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February 27 - March 3, 2017: All Soaps Down in Total Viewers


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Tuesday: 2.49/3,567,000
Friday: 2.44/3,421,000

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Tuesday: 3.09/4,335,000
Wednesday: 3.14/4,451,000
Thursday: 3.18/4,384,000
Friday: 3.10/4,356,000

Not good at all!
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Not surprising - but I had only been watching Y&R somewhat regularly until a few weeks ago...I was at least catching maybe 1/2 hour of it a day.  B&B I only watch a couple minutes a day...the show is horrible.  Y&R there's just nothing to watch...show looks good, the actors do what they can but I just feel like there's nothing going on...there's virtually no stories going on at all.  Lauren's angst over a missing son - what I saw was bad...Colin selling a ring he found that Katherine left for Jill (another surprise from the grave from Katherine)...I can't name anything else that was going on.  Some interaction between Ashley and Phyllis and the new guy.  There are no "stories" on this story anymore. 

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