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  1. Living Colour Verse 1: I just could not stay away / compelled to return / fully, completely colourful / suppression was toxic and foolish / bad ideas have been washed away from brain and body / yesterday will not repeat itself / as I cling to the bright promise of tomorrow Verse 2: I was anger's prey for a long time / devoured from its force and destructive influence / so innocent and pure from the start / blame and shame now belong to the ones who transgressed / sorrow and pain were stuck between the ears / a virulent mix of many shades of loathing Verse 3: Heal to teach, teach to be healed / some moments exist for reasons unknown to us / like a puzzle waiting to be completed / patience and a plan are very much required / some pieces are bruised or broken / some remain lost and can never be found / I can only decide for myself / with one life to live, I'm determined to be living colour Chorus: A life wave has come over me / bringing me to a better side / it's here to save me from the noise of hatred and jealousy / peace, once elusive, is realized / blood pressure is stabilized / discovering the gifts I've reached have all been worthwhile / I'm finally living colour Written by B. (Friday, June 22, 2018) Copyright 2018
  2. Looking For Something More Verse 1: Looking for classy and confidence / to light up the dark of night / waves of drama causing trauma / slowly drowning in the day / escaping circles is complicated / history can be insidious / dormant as the seconds pass by / then disrupting the balance of normalcy / cheap, common are quick fixes / the height of mundanity / mainstream yearns to be rendered blissfully motionless / travel from top of heads to bottom of feet Verse 2: Danger and disease linger beneath surfaces of pleasure and openness / caution leads to inhibitions / excitement slowly diminishes / removing boxes is complicated / taking risks can be frightening / unknown places conceal faces of the strong-willed and bold / generations multiply as past becomes nullified / mainstream yearns to be rendered constantly secure / protection is at the core of relations Verse 3: Sound and colour, demanding and dominant / competition is everywhere / winning all that is great is the goal / having nothing is depressing / being appealing is complicated / a struggle between self and others / reclusiveness becomes more of a decent option / mainstream yearns to be exclusively attached Chorus: We’re always looking for something more / more to be fulfilled / it takes on a life of its own / passion is that elusive link to living a great life / once experienced, you’ll always want to have it / important in profound ways / emptiness and boredom take hold as soon as it’s gone Written by B. (Saturday, June 30, 2018) Copyright 2018
  3. Moving Up Verse 1: Close the curtains, lock the door / get n-aked, be comfortable / everything that is outside will not seep into your core / strength and confidence maintain your foundation of sanity Verse 2: Cool for stable blood pressure, hot for competition / a sum of past and present attached to flesh and bones / soap and water in abundance / to get rid of some of the damage Verse 3: The wild and stale will circulate their beliefs and identities / acceptance and peace are not as elusive / as they were thought to be / with more involvement with the sun / you'll discover new and good treasures Bridge: Mysteries and secrets tangled up, but most don't see / drama and dirt blowing throughout earth / dreams clashing with realities / reconstruction of plans and destinies / weeping and celebrating for the lost and found Chorus 1: You are moving up and wide / moving away from the ground / moving from lies and tension / you are moving up Chorus 2: You are moving up and wide / moving away from the ground / moving from lies and tension / you are moving up / moving up and wide / from the ground, from lies and tension / moving up, moving up Written by B. (Friday, July 20, 2018) Copyright 2018
  4. Patterns Verse 1: If you want to focus on taxes and p**** / then by all means, go right ahead / I dream about replicating stars / and moving faster than light and sound / the only way to get out of myself / is to separate from everything I know / if I am built to build / then all things from the ground will be changed / my essence will be released and planted / into the hearts and minds of future generations Verse 2: If something is wrong, then I'll try to correct it / when I own myself / fear can't be used against me / its shadows are inferior to the dominant light within me / to know and trust my capabilities / is to immerse in wonder and truth / when destinies are viewed as being fables / then the only thing left to believe in is yourself Verse 3: There's a constant stream of numbers and symbols / floating in the air and covering the ground / if I'm wise enough to understand their patterns / I won't be confused by trends, rhetoric, and all the goddamn lies / there is sanity when things are in order / there is peace of mind when justice is achieved / rejecting apathy is never difficult / I appreciate the sacrifices made for me Chorus: Not dumb, not lazy, not indifferent / patterns are waiting to be copied / many plans and adventures to come into existence / infinite possibilities surround us Written by B. (Wednesday, November 21, 2018) Copyright 2018
