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Soap Opera Cast Lists and Character Guides- Cancelled and Current

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Still more AS THE WORLD TURNS.....


Major Page       Leon Janney    1964   head of Military School

Gregory Paget    Never Seen    Tennis bum/hit and run victim of Joyce Colman
Francois Pakoud     Katy Selverstone    2010   Lucinda's French employee
Joseph Palladino      Victor Arnold    1992    father of Marsha McKay
Mary __ Palladino   Bernice Masse   1992   mother of Marsha McKay
Stan "Mr. Pants" Pantoliano  Michael Crecco  2009
Inspector Pappas    Alex Oliensis   1988    Greek policeman
                               James Michael Gregary  1988
Peter Paramour    ????   3/1982   dated Ellen
Albert Parks    Jeff Talbott   2005     Attorney
___ Parsons   Never Seen   Mother of Amy Hughes
Mrs. Parsons   Augusta Dabney   1973-74 Amy H's Grandmother
Mr. Parsons    William Prince     1973-74   Amy H's Grandfather
George Patelli     Vyto Ruginis    1988-89 history teacher; drugged Andy and tried to kill Lien; Vietnam vet
Ed  Patterson    Robert Michael Tomlinson    1988
Frank Patterson    John LaGioia   1980   PI worked for John Dixon
Artemio Paz    Roger DeKorven   1985   Jacobo Esteban's best friend
Ms. Peabody    Virginia White      1986
Mr. Peacock      Eric Deskin      2009
Hester "Miss Thompson" Pearce   Jacqueline Brookes  1969-70  patient of Bob Hughes; confessed to Bob for killing Michael Shea then died. Tom was in jail for the murder and no one could prove her guilt.
Trooper Pearson    Andrew Call    2006
Agent Pendleton     Marc Webster 
Gil Penn    Van Hughes     2006-07
Mitch Pepper   Jon Rowland   2002   student at Franklin College - stole Aaron's Motorcycle
Juanita Pererra   ??????   1989   Montegan uprising
Manuel Pererra    John Enrique Varea   1988  Montega
Adelaide Peretti    Never Seen   1988 Casey's aunt
Dr. Casey Peretti   Bill Shanks  1986-90   Frannie's ex, saved her from Marsha Talbot; delivered Chris Hughes at the Hughes cabin; dated Taylor Baldwin; fell in love with Lyla and fathered Katie.
Was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, was paralyzed, and begged Margo to pull the plug. She did.
Claudia Peretti     Alice Barrett   1988    Casey's cousin
Joe Peretti    Frank Biancamano   1988-90 Casey's dad; heard tape of Casey begging Margo
Joseph Peretti    Never Seen   1988  Casey's nephew
Nurse Lyla Crawford Montgomery Peretti   Ex-wife of Bart, the father of Craig and Cricket;had an affair with John Dixon fathering Margo. Sister of attorney Maggie Crawford; engaged to Bob Hughes, dated Frank Andropoulos and Larry McDermott; married Casey and had Katie; lost Casey and was engaged to Cal.  Rented room in her home; chanteuse, left town on tour.
                      Veleka Gray   1980
                      Lee Bryant   1985 (temporary)
                     Anne Sward   1980-93; 2000
Maureen Pettigrew Peretti   Lucy Ennis   1988-90  Casey's mother
Michael Peretti     Never Seen     1988    Casey's brother                     
Rose ___ Peretti   Miriam Phillips  1988-89  Casey's grandmother
Serafina Peretti    Never Seen    1988    Casey's aunt
Arturo Perez      Gilberto Companion
Henry Perkins    James Callahan
Neil Perkins    Michael Izquierdo    2008    murder victim of Evan Walsh IV
Officer Perkins   Brian Letscher    
Andre Perrin      Scott  Hampton    2003   boyfriend, Jennifer
Judge Peters    Never Seen  1978    father of Karen involved in illegal activities
Karen Peters (aka Karen Parker)    Leslie Denniston   1978  arrived in Oakdale on the run from her father and fiance, district attorney Walter Vested who was trying to convict the judge.  Dated Bob Hughes as a cover, but when all was said and done, she was involved in the crime syndicate, as was Walter. All three went to jail
Mr. Peters   David Byron      1999  
Dr. Anthony Peterson   Brad Schmidt     2002
Miss Peterson     Nancy Andrews     1970
                        Margaret Hamilton    1970
Violet  Peterson    Nancy Reilly    
Diane  ___  Petrie     Barbara Eda-Young         1988   Herb's wife
Herb Petrie       Stan Tracy       1988    station manager, had affair with and was killed by crazy Laura Simmons
                          James Gleason  1988
Loretta Pettigrew   Never Seen    1988       Casey's aunt
Dr. Dick Phalen     Irving Allen Lee     1992
                             Isaiah Whitlock     1992
Officer Oscar Phelps    Chris Lucas     2002
Bill Phillips   Craig Wroe       2008
George Phillips    Robert Blackburn   1992-93
Gus Phillips        Sal Vaccarino   
Lloyd Phillips    ????    abused his wife, Amy who married Roy F.
Steve Phillips       Patrick Boll    2006
Dolores ___ Snyder Pierce   Valerie Perrine   1998-99   Jack and Brad's wretched Mom
Frank Pierce    Never Seen     1998-99 second husband of Dolores
Hester Blake Pierce  Ann Stanchfield  1979   Martin Blake's sister, Martin Hadley's maid tat killed his wife, Ruth and tried to kill Lisa
Inspector Pierce  ???    1985   came to Oakdale investigating Lady Veronica Cushing's death/murder
Doris __ Pierpont   Mary D'Arcy    1987   Duncan McKechnie's ex
Charles Pierson       Ben George    1987   Duncan's employee that was on James Stenbeck's payroll to ruin his shipping company
Inspector Jean Piette      Gerard Touroul
Officer Pikus         Kevin Geer     9/94
Herbert Pinely    Edward McPhillips    1987     groundskeeper
Miss Piper        Polly Adams       1996
Owen Pitt     Michael Cannis
Jamie Platt     David Norton      1978-79   hung out with Betsy and Lois
Gary Podvitz     Rocky Stone    1990
Dr. Polk    ????      1976   Joyce's OBGYN
Tom Pope      Attorney that dated Penny. Let her go when he heard her profess her love for Jeff Baker
                       Hal Hamilton     1957
                       Biff McGuire   (Temporary) 1958
                       Charles Baxter    1957-58
____ Porter    Jason Schuler
Dr. Porter       Stephen James   1992-93
Greg Porter   Joshua Sutton
Luke Porter    Ted Agress  1975-76   Margaret's husband that slept with his brother, Ralph's wife, Natalie Bannon
Margaret ___ Porter  Kathleen Noone   1975-76   Luke's cuckolded wife
Ralph Porter    Never Seen   1975-76  Natalie's husband that overdosed
Bruno Portolano    Jaime Passer    2001   Craig's business associate, friend of Rose, smitten with Katie
___  Posner     Dean Harrison
Bud Potter      ????      5/1984   beat up Craig    
Morgan Powell   Eric Martin Brown     2005
Reverend Powers    Walter Hudson    1997
Louella Pratt      Kathleen Butler
Will Pratt       Gordon Lockwood    1986    assistant, Marsha Talbot
Dr. Prendergrast      Patrick Melville      2009
Mike Prendergrast    Michael Landrum 
Dr. Prescott       George Rose     early 1970s
Douglas Prescott     John O'Hurley    1988
Dr. Pressman     Mark Irish        2010
___  Price    James Ciccone       2010
Leland Price    Gregg Edelman    2010
Mr. Price      Don Creech    
Reverend Price    Bill Massof    2009
Dr. Richard Price    Murphy Guyer    1999
Edith ____ Prisk    Ronnie Farer         2007
Judge Pritzker     Brian Smiar      2010
Hermione Proulx   Jacqueline Bertrand   
Lucas Pryor     Mark Garfield    1989-90     Lombard family employee
Tony Pugliese     Nick Adams       2010
Tonya Pugliese    Diana Bologna     2010
Dr. Bill Purcell      Eugene Boles    1990
Mrs. Putnam     Marcella Martin
Rick Putnam        Tony Cummings    1985    tried to rape Marcy
Ronald Putney     Jay Russell          St. Bart's hotel desk clerk


