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Soap Opera Cast Lists and Character Guides- Cancelled and Current

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Some info on Woman To Remember

The story concerned a radio soap opera

Patricia Wheel's character was the star of the soap

John Raby played the director

Joan Castle's (not Catlin) character was a replacement actress disliked by the other castmembers.

Edited by Paul Raven
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Re House on High Street

Cast for first story

David Evans (16 yr old car thief) - Clay Hall

Mrs Alma Evans - Enid Markey

Leo Evans - Donald Madden

Marion Evans - Dorothy Rice

Nancy O'Donnell - Frances Heflin

Policeman - William Cottrell

Court Officer - Shaun Dooley


Phillip Abbott as probation officer John Collier

Presiding Justice James Gehrig

Psychiatric consultant Dr Harris B Peck



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On 5/3/2019 at 2:20 AM, Paul Raven said:

Some info on Woman To Remember

The story concerned a radio soap opera

Patricia Wheel's character was the star of the soap

John Raby played the director

Joan Castle's (not Catlin) character was a replacement actress disliked by the other castmembers.


20 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Re House on High Street

Cast for first story

David Evans (16 yr old car thief) - Clay Hall

Mrs Alma Evans - Enid Markey

Leo Evans - Donald Madden

Marion Evans - Dorothy Rice

Nancy O'Donnell - Frances Heflin

Policeman - William Cottrell

Court Officer - Shaun Dooley


Phillip Abbott as probation officer John Collier

Presiding Justice James Gehrig

Psychiatric consultant Dr Harris B Peck




10 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Re Kitty Foyle

Staats Cosworth was Mr Strafford

Arlene Golonka was Della

Julienne Marie was Dorothy Sayers

Jeanne Barr was Cora



On 5/9/2019 at 4:41 AM, Paul Raven said:

re The Greatest Gift


Joe Draper originated the role of Sam Blake


Lee Connor was Dr Eve Allen's friend and office nurse.


On 5/9/2019 at 3:51 AM, Paul Raven said:

re Ben Jerrod

Isabel Randolph's character was Hannah Zee.

Lance Fuller is  listed as playing Abel Collier jn an NBC press release.



On 5/8/2019 at 8:34 AM, Paul Raven said:

Re From These Roots

Jean Shepherd as Milton Sweetwater debuted Feb 15 1961 and appeared occasionally thereafter. Milton was 'a colorful and vocal TV producer who doesn't bother to read the scripts he presents'


On 5/4/2019 at 1:56 AM, Paul Raven said:

Re Portia Faces Life

Jack Ragotzy's role was Wynn Carleson. he was killed off June 11 1954



All Added

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Molly ____ Bailey    ????     77    wife JoP

Justice of the Peace Wallace Bailey    ??????  married Jason/Nola    77

Tony Frankel     Michael Valenti       1978    pianist


Dr. Rice, Jr.    Russell Hardie    intern, embarrassed son   5/8/63

Dr. Rice, Sr.          Bill Berger        alcoholic father, doctor    5/8/1963

Greta VanAllen/Powers Aldrich Whitney.       .....Melissa Sherman     1978   temporary


Judy..    Frannie Michel       1977-78


Anesthesiologist     Dr. Peter Salgo      1978



More As the World Turns    (M,N,O's) between now and Wednesday.


33 minutes ago, Paul Raven said:

