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Y&R: Actor Returns?

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    • Back in '98-'99 various corporate entities approached P&G (not PGP or Televest) about buying AW or buying into AW or buying the right to re-broadcast vintage AW. FOX TV wanted a daytime lineup of their own & thought starting with what was then current AW would have been great. ABC & Angela Shapiro wanted her good friend Linda Dano & her character Felicia Gallant. The entity that became Viacom wanted something, details unknown. The entity that is now Paramount wanted something, details unknown. What is now Sony but was then, I think, Columbia Tri-Star (and SoapCity), wanted to do some kind of partnership. P&G predictably, I might add, sent them all packing. As a fan activist in favor of AW having some kind of future, at that time, all of that from the pages of the Business section and/or Variety & Advertising Age, was very disheartening because it was basically the other shoe dropping. No other eventualities existed beside cancellation. Now, all that said, and I'm sorry if you've been over all of this ground & it is tedious covering all the dam*ed history, all I want to know is if Collen's alleged information is about *current* destruction of materials or if it somehow is about the historical wiping or taping over that is already known. To me that is what is key. It would be easy for someone to hear about the historical practice & mistake it for new activity. The last information I have on this subject is that *CURRENT* P&G (or PGP or Televest) has 5 soaps "in warehouse" (whatever that means) & that 5 different streaming services have contacted them specifically wanting to buy outright or license to stream vintage P&G soaps & that P&G had replied, "We are no longer in the soap opera business." That dovetails perfectly with my personal appraisal that P&G values its stuff too much to sell or rent, but not enough to invest in a future for it themselves. I am personally suspicious of the above being about *5 soaps" & about "5 corporations". What's up with the number 5?! Could just be being cynical. Oh, yes, but if it is 5 in storage, I believe that is AW, ATWT, GL, SFT & I don't know the last.)
    • It seems like DAYS got more media coverage back in 2019 when they released all the actors. It will be interesting to see if there are renewal talks, how they will go. Will they actually be doing most of the negotiations before episodes made especially for Peacock even air? If they get renewed, the first thing to go has to be 5 sixty minute episodes per week. There's no point now.
    • Thank you! It's nice be heard without being shot down! This is why an Edge of Night reboot could work right now! There's a show that could rock the arc based story format!
    • It's P&G Productions, not P&G Entertainment.  And yes, it does still exist. Today, they mostly provide in-house production facilities for the corporation.   
    • You might be right. There does seem to be an undertone of peeps who do not like to be rushed! Face it, as soap fans go, we don't like change. So, mebbe more time to get used to an idea is an idea whose time has come?!! Please register in order to view this content
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