Edited by slick jones
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Paddington the butler   Peter Noone   2002

Pamela   Mary Ellison's friend    Never Seen   1976
Paolo the concierge     John LaGioia
Paolo, Lucinda's trainer      Frank Fortunato
Pat the bartender    David Margulies
Pat the biker chick     Dyon Donley    
Patrice   from the spa    Susan Barry
Patti   Nikki Doney
Patty the waitress    Kate Skinner    
Paula      Lois Robbins
Pearl , Nancy's sister       Never Seen
Peggy from the salon   Beth B. Austin
Madame Penelope the seer    Melina Kalomas       2008
Perri           Ann Dowd
Pete         Andrew Lubeskie           1987
Peter from the Plakka  ????    1979
Peter the maitre'd      James Michael Bryan   
Peter the meth dealer     Jack Walker   
Peter the security guard      Miguel Darga
Peter           Jamil Mena         2006
Phoenix the hooker      Sabrina Lloyd 
Phyllis (aka Cha Cha) that dated Bob   ?????    4/84
Phyllis               Erin Fritch
Phyllis the Fairwinds Maid           Tamara Lewis    2005
Pierce the private investigator     Greg Connelly   2010
Pietro          Rocco Parente     1996
Priscilla  the apartment manager     Betsy Aidem
Prue the coordinator    Christine Toy Johnson

Mr. Quick       Joe Wisniewski      2009

_____Quinlan     W.T. Martin     1996

Barry Quinlan    Tom McBride   

Lonnie Quinn        Lonnie Quinn     2009    worked at CBS as weatherman with Molly