Re Verdict Is Yours

Add Jessica Jones July 59


Re Brighter Day

Add Lionel Kranitz June 58


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continued      the M's



Mr. MacDougal     Keith Gerchak        2008

Garrick  MacLaren        Alan Coates      2002

"Duke" Ian MacLaren      Peter Giles       2002 

Hank MacPherson          ?????    stable boy, tried to rape Lily    9/1985

Henry MacPherson      Robert Gerringer   1985   Hank's daddy

Detective MacRae    Robert Prescott    

Judge Madden      Ben Hammer       9/94

Dr. Maddux         John Leone        2005

Alan Mallory     Jay  Alan Christensen        2000

Detective Malloy     Trevor Richardson         2001

Mallory Malloy     Jennifer Kroll     

Michael Malloy   Rudolph Willrich    1982    henchman, Mr. Big

Reverend Malone       Tom Roland    1997

Rita Malzone    Priscilla Garita    1996

Umberto Malzone (Diego Santana)     Rick Gianisi      1996

                                Bronson Pickett    1996-97

Lenny Mancuso     Jonathon Del Arco    2/88

Officer Mancuso      John Fiore     

Melanie Mannarino    Melanie Mannarino

Brenda Manning    Rosalyn Coleman     2008

Judge Manning     Ben Jones     1999

Dr. Wayne Manning    Marcus Lovett     1992

Ruth ______  Mansfield    Ann Flood    1992-93    Kirk's client

"Aunt" Marie Ciccone Manzo    Marisa Redanty       2010   Janet's aunt

"Uncle" Ralph Manzo    Stuart Damon       2009-10    mobster

Nurse Laura March     Georgann Johnson   early 60s    secretary at Memorial   

Cesare Marichi      Matt Servitto       1994; 1997 Eduardo's assistant

Esther ____ Marino     Donna Martella     1993-94      Marjorie Lombard's mother

Frank Marino     Ed Setrakian        1993-94     Marjorie Lombard's father

Maria Fernando Marino        Jill Harmon     1972    patient (Dan Stewart) that died on the table

Tony Marino       Carmine Stipo        1972-73      Maria's widower

Eliot Markham   Philip Bosco        1993-94     con artist partner/father figure Samantha (Keller) Markham Anderson

Buzzy Markman     Steve Talley      2002

Jill Marks        Ruby Jerins       2006-07

Melissa Marks        Angela Bullock 

Dr. Neil Marlette    Helmar Augustus Cooper     1997   

Editor ___ Marlowe     Ward Asquith         1994

                                       Robert Ari     1997

Bilan Marlowe        Kathleen Rowe McAllen     1981-83  daughter of Miranda and "The Corsican",   kidnapped by "Mr. Big"

Lydia Marlowe      Zsa Zsa Gabor         1981

Mrs. Marly       Basia McCoy               1999

Peter Marsden       Peter Webster     1986

                        (faux)   Charles Cioffi    1986

Kevin Marshall    Jeff Phillips         1990

Karen  Atkins Martell      Dee Hoty       1992       wife Shorty

Willard "Shorty" Martell    Peter D. Greene     1992-93    murder victim

Guido Martelli     Michael Burstyn  

The Brad Martin Band          Brad Martin             2002

                                              Dan Cohen                 2002

                                               James Cook             2002

                                               Mike Geiger               2002

                                               Derek Mixon             2002

Bill Martin                      Rick Stear                     2007

Dr. Cheryl Martin      ??????    5/80     dated Bob Hughes

District Attorney  Dick Martin     Joe Maross   1966

                                        Ed Kemmer    1966-70; 1974-78

Otto Martin                Allen Nourse     1966-68

Reverend Martin      Andy Taylor      1993

                                  Amy Taylor         1994

Dr. Maslin             Armande Anthony        2005

Belva Mason       Barbara Neal

Bill Mason              Michael P. Moran      1996

Commissioner Mason    Ron Parady       11/84   disliked Margo

Derek Mason        Thomas Gibson    1988-89   Lily's former husband, wanted to kill her

Joe Mason        Mark Elliott Wilson    

Niles Mason       Charles Keating      1988-89   Derek and Trish's    father

Trish Mason        Sherry Ramsey        1988-89     Derek's sister

Johnny Mathis          Johnny Mathis      1991    singer

Cliff Matson     Jay Acovone       1981-82       dated Sofia K.

Mitzi Matters     Anne Sayre         2000-04    showgirl friend of Rose D. later embezzled from her and poisoned herself (accidentally).

Dr. Henry "Matt" Matthews      David Brand     1990   Iva's therapist

Reverend Wally Matthews     Charles Siebert      1972-74

Bobbi Maxwell       Avra Holt        1983     Lonnie's wife

Janice Maxwell     Holly Cate     1993-95  Kim's manipulative WOAK assistant; dated Holden

