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Soap Hoppers --The Soap Actors And Roles Thread

slick jones

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And my final word on the subject

Donald Buka

My True Story Jonathan Willard 2/17/54

Guess he was one of those NY working actors that CBS knew could come in for a few days/weeks and get the job done. Maybe he had made a few connections over the years with BTS personnel...

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Posted (edited)

Richard Steinmetz

DAYS OF OUR LIVES     Judge ___ Snails    2021-

CLUBHOUSE                  General Manager    2004


Philip Boyd


THE HAVES AND HAVE NOTS Oscar Adien (aka Brandon Wallace) 2014-17; 2021
GENERAL HOSPITAL Tony the Warehouse Manager at Corinthos Coffee 2020; Joss's Bodyguard 2021
Tanner Novlan
ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO     Gregory Manes        2020-Present
Edited by slick jones
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DAYS OF OUR LIVES     Dr. Michael "Mike" Horton   1974-81


LAND OF THE LOST       Will Marshall    1974-76

PASSWORD PLUS  Self   1979-81    several episodes

TOTALLY HIDDEN VIDEOS       Assorted Roles   1989-92

SUNDAYS WITH SID      Self    2020-Present


Hired to play Gopher on THE LOVE BOAT but CBS wouldn't let him out of his contract.






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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS       Summer's bodyguard    2015

DAYS OF OUR LIVES       Agent    2015

GENERAL HOSPITAL     Thug    2015

                                        Kostas   the Cassadine Bodyguard   2021







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Posted (edited)


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ONE LIFE TO LIVE     Dr. Paige Miller (Truman)    2005-06

DAYS OF OUR LIVES     Calista  Lockhart      2021



CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM    Cady Huffman      2004

THE GOOD WIFE      Martine Vassel   2011; 2012; 2014

AFTER FOREVER        Lisa     2018-19

Has an extensive Broadway career.   



Frederick Coffin

ONE LIFE TO LIVE    Judge Haskell Cameron   Unknown Year


Robert Trumbull   

ONE LIFE TO LIVE       Governor __ Curtis   2000


Sarah Fussell



THE GUIDING LIGHT     Unknown Role     1964

                        Amy Hayes crying   1966

Vinton Hayworth



@Paul Raven added in



Edited by slick jones
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Eileen Davidson

BEYOND SALEM            TBA                      2021

Lisa Rinna

BEYOND SALEM      Billie Holliday Reed Brady Brady                         2021


VALERIE    Annie Derrick    1990

VERONICA MARS    Lynn ___ Echolls   2004-05

THE PRINCE     Lisa Rinna    (voice)     2021


James Reynolds

BEYOND SALEM      Abraham "Abe"  Carver                              2021


BIGFOOT AND WILDBOY      Tech Sergeant    1977

TIME EXPRESS   Conductor R.J. Walker      1979

PROMISELAND      Victor Willard      2021

Thaao Penghlis

BEYOND SALEM      Count Antony DiMera                          2021


TRIBE     Captain John Brava       1999


Christie Clark

BEYOND SALEM      Carrie Brady Reed Roberts Reed                         2021

Austin Peck

BEYOND SALEM       Austin Reed       2021

LeeAnn Hunley

BEYOND SALEM          Anna Fredericks Brady DiMera                          2021

Greg Rikaart 

BEYOND SALEM          Leo Stark Kiriakis (Matt Cooper)                     2021

Deidre Hall

BEYOND SALEM         Dr. Marlena Evans North Craig  Brady Bradford Black (5 times)          2021

Drake Hogestyn

BEYOND SALEM            John Black                     2021

Jackee Harry

BEYOND SALEM          Paulina Price                       2021

Lamon Archey

BEYOND SALEM        Agent Eli Grant                        2021

Sal Stowers

BEYOND SALEM          Lani Price Grant                      2021

Melissa "Missy" Brennan Reeves

DAYS O OUR LIVES        Jennifer Rose Horton Alamain Devereaux Blake Devereaux Devereaux     1985-95; 2000-2006; 2010-2020; X-Mas  2021



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Posted (edited)

Frederick Coffin

ANOTHER WORLD    Mitch a Friend of Buzz Winslow     1978

Isabel Randolph


GENERAL HOSPITAL      Mrs. Gardner     1963

Victoria Konefal

BEYOND SALEM     Ciara Brady (Weston)     2021






THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS   Fenmore Baldwin    2018-20

BEYOND SALEM      Jackson  "Sonny"  Kiriakis    2021


LAW AND ORDER TRUE CRIME   "The Menendez Brothers"  Craig Cignarelli   2017

HAPPY HAZEL      Keith         TBA


Grandson of Television Mogul Grant Tinker and son of John Tinker.

















DAYS OF OUR LIVES        Chad Peterson DiMera    2014-Present

DAYS OF OUR LIVES DIGITAL SERIES   Chad Peterson DiMera    2019

BEYOND SALEM          Chad Peterson DiMera     2021








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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL     Forrester Shipping Employee     2013

ALL MY CHILDREN 2.0     Petey Cortlandt   2013

DAYS OF OUR LIVES    Ben Rogers Wilson   2014-Present

THE BAY    Arturo      2017

BEYOND SALEM   Ben Rogers Wilson         2021


THE LADIES OF THE LAKE:RETURN TO AVALON      Detective Ethan Wyatt    2018

BROS                 TBA




Edited by slick jones
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Posted (edited)

Carolyn Hennessy

GENERAL HOSPITAL        Maureen Nielson     Unknown Year


Ronn Carroll

ONE LIFE TO LIVE            Judge Dory       1997


Frances Bay

GENERAL HOSPITAL      Alice Pelham  (?Pensley?) Unknown Year

PORT CHARLES      Leah Cochrane    2000



FAMILY        Sonia Violett     1979

HAPPY DAYS      Grandma Nussbaum    1982; 1984

BY WAY OF THE STARS    Annie Pyle    1992-93

SEINFELD      Mabel Choate      1996; 1998



movies..........   (sampling)   

PRIVATE SCHOOL           Bridie  Fallmouth    1983

BLUE VELVET      Aunt Barbara     1986

TWINS            Mother Superior    1988

THE WEDDING PLANNER   Dottie             1996

HAPPY GILMORE      Grandma     1996


Tom Mardirosian

ONE LIFE TO LIVE     Mr. Easke     1997


Patrick O'Connell 

GENERAL HOSPITAL     Leo + Alexis     1997

Father of Billie Eilish.





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ONE TREE HILL    Actor portraying Lucas in his film  20009


DAYS OF OUR LIVES         Will Horton      2010-14; 2017-20

BEYOND SALEM      Will Horton      2021


straight to video

16-LOVE      Farwell Gambles    2012


Bonus in Video   Matthew Atkinson as actor that plays Nathan.

Edited by slick jones
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