Peter Quinn     Danny Johnson     2006




Q                      Lee Wong




Rachel from Virginia Common       Megan Gunning    2002
Rachel, Aaron's friend         Amanda Powell
Rachel          Hanna Klein       2006-09
Rachel        Aleye Compaly
Rachel    the restaurant patron   Michelle Woods   2002
Rachel         Sharon Emster     4/90\
Rainbow from the Commune   Patrice Mirium Johnson
Ramon            Carlos Sabater   1987
Ramon             Jose Zuniga
Raoul     Karen's male escort    ?????     1983
Raspy  that threatened Margo        Christopher McCann      1986
Ray the NYC bartender    Ray Iannicelli       2002
Raymond    the photographer   Sam Catlin   
Raymond         Robert Vincent Smith       1989
Reed            Gary Evans     
Renee    Ob(? Ojo??) Adewele 
Renee the nurse      Dawn McGee      2009   Maeve's friend
Renee            Olivia Oguma          2004
Rex              Matthew Walyon
Rex             Adonis Kapsalis          2007
Rhonda      dated Jack  Mary Anne Lamb
Ricardo    the French jeweler     Alexander Blaise    2007
Richard that dated Noah     Daniel Bryck
Richard       Michael Houston King       1996
Richie   Zoe's manager     Jonathon Walker     1996
Rick       Josh Stamberg   
Rick from UNCC    Erik Alden        2002
Ricky, Adam's friend    Bret Cooper  
Rico       Porfirio Figueroa      11/1992
Ritchie, Annie's boyfriend    ?????     1973
Ritchie (sleazy guy)     Gerald Anthony   2003
Rob the actor in Noah's movie    ????   2010
Roberta the nanny   Maureen Pelegrino    
Roberto     Chris Rivaro      2004
Rocco the thug that burnt down the Hayloft Bar    ????    5/1985
Rocco, Dusty's goon       Jay Boryea
Rolf   Lucinda's therapist   Reid Mihalko    
Rolf     Eric Gustafson        1995
Rolo   beat up Cal Randolph in prison  ?????     1985
Romeo that dated Ellen      ?????       3/1982
Ron from Ohio State    Jerry Baxtrom, Jr.     2002
Rory        Gary Buxton, Jr.
Rory     Michael Cosman       XMas 1983
Rosanne  Ellen's friend      Edie Adams     1982
Rosie     Viola Pashalinsky          1999
Ross a young boy     Yves   Michel Beneche    
Roy            Stephen Mendillo
Ruby         Diane Perella          2008
Russ the lab tech      Mark Zeisler        1999
Ruthy from Rhodes College      Caitlin Goodrich    2002
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Sheriff Radcliffe     John Henry Cox      2007
Agent Radford         Daniel Travis     
Gary Rady            Donnie Keshawarz     1999 made Denise sell her baby
Dr. Rainier     Latanya Boirsair
Detective Ramirez   Gary Perez     1996
District Attorney Ramirez    ????       1980
Dr. Ramirez    Joseph Melendez
Dr. Rampal    Sam Schacht
Dominic Ramsey       Chris Tardio    2004     Rafi's manager
Mark Ramsey     Terry Eno        1993
Mrs. Ramsey       Rebecca Schull     1985
Nathan Randall    Jim Stanek       2010  
Billie Lou ___ Randolph   Never Seen   late wife of Cal, mother of Jill
Cal Randolph        Luke Reilly    1984-85    former prisoner, dumped Diana at the altar, gave his daughter Jill to Maggie Crawford and Frank. Murdered by Douglas Cummings in the Yacht Club pool.
Kenny Rankin      Kenny Rankin      1985    singer
Officer Rawson    Tim Devlin 
Greg Ray      Nick Cortland       1985
Detective Raybrick     Paul Austin     1990
Officer Joe Rayburn    Danny Johnson    2009
Chris Reagan      Ingrid Helmke      1973
Mrs. Reagan       Anna Minot     1973
Peggy Reagan    Lisa Cameron       1973  Emily Stewart's baby nurse
Coleman "Doc" Reese   DJ Lockhart Johnson    2004 sportscaster, one night stand with Margo
Marilyn ___ Reese   Karen Williams    2004   Doc's ex-wife?
Sam Reese    Allen McCullough        2009
Scott Reeves     Scott Reeves      2005    Singer Blue County
Nurse Rita Renfield        Barbara Garrick    1998-99   David Stenbeck's girlfriend, lacky and murder victim
