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Your Top 10 Best Actors

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1) Marlon Brando (MY MAN!! I wish I could go back in time, he's byfar my fave actor ever) :wub:

2) Harrison Ford

3) Al Pacino

4) Bruce Willis

5) Brad Pitt (and actually because of his acting, 12 Monkeys was awesome)

6) Johnny Depp

7) Ian McKellan

8) Edward Norton

9) Christopher Lee

10) Sean Penn

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SIDNEY POITIER (Greatest living actor IMO)

Dustin Hoffman

Humphrey Bogart

Morgan Freeman

Sean Penn

Terrance Howard

Don Cheadle

Al Pacino

Gregory Peck (thank my mom for this one)

Marlon Brando (sigh, SO hot)

Rhett Butler (Can't think of his real name)

That would be Clark Gable

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In no particular order:

1. Kevin Spacey

2. Johnny Depp

3. Sean Penn

4. Tom Cruise (I can't help it. I love his movies.)

5. Vince Vaughn

6. Dustin Hoffman

7. Robert Deniro

8. Ben Stiller

9. Martin Short

10. Steve Martin

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