  5. Continuous Verse 1: You’re as unsavoury as caviar and relish / a taste some acquire with glee / while others remain repulsed / I’ve known you long enough / to see your operatic moods / with jealousy towards colours / you often mimic their appeal / without realizing your own limitations / you assemble traumatic events for entertainment purposes / blocking joy from breaking through the shields of misery / when despair functions as a common virus / it infects everything to the core, slowly and painfully / these are all your heavens / while many are trapped in their hells Verse 2: Dogs are treated like royalty / placed on pedestals and worshiped / I’m viewed as trash or invisible / with no rights and dreams / hope is just another word / when nothing changes for the better / a pie in the sky with whipped cream / and a double cherry sundae / these are all your heavens / while I’m trapped in my hells Verse 3: This maze of yours is carefully built / and that is not a compliment / although you will take it as such / with the biggest of smiles / escaping is daring and difficult / staying put is worse on a grander scale / many abhor all your heavens / while being trapped inside your hells Bridge: You force feed me watermelon / you force feed me fried chicken / you’re throwing everything to the wall / to see if it sticks / you’re as persistent as a gnat, you never quit / you’re always watching, you’re always listening, you’re always thinking / you are the father of all Chorus 1: The songs and films are continuous / even during deep, peaceful sleep / we become lesser and robotic / in worlds we’re forced to navigate Chorus 2: The blame and shame are continuous / even during deep, peaceful sleep / we become lesser and robotic / in worlds we’re forced to navigate Chorus 3: The fear and hunger are continuous / even during deep, peaceful sleep / we become lesser and robotic / in worlds we’re forced to navigate Written by B. (Saturday, July 21, 2018) Copyright 2018
  6. Hot Fuss Verse 1: Lights, camera, action / said it again: lights, camera, action is the name of the game / you better not choke when you're in the spotlight / numerous eyes on you as you're looking hot and tight / the new standard becomes you overnight / collect gold at the end of the rainbow / if you're fresh and fierce Verse 2: The more things change, the more they stay the same / stop complaining if you're losing at this game / in the land of a thousand things, swallow any pill / and be transported into a realm of truth versus fiction / sanity is elusive in a winner-takes-all atmosphere Verse 3: Sound and colour as usual distractions / doing deeper mostly involves p**** and p**** / nothing is always safe, risks have to be taken / unless you wrap yourself in a bubble / to become free of decisions and dilemmas / time is of the essence as they say / you can move like a tortoise or a cheetah / or not exist at all Chorus: Hot fuss and sunglasses / hot fuss and good angles / hot fuss and great drama / everything you can chew on / 24/7 buffet with unlimited credit cards / feasting on saints and sinners / everyone has a different type of hunger Written by B. (Saturday, October 27, 2018) Copyright 2018
  7. Bridges To Nowhere Verse 1: When I was younger / My future seemed so bright / That it would light my eyes up / I loved the feeling of anticipation / As I grew older / I couldn't wait until my dreams came true / I lost track of what was important / Repeating my mistakes were common Verse 2: I have had a lot of time / To analyze myself and my actions / The conclusion that I came to / Was that I didn't take responsibility for my life / The regret I have is something I can't bear to feel / I'm too ashamed to look at myself in the mirror Bridge 1: The pain that I'm feeling is burning inside me / It's taking over me / And I don't know how to put it out Bridge 2: I am walking on bridges to nowhere / My feet are the part of my body / That hurt the least / I no longer know where my destination is Chorus 1: I am walking on bridges to nowhere / I always thought that I'd be somewhere / Anywhere but here / But I've lost my direction Chorus 2: I am walking on bridges to nowhere / I always thought that I'd be somewhere / Anywhere but here / But I've lost my direction / I am a stranger to myself / I have become a lost cause Written by B. (Wednesday, April 28, 2004) Copyright 2004
  8. Eyes Verse 1: I saw you but you looked away from me / I am not blind and neither are you / Then why do I feel like I have poor vision? / Maybe it's because I was blind-sided by reality / You let me into your home / Eventually into your bed / I foolishly believed that I was a part of your life Verse 2: Some say that eyes are windows to one's soul / If that is true, then yours are dark and cold / They appeared to be warm and inviting / Now I see them as your tools of deception / I was starting to give you all of me / Instead, you took away what we could have been Verse 3: Oh, poor pitiful me / I was taken for a ride, then cast out to sea / You appointed yourself as my master and commander / Directing me through some of my highs and lows / When the waters were still / Moments with you were refreshingly enjoyable / But when the waters rose / Our eyes were at different levels Chorus: My eyes saw you as a decent person / As a thoughtful and caring man / I assumed your eyes saw me as an attractive person / As an inquisitive and open minded dude / Now my eyes see you as a shallow person / As a disrespectful and insensitive jerk Written by B. (Friday, August 5, 2005) Copyright 2005
