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    Murder of Angels Verse 1: Little ones, do not fear / For I am here to comfort you / I bring no harm or sorrow / Let me lead you to your falls / Young boy, listen to me / I'll play with you if you promise to share / Maybe we can become friends / Then I'll take your toys away from you Verse 2: Young lady, don't you hurt yourself / For you are filled with so much worth / Boys will come and boys will go / And when they do, you will be used up / Do whatever you want / Or whomever for that matter / Future generations will look up to you as a role model Verse 3: This is such a heinous crime / The murder of angels / Don't call the cop; ignore the press / Let us do what we do best / Innocence will turn to guilt / Trust into deception / Your souls will rot to the core / We'll never stop because we want more Chorus 1: Children close your eyes now / You have witnessed the murder of angels / Fathers you must disappear / You are partly to blame for our transgressions / Daughters cry your hearts out / For you have been violated / Mothers were oblivious / To what occurred inside their homes / Sons let your rage run wild / It's the emotion you were taught to express Chorus 2: All my children run away / You have witnessed the murder of angels / Old men you should die / You are to blame for our transgressions / Ladies, beg, borrow and steal / For you have been violated / Teachers were despondent / To what occurred inside of their classrooms / Lovers let your passion run wild / We're no different than our fellow mammals / There's nothing to be ashamed of / Just do whatever comes naturally Chorus 3: Children close your eyes now (murder of angels) / Fathers you must disappear (murder of angels) / Daughters cry your hearts out (murder of angels) / Mothers were oblivious (murder of angels) / Sons let your rage run wild Written by B. (Monday, June 20, 2005) Copyright 2005
  2. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    A Thousand Benjamins Verse 1: For the first time, I love someone / I never thought it was possible / That person does not love me back / But I'm just fine with that / The only thing that bothers me / Is that he's with somebody else / I'm no longer the center of his attention / I have become his former lover / I desperately want to be with him / Be close to him in every sense of the word Verse 2: I deeply care about the man / Whom I fell for / I love him more than I love myself / He became my world, my home / The only part of him which I have are memories / Every little detail embedded within my heart, my mind Bridge: Mmmmm, ooohhh, mmmmm / Shy bordering on anti-social / Longing for conversation / Independent bordering on selfishness / Wanting a friend or two / Unrealistic views bordering on insanity / Needing to change my luck / Inaction bordering on indifference / Refusing to harm myself / Mmmmm, mmmmm Chorus 1: Ecstatically happy, then depressingly sad / Joyful and disappointed / Delightfully surprised, then stunningly upset / Amazed and angry Chorus 2: Genuinely optimistic, then distressingly apprehensive / Proud and confused / Wonderfully interested, then violently annoyed / Caring and insensitive / Optimistic, apprehensive - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins / Interested, annoyed - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins / Happy, sad - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins / Amazed, angry - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins Written by B. (Monday, September 5, 2005) Copyright 2005
  3. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Heart of Men Verse 1: Unscrambled thoughts, consuming beliefs / Get down on your knees / Obey your master / Get your reward when you transition / Go forth and spread the message across the land / Advisement certainly comes at a cost / Funds collected will aid in your righteousness / Your body, a temple worthy of care / Your body, a vessel for truth or despair Verse 2: Underestimation of intelligence / Wanting to learn new things / Analyzing traditional methods / Shaking foundations / They say that youth is wasted on the young / Intoxicated by rhetoric / Elevation of words / Robotic mindset, militant stance / Unwavering appeal / Why don't you see the world like we do? Verse 3: In public spaces, people are afraid of originality / They criticize what they don't understand / Differences are rejected / Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly / And expecting different results / Have your judgements / They are contingent on modern attitudes / Social movements gain popularity with the passage of time / Which side of history do you want to be on? Chorus: Stories we've come to know / Since time began / So grand, so legendary / Many take a stand / Free-form thinking clashes with preservationism / Ongoing research and intense debate / Reveal the desires and drives of men Written by B. (Tuesday, May 6, 2014) Copyright 2014