Dr. George Renfro    ??????
Signora Renzetti    Dolores Wilson          1987
____    Rescott        Gary Tacon 
Detective Melinda Reubens        Sundra Oakley     2002
(An)Tonio Reyes    Peter Boynton  1986-91;1992  Manipulative bastard to put it kindly; businessman, womanizer married Sierra and Meg; had affairs with Barbara,Emily, Lilith, Julie, Blythe, Gail, Veronica and was engaged to Sabrina; blackmailer, perjurer accused of murder, abused his women, hired killers, kidnapped a few...all around sleazy guy---played to perfection by Boynton. presumed dead falling from a helicopter.
Madame Reynevska     ????   piano teacher     7/84
Ann Reynolds  Linda Cook    2007
Ben Reynolds      David Nichols    1992   Kim's former brother-in-law; Jason's twin, Valerie's brother
Casey Reynolds     Nicolette Goulet     1984
Dr. Reynolds     Elissa Bonds         1993
Dr. Reynolds     Marie Thomas       1998
Officer Finn Reynolds       Raymond Crisara      2002-10 occasional
Jason Reynolds     Never Seen first husband of Kim Sullivan; possibly shown in flashback 1992 David Nichols
Mr. Reynolds       Herb  Nelson    1967     board chairman
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Carol Rice     Gloria Hoye    1962-63    Mitchell Dru's secretary
Ed Rice   John McMartin     1962-63   Carol's brother, convinced Edna to sue Doug
Edna ___ Rice   Helen Shields    1962-63    Carol and Ed's mother, sued Doug Cassen for malpractice
Judge Harold Rice   Peter McRobbie    2008
Mr. Rice    Judson Laire    1962    Carol and Ed's father died of complications from a duodenal ulcer
Ms. Rice       Alison Metcalf
Gordon Richards    Tim Peper     2006
Tina Richards    Toni Bull Bua   1975-76    was to be secretly married to Norman Garrison before he died
Ed Richardson     Frank Thomas   1961-62   Grace Baker's right hand man, helped Jeff get into the music business
Pete Rigby    ????      6/84     Whit McCall's henchman
Officer Rigsby       Marjorie Johnson
Pat Riley      Dyon Donly               biker chick
Dr. Ripley      Jack Koenig      1999
Carlo Rivera    Francisco G. Rivera
                          Tito Ortiz     1990
Phoebe Rivera        Melissa Ramone
State Nurse Rivera     Kathy Cortez
Inspector Rizzoli       Paola de Paolo       9/94
Jane Robelot      Jane Robelot      CBS This Morning
Lauren ___ Roberts   Celeste Holm   1981-82    Ellen's friend while David was presumed dead
Mr. Roberts    ????    1983    Jeff Ward's patient
Sal Roberts   Tom Bloom       2007
Hank Robinson    Kipp Whitman     1978-79    raped Carol, used to beat/sexually abuse ex Linda. Jay beat him up and went to jail for 60 days. 
Mel Robinson     James Doerr   1998
Vic Robinson     Mark LaMura   1997   Jack went undercover with this gangster
Joey Rocco       James Thomas Bligh    2004   Barbara's assistant
Miss Rochelle    Lucinda Jenney      1983
Judge Rockwell     Suzi Hunt        1991
Nurse Rockwell    Judith Hawking     ?2004?
Dr.Rodden     John Vennema      1996
Sergeant Domingo Rodriguez     Emilio del Pozo
Father Rodriguez    Jos Laniado      2002  
Melissa Roebling     Elizabeth Heflin     liaison between StrickCo and Walsh Enterprises
Candace Rogers   Anne Lange    1992-93
District Attorney Rogers     Jack Betts   1981   prosecutor in Dee/John rape trial
Joan ___ Rogers      Joan Copeland  1967-68   +Ted died of heart failure
Roy Rogers        Roy Rogers 
Ted Rogers       Clifford Carpenter    1967-68   Joan's husband caused Doug Cassen's fall that caused his death
Harry Roper    John Conley    1989-90  Lombard henchman
Dr. Bethany Rose      Tovah Feldshuh   1994     John Dixon's doctor for his colon cancer
Dr.Boris Rose      Sam Gray      1994    father of Bethany
Mrs. Rosenfield     Jeanne Lehman   1998    Casey's teacher
Baby Ross     Never Seen      third child of Cricket, born in California