  9. Same Time, Next Year Verse 1: Couldn't believe the news / When I heard it at first / You left me, you're dating a new friend of mine / What's worst? / I tried to convince myself that it wasn't true / You and I were in the early stages of something new / Hanging out, eating and sleeping at your place / Loved it when I would just stare at your face / Your arms around me at different times of the day / How I miss that, you'll never know / Because I won't say Verse 2: More soft spoken is what I am / Holding my head lower is what I do / Signs which indicate your love for me / Are what I search for, are what I think of / More cautious of who I speak to / Acting mute when it's necessary / Solutions that solve some of my dilemmas / Are what I search for, are what I think of / I feel insecure and inadequate in many ways Verse 3: The downtown core of the city / Reminds me so much of you / Shorts, bicycles, cell phones and Cadillacs / Now and again, I walk by your apartment building / I look at floor six, wondering what you're up to / How I miss the moments which quickly passed us by / Reminiscing about them will lead me to cry Chorus 1: By this time next year / I will be alone / Whenever I was with you / I felt at home / Now I'm riding high on a tidal wave of emotions / Same time, next year / I'll be drowning in the memory of us Chorus 2: By this time next year / I will be alone / Whenever I was with you / I felt at home / Now I'm riding high on a tidal wave of emotions / Same time, next year / I'll be drowning in the memory of us / Desperately wanting a sense of clarity / Is what I'll be doing same time, next year Written by B. (Wednesday, August 17, 2005) Copyright 2005
  10. May I Feel Verse 1: May I feel your two week old beard with my soft fingers / I remember the sensation that I got from it / May I feel your thin eyebrows which blend into your facial tone / I remember the enjoyment that I got from it / May I feel your semi-bald head / And the hairs that you have left / I remember the thrill that I got from it Verse 2: May I feel your well-shaped nose / The top, the point and the sides / I remember the peacefulness that I got from it / May I feel your big ears - the front and the back / I remember the pleasure that I got from it / May I feel my thick lips kissing you passionately / I remember the excitement that I got from it Verse 3: May I feel your smooth elbows / Both at the same time / I remember the happiness that I got from it / May I feel your strong thighs and your meaty legs / I remember the warmth that I got from it / May I feel my body being cuddled by yours / I remember the satisfaction that I got from it Chorus: Oh, how beautiful you are / It is a shame that you do not realize it / I yearn to be a part of you again / So I hate the fact that I have to ask / "Is it okay for me to touch you?" Written by B. (Monday, August 15, 2005) Copyright 2005
  11. With You Verse 1: Chilly reply with feeling / Intention was to meet up in a group / But I declined / There was no interest in the other guy / I was unsure by what you had to offer / So I just said "No" Verse 2: Second chances are rare but always good / Especially when the outcome is fruitful / I knew just what to expect / But you were better than the thoughts I envisioned Bridge: High intensity encounters are great / But experiencing them with you is better / You let me know things / And your thoughts are clear / Thank you for sharing them with me Chorus 1: With you I will always say "Yes" / Being next to you / Is where I want to be Chorus 2: With you I will always say "Yes" / I am not intimidated by you Chorus 3: With you I will always say "Yes" / I will show you who I am / Appreciate every moment with you / Even when nothing is spoken Written by B. (Sunday, April 15, 2012) Copyright 2012
  12. Thank You For The Years Verse 1: When I was younger / I was shy and quiet / Though I had things to say / I wouldn’t speak my mind / Even if I wasn’t alone / I still felt lonely / All that changed / When you came into my life Verse 2: You understood me / When other thought I was confusing / I opened up to you / And you saw my point of view / When I felt like giving up / You convinced me otherwise / The time you spent with me / Truly changed my life Bridge: I cherish you / And everything you’ve done for me / I’m forever grateful / For your patience and empathy / You’ve given me the greatest gift of all / Unconditional love / I feel it every time I breathe Chorus 1: Thank you for the years / You’ve been by my side / I never could have lasted / This long without your support / My heart overflows with emotions / Both strong and true / I have grown in many ways / All because of the love you gave to me Chorus 2: Thank you for the years / You’ve been by my side / I never could have lasted / This long without your support / My heart overflows with emotions / Both strong and true / I have grown in many ways / All because of your love Chorus 3: Thank you for the years / You’ve been by my side / I never could have survived / Without your guidance / My heart overflows with emotions / Like they’ve never before / I have grown in many ways / All because of you and your love Written by B. (Wednesday, December 7, 2005) Copyright 2005