  4. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Third Eye Open Verse 1: Memories of your lie beneath my feet / Like shattered pieces of glass / Thinking of each one of them / Makes my delicate heart skip a beat / Lingering emotions stir themselves up / When I see couples holding hands / I regret the fact that I wasn't able / To be fully honest with you Verse 2: Tossing and turning is what I do / Throughout most of the night / I often yearn for your touch / Cuddling and spooning the way that we did / Sleeping on the other side of the bed / Waking up and making it together / Then kissing you full of affection / As we headed out into the concrete safari Verse 3: I've got you etched inside of me / As well as other countless possibilities / Of what you and I could have become / But you just took off, you went on the run / Being stranded in the ruins of our encounters / Were a blessing in disguise / It proved to me that I'm much stronger / Than I gave myself credit for Bridge: It's the little things that ignite / The good times which we shared / And it's the big things which occasionally keep me guessing / About your state of mind / About where I stood on your priority scale / But I'm tossing all that, burning all that away Chorus: I was blind but now I see / The kind of person who you really are / I became enamoured with you very quickly / There were a few warning signs / But at least they were not far Written by B. (2005) Copyright 2005
  5. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Reveal Verse 1: I don't know / I do not know if you know who I am / I'm just a guy who stands five foot six / And weighs a hundred and forty pounds / I've wondered / I have wondered if you have ever noticed me / I don't stand out / And I'm definitely not a part of the in-crowd / We've been introduced on a few occasions / I remember each time we have met / There is so much that I would like to say to you Verse 2: I'm hoping / I am hoping that I don't embarrass myself / Taking chances in life comes with no guarantees / I wished they did / I'm thinking / I am thinking about you and I / Sometimes I over-analyze situations / Causing me to get ahead of myself / We've been introduced on a few occasions / How could I forget the times we have met / There is so much that I would like you to hear Verse 3: I'm opening myself to you / Heartfelt emotions are what I want to get through / I'm flawed and I know / Please don't try to hide it, you are too / Bring out the best in me / I'm determined to try the same with you / Expect nothing less from me / I'm more than willing to explore whatever lies ahead / We've been introduced on a few occasions / You caught my attention at the first second / There is so much that I would like you to remember Chorus 1: Let me begin by saying that I love you / I've never felt this way before / My heart starts beating faster / Every time I get closer to you / Is the feeling mutual / Or have I spoken too soon / Either way I want you to reveal yourself / The way I have done with you Chorus 2: I love you, oh yes I do / I've never felt this way before / My heart starts beating faster / Every time I get closer to you / Is the feeling mutual / Or have I spoken too soon / Either way I want you to reveal yourself / The way I have done with you Written by B. (Wednesday, February 9, 2005) Copyright 2005
  6. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    The One That Got Away Verse 1: You're as lovely as a rose / That I want to pluck out of the ground / Place inside a box and throw into the sea / Watch it drift away / And be glad by what I've done Verse 2: What you presented to me was nothing more than a dream / A fantasy concocted in your laboratory / I was your experiment / Someone to observe and analyze / My flesh and my bones were not seen as important to you / Wants and needs were driven underground / I was swallowed whole and rolled around inside you Verse 3: I'm the one who got away from your influence / From all that you have created / Chains were broken and new thoughts are forming / All my senses are revitalized / I never knew that I could be vibrant Chorus: Broken promises led to the realization / That you were being truthful about yourself / At that point, denial ran its course / You captured the spotlight as I viewed from the sidelines / It was like I was a trinket for your shallow life / So I become the one that got away Written by B. (Monday, December 21, 2015) Copyright 2015
