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Soap performers who died in 2016

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Below is a list of performers who passed away in 2016. Included are any actors/actresses who at one time appeared on a daytime soap.If I've missed anyone, please add to the list.


Meg Mundy Jan12 aged 99 Mona TD, Julia GL,Eugenia AMC

Barry Jenner Jan 14 aged 75 Tony Som, Evan AW

Billie Allen  Jan 25 aged 90 Ada EON

Jean McBride Jan 25 aged 90 Meg LOL

Abe Vigoda Jan 26 aged 94 Guest appearance ATWT

Mike Minor Jan 28 aged 75 Norman Garrison ATWT, Brandon Kingsley AMC, Lenny Small EON



Toni Bull Bua Feb 11 aged 69 Tess LOL etc

George Gaynes Feb 15 aged 98 Sam Reynolds SFT, Frank Smith GH

Humbert Allen Astredo Feb 19 aged 86 Nicholas Blair DS etc

George Kennedy Feb 28 aged 91 Albert Miller Y&R



James Douglas March 5 aged 86 Eliot AW,Grant ATWT, Phillip TD etc

Robert Horton March 9 aged 91 Whit McColl ATWT

Peter Brown March 21 aged 80 Greg Peters DOOL,Robert Laurence Y&R.Roger Forbes LOV,Blake Hayes B&B

Rita Gam March 22  aged 88 Mimi Hidden Faces, Nita LOL,Dora EON

Ken Howard March 23 aged 71 George Summers Y&R

James Noble March 28 aged 94 Don Hughes ATWT, Bill Winters TD, Edward AWA etc

Patty Duke March 29 aged 69 Kitty Foyle, Ellen TBD

Frankie Michaels March 30 aged 60 Tom Hughes ATWT



Madeleine Sherwood April 23 aged 94 Betty Eilers GLetc



William Schallert May 8 aged 93 Julia's father SB

Julius LaRosa May 12 aged 86 Renaldo AW

Lee Chamberlin May 25 aged 76 Pat Baxter AMC, LOV



Theresa Saldana June 6 aged 61 Carlotta SB



John McMartin July 6 aged 86 Ed Rice ATWT

Gloria DeHaven July 39 aged 91 Sara ATWT Bess RH



Steven Hill Aug 23 aged 94 Aristotle Descamedes OLTL



Anthony Addabbo Oct 18 aged 56 Jim GL, Tony/Johnny B&B,Jason Gen etc



Robert Vaughn Nov 11 aged 83 Rick Hamlin ATWT

Patricia Barry Nov 16 aged 93 Addie Olsen Williams DOOL,Viola Brewster L&F,Peg English AMC,Isbelle Alden LOV

Fritz Weaver Nov 26 aged 90 Hugo Marick AMC



Alice Drummond Dec 3 aged 88 Loretta WTHI

Margaret Whitton Dec 4 aged 67Joan Dancy TD

Joseph Mascolo Dec 8 aged 87 Ed WTHI,Stefano DOOL, Massimo B&B etc

Alan Thicke Dec 13 aged 69 Rich B&B

Bernard Fox Dec 14 aged 89 GH,Dr Bombay PSSNS

Zsa Zsa Gabor Dec 18 aged 99 Lydia Marlowe ATWT

Dick Latessa Dec 19 aged 87 Noel EON





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He was also Leo Carson on OLTL and Ambrose Bingham on ATWT for a spell. He was also on Central Park West for as Dr. Kyle Rose.


Margaret Whitton was on SFT as Claire Hart before her junkie role of Joan Dancy on TD


Theresa Saldana was on AMC as Cristina Vargas--I think she had something to do with Pierce Riley


Billie Allen was Jessica's mother on ATWT--I think her name was Louise Griffin


Abe Vigoda was Leonardo Coronal on OLTL and Santa Barbara's Lyle DeFranko and DS as Ezra Braithwaite





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Cristina was his jungle love - I think they'd had a baby that died, unless I'm mixing that up with the Shannon and Duncan story on ATWT. He left the show to help her. 


Alice Drummond also had a small role on DS as a nurse. 

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14 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Abe Vigoda Jan 26 aged 94 Guest appearance ATWT


Abe Vigoda also appeared on Santa Barbara for 7 episodes (per IMDB on the number, I remember the rest) in 1989 as a bumbling hitman named Lyle DeFranco, who shot Sonny Sprocket/Mason Capwell during Sonny's wedding to Gina. (He was connected to Bernardo 'Bunny" Tagliati somehow, the reluctant mobster who had a thing for Gina.)


This would usher in Mason's coma, where he saw lost-love Mary Duvall and...God, as played by Brian Frons. (And the actor that played Bunny, Joe Marinelli, would play an odd Joan Crawford in heaven.)

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Jason 47 has reported that William Christopher, best known for MASH,died Dec 31 aged 84.


He played Father Tobias on Days in 2012.



Aharon Ipalé June 27 aged 74. Sheik Abdul Ben Hani GH,Dr Elliot SFT


James Westmoreland September 14 aged 80. Teddy Holmes GH

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