  13. I Only Have Eyes For You Verse 1: Things happened quickly in the span of two months / Then they ended abruptly / I had fallen for you during that time / You were everything I was looking for / Intelligent, outgoing and beautiful / We also shared similar interests / Even though we belonged to different generations / We instantly connected / I was opening myself up to you / For a while, you did the same thing too Verse 2: When I was seeing you / I knew many aspects of your life / Since you were a child in rural Manitoba / And as a college student in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. / When you were laid off from your job / I spent nearly two days with you / Knowing that you needed a friend by your side / And when you just wanted to hang out, I was there / Supplying laughter and a warm smile / So many dinners, quick and delicious / Many memories, joyous and hurtful Chorus 1: Oh no, what went wrong? / I thought that we had something going on / Give me a reason to believe / That things will work out in the end between you and I / Oh oh, ooh ooh / I want to be your lover / I only have eyes for you Chorus 2: Oh no, what went wrong? / I now feel that you were leading me on / Giving up on you is what I won't do / That is the same way of saying / I do no want to be with you / Oh oh, but I do / I realized that I fell in love with you / Ooh ooh ooh ooh / Show that you love me too Written by B. (Thursday, August 11, 2005) Copyright 2005
  14. I Need You Now Verse 1: I have looked for you / But you are nowhere to be found / Why did you leave me here alone? / If you hear me, come back home / Where I am is where you belong / I miss your smile and your laugh / The kindness and generosity / That revealed the beauty of your heart / Memories are all I have of you / I will not forget any of them Verse 2: Life without you is difficult / There are many problems I can’t solve / Many issues I don’t want to address / In those moments, I long for you the most / I need to be with any part of you / Even your spirit Chorus 1: It would be great to be so strong / I could get through the lonely days and sleepless nights / Denying my feelings is not only painful, it’s wrong / I don’t know what tomorrow will bring / It makes me feel uneasy / I’ll never get over you, I don’t know how / You’re the only one who can make me live again / I need you now Chorus 2: It would be great to be so strong / I could get through the lonely days and sleepless nights / Denying my feelings is not only painful, it’s wrong / I don’t know what tomorrow will bring / It makes me feel uneasy / I’ll never get over you, I don’t know how / You’re the only one who can make me live again / I need you now / Make me feel alive again / I need you now Written by B. (Thursday, May 1, 2003) Copyright 2003
  15. Let 'Em Burn Verse 1: Do not look at them / Do not talk to them / Do not approach them / Do not listen to them / They bring no good, they will only use you / They're full of destruction, they're full of hate Verse 2: They poison the air / They're responsible for the filth on the streets / If you're in contact with them / They will corrupt your mind / They worship evil, they worship all things bad / They're full of greed, they're full of lies Chorus 1: Let 'em burn / What happens to them is none of your concern / Go live your life / They have wasted theirs / Don't pity them, show no sympathy / Each of us is given a choice / There's no point in saving them / They chose to die Chorus 2: Let 'em burn / Pay no attention to them / Go live your life / If you don't it will pass you by / Don't pity them, show no sympathy / They've shown no remorse / There's no point in saving them Written by B. (Thursday, May 1, 2003) Copyright 2003
  16. The Deeper Wound Verse 1: The truth is buried underneath / You’re stepping on it / So get off and dig it out / You will find what you have been looking for / And when you do, you will appreciate it / It has been with you all this time / There is no denying its existence / You must feel lucky to have it / Does that mean you will embrace it? / I have nothing / I have no one to call my own / I feel jealousy towards you Verse 2: Sometimes I feel like giving up / But I don’t / Other times I feel like winning / But I won’t / They will tear me down / They will wear me down / I’ll be standing on my own / You have everything / You have someone to call your own / I feel anger towards you Bridge: Having your heart broken is sad / Being pierced by an object is bad / But realizing that you have nothing is the deeper wound Chorus: I can see you / You’re everywhere, but where am I? / I have searched but I come empty-handed Written by B. (Sunday, October 19, 2003) Copyright 2003