  7. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Eyes Wide Shut Verse 1: Generating hits, you've got several smashes / You should be smiling from ear to ear / Why the sadness and disappointment? / There are many who would kill to be in your spot / That's not an exaggeration / It's a proven fact / If your eyes were wide open, you'd know this / Step outside of white and be in black / To experience the way that things are / Every spectrum of the rainbow / Waiting to capture your attention Verse 2: A blockbuster falling into your lap / You're so lucky but you don't act that way / There are many who would trade places with you / Right or wrong, this is how it is / You try to shield yourself from knowing many things / Ignorance is not bliss / But you wish that were the case / Bells are always ringing inside your head / Stillness of mind is difficult to attain / If you step outside of white and be in black / Every spectrum of the rainbow will be revealed to you Chorus: If your eyes are wide shut / Then so is your mind / Your heart is closed / And your spirit is broken / Running blindly without a care in the world / Indifferent to emotions and badly bruised / With your eyes wide shut Written by B. (Sunday, August 9, 2015) Copyright 2015
  8. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Oh Hell No! Verse 1: Show me that you're worthy of my time and my life / Prove to me that you're better than fine / Convince me to take a chance on you Verse 2: Life is a journey to cherish and explore / Many sights, many sounds to create and revel in / So much beauty to aspire to / A wealth of passion to attain / It's considerably better to experience it with another Verse 3: Secrets and lies wrapped up in disguise / And manifested in different ways / To ultimately further a hidden agenda / Are prevalent any way you turn / One must always be on guard Chorus 1: I'm ready, I'm willing to form a lasting union / But I won't be played for a fool / Oh hell no! Chorus 2: Still I'm ready, I'm willing to form a lasting union / But I won't be played for a fool / Oh hell no! Written by B. (Monday, August 3, 2015) Copyright 2015
  9. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    The Bold And The Beautiful Verse 1: Pleasant revelation right before my eyes / Big lips, big nose and a great skin tone / I crave every shade of brown / When I look at you, I also want to touch you / I'm wise enough now; I know better / Confusion has been cast aside / You're the only one on my radar / The only one who catches my attention / Strength and confidence are emanating from you / You're naturally spectacular / The things that you've built are marvelous / I want to get a peek inside of your brain Verse 2: When I'm on the hunt / I have no intention to kill / Just a look from you gives me such a thrill / To the bone, a vibrating chill that gently shocks my senses / And when you go away / All that I can say is "Hey man! What the dill?" / I don't need a doctor to prescribe junk in the form of pills / I'm sure someone like you won't bend over backwards / Just to pay the bills / Determination and discipline are emanating from you / Who you are is colourfully magnetic / I'd like to unravel your mystery Verse 3: Intimidation doesn't persuade you / You're not scared to say what you mean and mean what you say / Haters will hate as the world keeps on turning / Although you ignore them / Their eyes and mouths are burning / You can tear a bull with minimal effort / Then feed its flesh and bones to your detractors / Desire and awareness are emanating from you / You're internationally minded / How you think is inspirational / I wish that you'll teach me your ways Chorus: You are bold, you are beautiful / Bold and beautiful, bold and beautiful / You are mighty fine, you are mighty fine / Bold and beautiful Written by B. (Wednesday, August 31, 2016) Copyright 2016
  10. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Life As We Know It Verse 1: If you're fast, they'll chase after you / If you're slow, they'll run over you / If you're weak, they'll bury you into the ground / If you're strong, they'll try to wrestle with you / If you're fat, they'll poke you with pins / If you're skinny, they'll shove sandwiches in your mouth / If you're curious, they'll purchase books for you / If you're indifferent, they'll pity you / The scales of life, the spectrum / To which everything is measured upon Verse 2: If you're tall, they'll want to cut your legs off / If you're short, they'll want to sit on your head / If you're funny, they'll want you to entertain them / If you're stoic, they'll treat you like a robot / If you're black, they'll have no compassion for you / If you're white, they'll send you to the moon / If you're gay, they'll want you to be a clown / If you're depressed, they'll name pajamas after you / If you're cool, they'll think of you as arrogant / If you're awkward, they'll want to trip you over / The wheels of time, the journey / To which everyone is struggling on Verse 3: If you're sexually active, they'll think of you as a slut / If you're a virgin, they'll want you to live in basements / If you're famous, they'll want to break into your house / If you're obscure, they'll