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Hot Fuss
Verse 1:  Lights, camera, action / said it again: lights, camera, action is the name of the game / you better not choke when you're in the spotlight / numerous eyes on you as you're looking hot and tight / the new standard becomes you overnight / collect gold at the end of the rainbow / if you're fresh and fierce
Verse 2:  The more things change, the more they stay the same / stop complaining if you're losing at this game / in the land of a thousand things, swallow any pill / and be transported into a realm of truth versus fiction / sanity is elusive in a winner-takes-all atmosphere 
Verse 3:  Sound and colour as usual distractions / doing deeper mostly involves p**** and p**** / nothing is always safe, risks have to be taken / unless you wrap yourself in a bubble / to become free of decisions and dilemmas / time is of the essence as they say / you can move like a tortoise or a cheetah / or not exist at all
Chorus:  Hot fuss and sunglasses / hot fuss and good angles / hot fuss and great drama / everything you can chew on / 24/7 buffet with unlimited credit cards / feasting on saints and sinners / everyone has a different type of hunger
Written by B. (Saturday, October 27, 2018) Copyright 2018

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Verse 1:  You’re as unsavoury as caviar and relish / a taste some acquire with glee / while others remain repulsed / I’ve known you long enough / to see your operatic moods / with jealousy towards colours / you often mimic their appeal / without realizing your own limitations / you assemble traumatic events for entertainment purposes / blocking joy from breaking through the shields of misery / when despair functions as a common virus / it infects everything to the core, slowly and painfully / these are all your heavens / while many are trapped in their hells
Verse 2:  Dogs are treated like royalty / placed on pedestals and worshiped / I’m viewed as trash or invisible / with no rights and dreams / hope is just another word / when nothing changes for the better / a pie in the sky with whipped cream / and a double cherry sundae / these are all your heavens / while I’m trapped in my hells
Verse 3:  This maze of yours is carefully built / and that is not a compliment / although you will take it as such / with the biggest of smiles / escaping is daring and difficult / staying put is worse on a grander scale / many abhor all your heavens / while being trapped inside your hells
Bridge:  You force feed me watermelon / you force feed me fried chicken / you’re throwing everything to the wall / to see if it sticks / you’re as persistent as a gnat, you never quit / you’re always watching, you’re always listening, you’re always thinking / you are the father of all
Chorus 1:  The songs and films are continuous / even during deep, peaceful sleep / we become lesser and robotic / in worlds we’re forced to navigate
Chorus 2:  The blame and shame are continuous / even during deep, peaceful sleep / we become lesser and robotic / in worlds we’re forced to navigate
Chorus 3:  The fear and hunger are continuous / even during deep, peaceful sleep / we become lesser and robotic / in worlds we’re forced to navigate
Written by B. (Saturday, July 21, 2018) Copyright 2018

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Verse 1:  If you want to focus on taxes and p**** / then by all means, go right ahead / I dream about replicating stars / and moving faster than light and sound / the only way to get out of myself / is to separate from everything I know / if I am built to build / then all things from the ground will be changed / my essence will be released and planted / into the hearts and minds of future generations

Verse 2:  If something is wrong, then I'll try to correct it / when I own myself / fear can't be used against me / its shadows are inferior to the dominant light within me / to know and trust my capabilities / is to immerse in wonder and truth / when destinies are viewed as being fables / then the only thing left to believe in is yourself

Verse 3:  There's a constant stream of numbers and symbols / floating in the air and covering the ground / if I'm wise enough to understand their patterns / I won't be confused by trends, rhetoric, and all the goddamn lies / there is sanity when things are in order / there is peace of mind when justice is achieved / rejecting apathy is never difficult / I appreciate the sacrifices made for me

Chorus:  Not dumb, not lazy, not indifferent / patterns are waiting to be copied / many plans and adventures to come into existence / infinite possibilities surround us

Written by B. (Wednesday, November 21, 2018) Copyright 2018

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Moving Up
Verse 1:  Close the curtains, lock the door / get n-aked, be comfortable / everything that is outside will not seep into your core / strength and confidence maintain your foundation of sanity
Verse 2:  Cool for stable blood pressure, hot for competition / a sum of past and present attached to flesh and bones / soap and water in abundance / to get rid of some of the damage
Verse 3:  The wild and stale will circulate their beliefs and identities / acceptance and peace are not as elusive / as they were thought to be / with more involvement with the sun / you'll discover new and good treasures
Bridge:  Mysteries and secrets tangled up, but most don't see / drama and dirt blowing throughout earth / dreams clashing with realities / reconstruction of plans and destinies / weeping and celebrating for the lost and found
Chorus 1:  You are moving up and wide / moving away from the ground / moving from lies and tension / you are moving up
Chorus 2:  You are moving up and wide / moving away from the ground / moving from lies and tension / you are moving up / moving up and wide / from the ground, from lies and tension / moving up, moving up
Written by B. (Friday, July 20, 2018) Copyright 2018

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Looking For Something More

Verse 1:  Looking for classy and confidence / to light up the dark of night / waves of drama causing trauma / slowly drowning in the day / escaping circles is complicated / history can be insidious / dormant as the seconds pass by / then disrupting the balance of normalcy / cheap, common are quick fixes / the height of mundanity / mainstream yearns to be rendered blissfully motionless / travel from top of heads to bottom of feet

Verse 2:  Danger and disease linger beneath surfaces of pleasure and openness / caution leads to inhibitions / excitement slowly diminishes / removing boxes is complicated / taking risks can be frightening / unknown places conceal faces of the strong-willed and bold / generations multiply as past becomes nullified / mainstream yearns to be rendered constantly secure / protection is at the core of relations

Verse 3:  Sound and colour, demanding and dominant / competition is everywhere / winning all that is great is the goal / having nothing is depressing / being appealing is complicated / a struggle between self and others / reclusiveness becomes more of a decent option / mainstream yearns to be exclusively attached

Chorus:  We’re always looking for something more / more to be fulfilled / it takes on a life of its own / passion is that elusive link to living a great life / once experienced, you’ll always want to have it / important in profound ways / emptiness and boredom take hold as soon as it’s gone

Written by B. (Saturday, June 30, 2018) Copyright 2018

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Living Colour

Verse 1:  I just could not stay away / compelled to return / fully, completely colourful / suppression was toxic and foolish / bad ideas have been washed away from brain and body / yesterday will not repeat itself / as I cling to the bright promise of tomorrow

Verse 2:  I was anger's prey for a long time / devoured from its force and destructive influence / so innocent and pure from the start / blame and shame now belong to the ones who transgressed / sorrow and pain were stuck between the ears / a virulent mix of many shades of loathing

Verse 3:  Heal to teach, teach to be healed / some moments exist for reasons unknown to us / like a puzzle waiting to be completed / patience and a plan are very much required / some pieces are bruised or broken / some remain lost and can never be found / I can only decide for myself / with one life to live, I'm determined to be living colour

Chorus:  A life wave has come over me / bringing me to a better side / it's here to save me from the noise of hatred and jealousy / peace, once elusive, is realized / blood pressure is stabilized / discovering the gifts I've reached have all been worthwhile / I'm finally living colour

Written by B. (Friday, June 22, 2018) Copyright 2018

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