  17. Commit This To Memory Verse 1: Self-doubt dispenses itself into my brain / The madness created from it / May cause me to go insane / I don’t need a degree in psychology / To come to the realization that you’re no good for me / My heart jumps at the sound of your voice / To change nothing at all is definitely not a choice / To say “I am what I am” is no excuse / For all of the things you have said to me Verse 2: My happiness revolves around how you feel / If there isn’t a smile on your face / Then there’s rarely one on mine / I do what I can to hideaway from you / Even if it’s just a temporary solution / My body trembles at the sound of your voice / To change nothing at all is definitely not a choice / To say “This is the way I am” is no excuse / For all of the things you have done to me / To stop you from breaking me down / Is what I must do Bridge: Don’t you dare forget how I feel about you / It just may be your last mistake / I’m sure you want to keep living your life / So stay the hell out of mine Chorus: Commit this to memory / I dislike you intensely / Commit this to memory / All that you are is toxic to me Written by B. (Tuesday, November 29, 2005) Copyright 2005
  18. Together We're Heavy Verse 1: The disconnection between you and I / Has lasted for a while now / Sometimes I can't help but sigh / We went from being strangers to developing a friendship / And when we wanted to be more than that / We became lovers / To me, our time together seemed surreal / I couldn't believe what I felt / A genuine feeling of love for you / That I never thought I was capable of having Verse 2: When we disagree, you yell at me / And I turn away from you / It's just nothing new / Conflict arises out of almost everything you and I do / You're acting like a stranger to me / I don't know who you have become / You think I claim to be perfect / Each time I point out your mistakes / I have never said that I'm better than you / If that's the impression you've gotten / You have misunderstood me Verse 3: We weren't built to be fortresses / We have emotions and it's no good to hide them / If we just keep to ourselves / Then we're nothing more than robots / I foolishly believed you held the key to my happiness / Because you were enamoured, you opened your heart to me / All you saw was who you thought we could be Chorus: Together we're heavy / I can't lift you up anymore / I'm not as strong as I was before / You have brought me down / Together we're heavy / You can no longer carry me / You've told me that you're sorry / I have pulled you apart Written by B. (Monday, January 24, 2005) Copyright 2005
  19. Drowning Cupid Verse 1: I don't need love / No no no no no / I do not need love / What it gave to me was deep sadness / I don't want kisses / No no no no no / I do not want kisses / It will lead to falling for someone / Just leave me to myself / Yes yes yes yes yes / Being alone is nothing new to me / They'll be no confessions of hearts skipping beats / And no places for lovers to meet / What I do won't be found out by anyone Verse 2: I don't need love / No no no no no / I do not want to experience emotional turmoil again / I don't want sweet nothings / No no no no no / I do not want sweet nothings to be whispered into my ears / To each his own / Yes yes yes yes yes / That is what I believe / I refuse to live by any other standard / Souls uniting are just fantasies / Hoping that it'll happen makes you naïve / I made a promise not to let myself down Verse 3: My sense of self was manipulated / Who I tried to be / Was weaker than who I was / My self-respect shrivelled up like burning paper / Slowly I regained strength / I knew that battling forces beyond my control / Would be arduous and time consuming / Reclaiming what's left of me begins with drowning cupid / This will be my sweet victory Chorus: I'm drowning cupid / He won't fly / He will no longer shout his harts at me / I'm drowning cupid / He'll be gone / Then I will have peace of mind / Drowning cupid is the only way for me to live Written by B. (Tuesday, November 8, 2005) Copyright 2005
  20. Different Cars And Trains Verse 1: You and I have been travelling / On different cars and different trains / I see your face starring back at me / The look in your eyes says / That you no longer love me / We have drifted apart / We are living separate lives / I don't have the strength to break up with you Verse 2: You are a roller-coaster ride / Every time I'm with you I wear a seatbelt / Sometimes you race by me faster than a speeding train / If I knew how to slow you down / I would have done it a long time ago / We have drifted apart / We are in separate worlds / I don't have the strength to let you go Bridge: The road that I'm on leads me further away / From the life I want / I'm not sure if I'll ever be free from you Chorus: When I turn left / You instantly go right / When I am up / You suddenly drop down / I have tried to meet you wherever you are / But you go places that I'm unfamiliar with Written by B. (Tuesday, April 27, 2004) Copyright 2004