Billy Ross       son of Cricket and Cody Sullivan; adopted by Ernie; bartender; slept with Jennifer;   went to Scotland with Bonnie to prove she was rightful heir;  Never came home.
                          ?????      1982-83
                            Adam Linke  cast but Never aired     2001
                           Hunter Garner      2001-02
Cricket Montgomery Ross   Lisa Loring     1980-83, 1984
          Daughter of Lyla and Bart Montgomery; pretended she was preggers by Eric Hollister, worked for Cody Sullivan and got pregnant with Billy by him.  Fell for close friend Ernie, maried him after pregnancy with Suzanne, who was born before they left Oakdale for California. Visited in 1984 for Craig's incarceration.
Ernie Ross  Jay Marshall Watson       1981-83    Cricket's tutor, virgin, chemical engineer. Married Cricket, adopted Billy, fathered Suzanne
Suzanne "Suzi" Ross    ???    1983  daughter of Cricket and Ernie
Joe Rossiter   Chance Kelly       2008
Beverly Roth     Kate Forbes     1993   
Dr. Roth     Daniel Cantor    2008
Simon Roth     Brian Cousins    1990
Dr. Rourke       Shamika Cotton       2006
Claudette Roy      Gayton Scott   
Brady Rudd     Benjamin Mathes     2002-03   Aaron's buddy from Seattle
Judge Rudolph    Bill Raymond        2005
Tim Rudy      John Todd     2001-02
Agent Ruiz    Sean Mahan       2008?
Liv Russell   Jessica Eliandra Grant    2006-07       +Kevin
Officer Russell       Tony Cucci     
Dr. Chuck Ryan     first husband of Jennifer Sullivan; father of Rick and Barbara; Bob Hughes' best friend
                           Michael Ebert   1962-65 (approximation)
                          Bob Balaban     early 1960s
                           Don Chastain    1971
Eliza Ryan         daughter of Paul and Emily
                           Julia Kaplan     2008-09
                           Madison Orofino    2009-10
Character info profiles will be added later for Emily, Meg. and Paul Ryan
Emily Stewart Snyder Munson Ryan.....
  courtesy of @Brolden    Daughter of Dan and Susan; Betsy's sister; Donated the eggs that were used to conceive her sister, Alison, and Hunter; Mother of Daniel and Jennifer; Married to Holden, Hal, Paul and Casey; Dated James, Tonio, Craig, Brock, Gavin, Evan, Larry, Royce, Jef, Diego, David, Chris and Dusty; Journalist; Owner of the Intruder; Former prostitute.
                       Pat Reynolds     early 1970s
                       Janine Sagan    early 1970s
                       Jenny Harris   1976-79  (Marie Masteres' daughter)
                       Melissa Morell    1979
                       Colleen McDermott    1986-87
                       Christine Moore    (temporary)  
                       Melanie Smith    1987-91; 1992
                       Kelley Menighan Hensley   1992-2010
Jennifer Ryan     Never Seen 2006  daughter of Paul and Emily died in childbirth
Meg Snyder Reyes Landry Ryan Montgomery Ryan
courtesy of @Brolden          Daughter of Harvey and Emma; Sister of Iva, Seth, Ellie, Caleb and Holden; Mother of Eliza; Married to Tonio, her "cousin" Josh/Rod (but it was OK, because he was adopted), Craig and Paul. Dated Dusty and Damian. Once tossed aside by Damian, spiralled completely out of control and ended up in a psychiatric hospital in Washington.
                           Jennifer Ashe    1986-89; 1991; 1992; 1993; 1994
                           Marie Wilson    2005-10
Paul (Stenbeck) Ryan
courtesy of @Brolden         Son of James and Barbara; Raised temporarily by Claudia and Raymond Colfax; Brother of David, Jordan, Henry, Jennifer, Will and Johnny. Father of Jennifer and Eliza; Married Rosanna, Emily and Meg; Dated Tess, Sarah and Rose; Slept with Sofie; Former partner in Barbara Ryan Originals.
                             Canaan Crouch 1980

