I know you always act as master and commander of the seas / Dear adventurous man / I know you always seek out to discover new things / I know you always want to create new experiences / I know you always make the most of life's offerings

Bridge 1:  Is there a way to change your DNA? / Is there a way for you to think differently? / Is there a way to accept your natural status? / Only you know the answers

Bridge 2:  Is there a way to change your DNA? / Is there a way to purify your torturous blood? / Is there a way to reconcile with your identity? / Only you know the answers

Bridge 3:  Is there a way to change your DNA? / Is there a way for you to address your complexes? / Is there a way to re-create yourself? / Only you know the answers

Chorus 1:  He, she - everyone worships you / Without thought, we bow down to your power / Him, her - everyone wants to be like you / Without thought, we bow down to your feet

Chorus 2:  He, she - everyone respects you / Without thought, we bow down to your power / Him, her - everyone's afraid of you / Without thought, we bow down to your feet / You travel to every part of the universe / You build and destroy / As it comes naturally to you / You appoint yourself as judge, jury, executioner

Chorus 3:  He, she - everyone respects you / Without thought, we bow down to your power / Him, her - everyone's afraid of you / Without thought, we bow down to your feet / You eroticize many creatures and objects / You impact the air and the soil / You consume all things like a raging wildfire / Your ways of life go beyond your body and soul

Written by B. (Sunday, December 14, 2014) Copyright 2014

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The Richest Man In Babylon

Verse 1:  Selling tales of sin / Profits are generating in your sleep / Wicked thoughts are woven into timeless chants / Generations continue to dance / Messages of the past being told in soft tones / If you listen carefully / Ideas are being formed and settled in places / Which are shielded from view

Verse 2:  Luxurious platforms are sold to the highest bidder / Beggars become more desperate / Influence is the name of the game / Many have lost and many are losing / Replications of what used to be / Pale in comparison to the originals / Echoes of the past / Linger around the heartbeats of men

Verse 3:  Being the richest man in Babylon / Affords you many privileges / Tokens are for the powerless / You create the standard to which we abide / To the victor goes the spoils / You're coated in manufactured glory / The crown you've placed upon your head / Will eventually be your undoing / All that you own is worthless

Chorus:  You're only a soul in a vessel / Known by only one / As you accumulate wealth / You forget about the importance of your deeds

Written by B. (Monday, August 4, 2014) Copyright 2014

Edited by ghaw2007
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Verse 1:  When you have nothing / You think about everything / It's difficult to distinguish between dreams and reality / They seem vivid and they look so sharp / For all you know this could be the cruelest joke / Sifting through the noise in your mind is daring / You have to challenge your fears / And your preconceived notions / You're in a state of vulnerability / But you're strong enough to analyze your identity / Only if you believed

Verse 2:  Generational mess is a recurring pest / When you reach the peak of a hill / You come tumbling down / Recollecting yourself can reveal / The awfulness of the world / Every word, every sight / Surrounding you like an army / You're in a weakened state / But you're strong enough to resist defeat / Accepting your identity is powerful / Only if you believed

Verse 3:  What you present is not how it's perceived / You can't control how others respond to your intentions / Wanting acceptance and being indifferent to opinions / Is an occasional struggle you have yet to come to terms with / You're in state of fragility / But you're strong enough to rebuild your fractured psyche / Only if you believed

Chorus:  If I had a penny for every thought / I'd be wealthy / Instead they dwell in me / Just like a hurricane / Waves of ideas and floods of regret / Permeate every part of my mind

Written by B. (Tuesday, June 17, 2014) Copyright 2014

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The Name of The Game

Verse 1:  Now, here / See the plan and disappear / There, always / Embrace hope and fight the fear / Today, in this place / Memorize newfound disgrace / Far away, tomorrow / Soak in illusion and push back the sorrow / Adjust the plan and continue to care / Think of being anywhere but here

Verse 2:  Good, right / Resolve conflicts with worldly might / Okay, sure / Shift alliances if you prefer / Wait, for now / The right to live will not take a bow / Begin, again / Adoration is not the goal / Adjust the plan and inherit wealth / Become familiar with collective amnesia

Bridge:  Confer with your tribes when creating monsters / Debate with your tribes to manage monsters / Manipulate your tribes to exterminate monsters / Rush to the podium to accept your reward / You have lived up to your birthright / Congratulations are in order

Chorus:  Undercurrents of hate occupy the land / Natural crowns are the killing kind / Truth and reconciliation is the name of the game / States of minds remain unchanged / Gossip is prime verbal transaction / Defective is reflective in traditional factions / Complexion is regulated along foreign lines / Inaction is your preference, not mine

Written by B. (Wednesday, April 23, 2014) Copyright 2014

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