  21. Mouthful of Love Verse 1: I remember the days when my body was empty / It was like a broken down refrigerator / Anything placed inside of it would become rotten / I was losing a lot of weight / As a result, I was getting weaker / Getting out of bed was such a struggle / From time to time, I would collapse from dehydration / Since you met me and came into my life / I have been gaining strength / Looking back at myself, I cannot believe that I lived that way Verse 2: Your generosity is like breakfast / It provides me with energy / I am able to share with others / And because of that, I realize that many people were just like me / What they needed was a home cooked meal / Whatever they ate was not good enough / And if no one showed that they cared / They would feel more alone Bridge: Your compassion is like dinner / It gives me a sense of belonging / I am able to provide empathy / I am able to be more understanding / All the love that you have shown to me / Fuels me up with the desire to live every day / You saved my life, I'm thanking you for that / I will use what I learned to save someone else Chorus: I am chewing on a mouthful of love / It's the best kind I've ever tasted / I was starving for affection / You have satisfied my hunger / I am chewing on a mouthful of love / I never knew it could be this fulfilling / My stomach was always growling / It no longer does because you fed me Written by B. (Tuesday, April 27, 2004) Copyright 2004
  22. Together Again Verse 1: The last time that I saw you / You had a smile on your face / And a twinkle in your eyes / I didn't forget the way you looked / Since you left, I had been tired / I had been broken / The only thing that I wanted was to be with you Verse 2: The last time that you saw me / I had a smile on my face / And a twinkle in my eyes / I hope that you didn't forget about me / Since I left, you had been unhappy / You had been lonely / The only person that you needed was me Bridge: This is the moment I've been waiting for / We are together again Chorus: We are together again / And we vow to never separate / We spent too much time apart / And now we are reconnecting / I feel like a new person / When you are in my arms / Now that I have found you / I will not let you go Written by B. (Wednesday, May 5, 2004) Copyright 2004
  23. Cold Heart Verse 1: I get jealous when you look at other guys / Maybe you wish you could hook up with them / Your wandering eye has 20/20 vision / At times I'd wish you'd go blind / I get angry when you lie to me / Maybe you think you could get away with anything / Your lying mouth gets dirtier every day / At times I'd wish you were mute Verse 2: I get selfish when you spend time on your own / Maybe you wish you could leave me / My actions are well planned out / Everything that I do is done for a reason / I get mean and rude when I spend time with you / That's one of the many punishments I have for you / My actions are performed very well / Everything I say is analyzed before it's said Bridge: I push you around / I make you do things that you don't want to do / Giving ultimatums is a form of testing / To see how far you can go / I am demanding and persistent / Do as I say / I'm not your friend, I'm not your lover / You are beneath me Chorus: I can be as cold as ice / Destructive and unforgiving / Deceitful and bent on revenge / The longer you stay with me / You'll feel my cold heart Written by B. (Saturday, May 15, 2004) Copyright 2004
  24. Spiritchaser Verse 1: Come spiritchaser, as you did before / Fly threw the shadowy night / No one but you hold the sacred truth / But still we question who we are / Speculation runs rampant / You plunge into the ground to awake the dead / Filling them with a new soul / Commanding new guidelines on the ways of living / But nevertheless they take on new challenges / It is their right to because they have free will Verse 2: Watch the horizon fade away / Imagine what will become of you / When your soul strikes back / It will reveal horrifying accounts of your life / You can never run fast enough / To get away from your conscience Verse 3: We are in awe of your wisdom / We deeply feel your love for us / We try our best to honour you / When we fail, we never give up / You teach us how to be good and loyal / It's everything that you do Chorus 1: Amalgamating heart and soul / Amending darkness to daylight / Renewing the present / You are the mighty one Chorus 2: Amalgamating heart and soul / Amending darkness to daylight / Remembering the past, renewing the present / You are the mighty one Written by B. (Wednesday, March 31, 2004) Copyright 2004
  25. Tomorrow Will Come Verse 1: Tomorrow will come / And all of your worries will be confronted / And all of your tears will evaporate Verse 2: Tomorrow will be better than today / Because you will make it that way / All of your anger will be healed / And all of your discomfort will cease to exist Bridge: You will overcome the pain that you're feeling / And you will be able to embrace life with open arms / Start believing that you are meant to live / Because you are Chorus 1: When you're at the bottom, you feel like dying / You're confused, sad, and lonely / But tomorrow will come and things will change / You will be optimistic about your entire future / Life will be worth living / Because after every storm a rainbow appears / So just hang on Chorus 2: Life is always worth living / Because after every storm a rainbow appears / So just hang on with all your might / Tomorrow will come and things will change Written by B. (Sunday, May 2, 2004) Copyright 2004
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