                               Brett Barry    (not sure dates)

                                Daniel Pintauro     1983-84

                               Braden Danner    1984

                               Elden Ryan Ratliss  1984-85

                               Christopher Daniel Barnes    1985-86

                               Damion Scheller      1986

                               Andrew Kavovit     1986-91; 1992

                               John Howard     1996

                                Scott Holroyd   2001-03

                               Roger Howarth     2003-10

Dr. Rick Ryan       former doctor; John Dixon's protege; son of Jen and Chuck; let Len Howell get away with making PCP, planted it on Larry Travis, spiked Eric Hollister with it; was involved in taking baby Sabrina from Kim with Howard Lansing
                            Con Roche   1972-73; 1986-87
                            Gary Hudson 1981
Judge Hamilton Rydell     Richard Council    ?1993
Eric Rykov       Page Johnson      1989      Stalked Anna Benson and wormed his way into Tom and Margo's hiouse in search of the postal heist loot
Dr. Tess Ryland        Anne Shropshire    1984    worked with Russ Elliott
Edited by slick jones
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Some ATWT comments

Ted Rogers was responsible for the death of Doug Cassen. He blamed Doug for his wife's death and shoved him, causing Doug to hit his head and die.

Re Chuck Ryan

He is mentioned in early 60's synopses.

Not sure if he ever appeared in the 70's unless the character was brought back briefly to remind audiences of his friendship with Bob and set up the arrival of Jennifer and her children.

Of the three actors listed it seems Bob Balaban most likely played Chuck in the early 60's as by 1971 he was regularly working in Hollywood.

Don Chastain had just played Debbie Reynold's husband in her sitcom so again unlikely  he would go back to soaps for a brief stint (or maybe he did)

Micheal Ebert had played on LOL till 1970 so he may have played Chuck after, but just as likely in the earlier stint.

So my belief is all three actors played Chuck in the early 60's.

Hopefully someone can clear this up!

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I had 1960s written down. I've had a mild fever the past day or so.  Thanks for letting me know. I added the Ted Rogers info. 


There's so much about Emily, Meg, and Paul, I put off their character  "blurbs" until I feel up to diving in, probably Wednesday.

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  Balaban's EON appearance is another I tried to find with zero luck.  






AS THE WORLD TURNS       Dr. Chuck Ryan      1971

GENERAL HOSPITAL            Dr. Tom Baldwin      1976-77

ONE LIFE TO LIVE                 Pike Buchanon         1980

SEARCH TOMORROW   Dr. Max Taper           1980-81

ALL MY CHILDREN               Warren Barclay         1983

AS THE WORLD TURNS        Logan Andrews         1987

RYAN'S HOPE     Detective Casey   Unknown Year

ANOTHER WORLD                 Boat Captain               1987

                                                  Noah Grady                  1989

GUIDING LIGHT                       Pharaoh Blanken         1989

ANOTHER WORLD                  T.J. Reno                       1997

AS THE WORLD TURNS         William Cooley              2000; 2001

ONE LIFE TO LIVE      Don the Jeweler       Year Unknown

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS   Alan Carey           2000


@Paul Raven, @jam6242  Looking at his soap career, Chuck in 1971 for a brief stint makes the most sense, no prior soap roles in the 1960s ----that we know of.


Bob was aged up in 1960, and according to the ATWT book, Chuck and Mary Mitchell double dated with Bob and Sylvia Hill. Mary left in 1965, Sylvia came in in 1964.  Chuck probably  left around 1965 when Mary left the canvas as well. 


So......... I would say Ebert was likely (not definitely, but likely) on from 1962-65 give or take.......


As for Balaban, who knows? 




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