think of you as worthless / If you're right, they'll want to punish you / If you're wrong, they'll welcome you into their club / If you're free, they'll want to limit your options / If you're stuck, they'll rejoice with glee / The scales of life, the spectrum / To which everything is measured upon / The wheels of time, the journey / To which everyone is struggling on Bridge: It's difficult to distinguish between animals and humans / Being the sole inhabitant of an island is a recurring dream / There's only so many grits one can cook before insanity prevails Chorus: You've got to keep on walking / Act like a freight train / And roll over all things and those who get in your way / No regret, no remorse as you disintegrate in a dog eat dog world / This is life as we know it Written by B. (Monday, November 9, 2015) Copyright 2015
  11. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Further Verse 1: Saint Cecilia rejected me / My heart was impure / I didn't display enough compassion for humanity / My behaviour was too careless / It was out of focus / I guess it's just another lesson to learn / I'll add it to the list of improvements Verse 2: I'm full of demons and decisions / Concealing their influences is a struggle / I'm slowly becoming what it is I've been taught to fear / Excessive freedom and apathy is a virulent mix / My antagonistic ways have drawn concern / I'm unmotivated when it comes to eliminating my pernicious condition / I don't want you praying for me Verse 3: If I listen intently, I may hear the echoes / Of what has been put into motion / I could remain heartless if it renders me unfazed / If I continue to go beyond limits / If lines of demarcation are erased and redrawn / If I ultimately break my own mind / I'll cease to exist in this current form / And that would be pleasing to many / Enough for them to celebrate my long awaited demise / But I'm alive as the fires consume my heart Chorus: I'm further away from where people want me to be / Living to their expectations is limiting / I'm seen as being a lesser man in need of a new outlook / Someone who should change their improper ways / What's hard is constantly being judged / As a result, I'm drifting further away from goodness Written by B. (Wednesday, February 24, 2016) Copyright 2016
  12. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Start Breaking My Heart Verse 1: Start breaking my heart / Don't think about what you're doing / For if you do / You'll have to confront your demons / Our love was born in the echoes of commercial collections / With an artificialness that masqueraded as being pure / We accepted the falsity of wholeness / As a result, a price must be paid / Release me in any manner you choose / You're not beholden to my reactions / Disregard the difficulties I may endure / And the possibility of a breakdown / Take back your declarations and promises / They were gifts in the moment / And now the moment has passed / Words change like the days of history / We're simply evolving with the times Verse 2: In warfare, there are essential rules to adhere to / With the matter between you and I / Anything is fair game / Design a flag and mark the territory / To which you'll seize and control / I'm not afraid of fracturing into pieces / I'll eventually rebuild myself into something new / One cannot thrive without reinvention / Let the necessary process begin Verse 3: Start breaking my heart / Fight against the fear of inflicting pain / Dominate the notions which tell you otherwise / Be emotionless when you see me cry and wail / Alternative forms of separation are what I need / Disregard me and my state of being unbalanced / You're not accountable for my thoughts and actions / I'm the only one who's responsible / For how I deal with the outcome / This is how you and I will part ways Chorus: Connections - once thought of as being unbreakable / Have weakened to the point where they're unsalvageable / A cosmic realignment won't occur / No theory is necessary to know / That you should start breaking my heart Written by B. (Wednesday, February 24, 2016) Copyright 2016
  13. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    End of The Road Verse 1: Inappropriate ways of functioning / The one who should have nurtured failed miserably / She was a huge influence on the demise of your father / Even though you were never at fault / You were blamed for simply existing / Like a boat attempting to sail the fierce seas / You're constantly focused on not capsizing Verse 2: One day ahead is the furthest you've been in your mind / As what is recalled slowly erodes your consciousness / No matter what's sold as something to abstain from / Your curiosity is not cautiously discriminating / Without much effort, you fall into obvious traps / The same ones others are able to see from miles away / You won't take advice as it's difficult to trust / Hollow unions take precedent over useful alliances / Lack of discernment and an eagerness to please / Renders you incapable of shedding a fool's skin Verse 3: Issues and platforms are constructed or relegated to the sidelines / Some authors remain unknown / While others are elevated to a high status / Challenging their output is daunting and dangerous / Individual crimes are seen as being insignificant / But those are the ones that pose the greatest threat / The order of things is thrown off balance / And adjustments are made to usher in new normalities / Everything eventually falls into place / Those left behind are forgotten / Or serve as cautionary tales Chorus: You're a hundred times removed / From who you could have been / Hustling and bustling can only get you so far / The end of the road is closer than you realize Written by B. (Thursday, February 18, 2016) Copyright 2016
  14. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    One of The Many Verse 1: Tied to a much larger group / But claiming a lesser status / The dominant force has relegated me to an inferior position / These confines are very restrictive across the land I inhabit / After all, these borders were created by someone else Verse 2: Nothing ventured, nothing gained / Habits are comforting / Giving away what's valuable / For something that's worthless / Deficits are constructed and disseminated like candy / It's no surprise that self-esteem is at an all-time low Verse 3: I'm qualified to be the architect of my odyssey / There are no shortcuts or safe routes to take / But it's necessary to explore beyond the maze / That has tarnished bodies and spirits / I may not be successful in transforming my environment / After all, this struggle has always been eternal Bridge 1: I've heard tales of abuse / Heard tales of torment / I've seen the look of disgust / Seen the look of utter contempt / Throughout seasons and generations nothing has changed / I acknowledge reality without accepting the way that things are Bridge 2: I've experienced distress / Experienced dissatisfaction / I've known sorrow and pain / Known frustration and helplessness / Throughout seasons and generations nothing has changed / I acknowledge reality without accepting the way that things are Bridge 3: I've longed for justice and peace of mind / Longed for contentment / I've acquired knowledge and sound advice / Acquired weight and skills / Throughout seasons and generations nothing has changed / I acknowledge reality without accepting the way that things are Chorus: I'm one of the many who isn't complacent / I'm one of the many who speak out / Against the conditions to which I'm all too familiar with / Believing in obvious lies is what weak people do / Taking things at face value is reserved for the naive / I want to rise above my artificial birthright Written by B. (Wednesday, February 17, 2016) Copyright 2016
  15. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    The Young And The Restless Verse 1: Gathered around a table / In a well-designed boardroom / Ivy leaguers laying out a plan / With opinions and data collected from various sources / This information is as valuable as gold / There's a great desire to be still in body and mind / Suits and scientists are acting accordingly / Women will criticize each other for their shortcomings / Men will mock the ones who don't measure up to their standards / No one goes unscathed / A nip and a tuck / With a radical change in values / Is what the professionals have agreed upon Verse 2: Serial slashers are well-compensated / Their stock on the celebrity index increases / As lips become thicker, so do their wallets / The authentic movement is teaching the young / To embrace themselves as they are / But the fake industries work overtime / To create inferiority complexes / With funds that seem to be unlimited / This battle will be long and arduous / The professionals and simple folks / Will not give up the fight / There is just too much at stake Bridge: With futures as bright as the sun / And high optimism / The agendas of men are put into effect / Everyone has a role to play / In this game of life / As the young and the restless Chorus 1: We always want to be young / To be fresh and be full of life / Time is never on our side / Still, we always fight against it / Are we worthy of the efforts? / Do the ends justify the means? / What is the price to pay for a complete renewal? Chorus 2: We always want to be young (This won't be easy) / To be fresh and be full of life (It will get ugly) / Time is never on our side / Still, we always fight against it (Give the people what they want) / Are we worthy of the efforts? (This won't be easy) / Do the ends justify the means? (It will get ugly) / What is the price to pay for a complete renewal? (We're the young and the restless) Written by B. (Wednesday, February 10, 2016) Copyright 2016