Lonnie Maxwell     Matthew Cowles    1983   Bobbi's husband; involved in coin caper with Steve/Betsy
Ameera Al Aziz   Mayer   Tala Ashe  2008 married Noah
Noah Mayer  Jake Silberman   2007-10 Luke's boring  true love
Colonel Winston Mayer     Daniel Hugh-Kelly   2007; 2008; 2009 Noah's homophobic murderer  father
______Mayes    Jack Poggi
Gloria ___ Maynard   Never Seen    Denise's Mother
Dr. McBurney    Never Seen   dental records switched with James Stenbeck       
Fiona McBurney    ?????     11or12/87    Dr. McBurney's daughter
Beatrice McKechnie McCall      Ashley Crow    1986-87   Duncan's daughter by Mary Callahan; thought she was his sister; married Brian, mother of Mary Joanna, Duncan Brian and Whitney
Brian McCall        Robert Burton      1982     editor, dated Dee Stewart, Barbara Ryan and Shannon O'Hara before marrying Beatrice
                            Frank Telfer     1983-84
                            Mark Pinter      1984-87
Charmane L'Amour McCall    Lee Meredith     1983-84   Whit's wife, pretended to be his sister                     
Duncan Brian McCall    Never Seen      son of Brian and Beatrice
Joanna ___  McCall     Never Seen    mother of Brian and Diana
Kirk McCall    Christian J. LeBlanc   1983-85   son of Whit and Dorothy Connors   gambling addict, dated Frannie and Marcy. learned his best friend Jay was his half-brother
Mary Joanna McCall    Never Seen    daughter of Brian/Beatrice
Whitney "Whit" McCall        Robert Horton   1982-84   widower of Joanna; bigamist--married to Charmane and Lisa at the same time, fathered Kirk by Dorothy; murdered by Dorothy owned City Times and McCall Industries
Whitney McCall     Never Seen      daughter of Brian and Beatrice
_____   McCann     Dominic Marcus            thug
Dylan McCarthy    Zach Sorrow     2008
Morgan McCarthy     Lexie Drago    2007
Bernice McCloskey   Jaclyn Ross    1988  Dan's daughter
Captain Daniel "Dan" McCloskey   Dan Frazer   1984-96  Captain of Police Squad, married Nancy Hughes, had Alzheimer's
Nancy ____ Hughes McCloskey   former schoolteacher, town matriarch, meddlesome mother turned town confidante; volunteer.  Wife of Chris and Dan; close friend to Katie
                                            Betty Runnell  (temporary)
                                            Betty Low   1988
                                            Helen Wagner   1956; 1956-80; 1983; 1985-2009
Dr. Lewis " Lew "McCloud        Marc Gomes    1997     skeevy ex boyfriend of Camille Bennett, paralyzed by explosion, then faked paralysis until he tried to rape Camille
                                    Monti Sharp     1997-98
Pamela ____ McCloud   Helen Goldsby    1997   Lew's wife, killed in explosion
Ronnie McCloud     Scott Cumberbatch    1997   Lew and Pamela's son
Agnes ___  McDermott      Sydney Anderson   1992   Larry's mother
"L.J." McDermott       Robert Hogan    1991-92    Larry's father
Dr. Larry McDermott    former boyfriend of Frannie, dated Lyla, married Susan Stewart. fathered Alison by in vitro fertilization (via Emily's egg); later  used another of Emily's eggs via Aurora Hunter, fathering Lyon Hunter McDermott
                               Marcus Lovett (temporary)    1994
                                Ed Fry    1990-95; 2009
Lia McDermott     Deja Kreutzberg    2005-06   Casey's ex-girlfriend, found murdered at campground
Lyon Hunter McDermott   Evan Alex Cole    2009-10    in vitro child of Larry and Aurora
Mr. McDonnell      Jim Mohr      1996
Officer McDonough      Jim Schoefield      1996
Dana Woodward McFarland  Deborah Hobart 1979-80  former wife of Ian M., Ballerina; engaged to Bob Hughes
Ian McFarland    Peter Simon    1979-80    composer, ex husband of Dana, fell for Dee Stewart, died in the sack with her
Bud McGann     Charlie Pollack    2008
Sergeant McGill     Brian St. August     2009
Jimmy McGuire     Michael Cody    1970    son of Sandy and Roy
Kelly McGuire       Shauna Hicks       1991-92
Roy McGuire      Konrad Matthaei    1966-68 ex-husband of Sandy and Penny
Mr. McHenry      Graeme Malcolm      1987
Dr. Marsha Palladino McKay      Justine Miceli    1992-93     Holden's doctor/ dated
Spencer McKay   Nell Mooney    2008    faked her death with the help of Dani Andropoulos
Angus McKechnie      Michael Swan  1986   (flashbacks)
Bonnie Louise McKechnie  (Jenkins)     daughter of Duncan and Jessica; dated Isaac,Brad, Derek, and Dusty
                                    Allison Gangadesu 1993 
                                     Caroline Aimetti  1993-96
                                    Chloe Morris    1996
                                    Napiera Daniela G   2001-03; 2004
                                     Chauntee Shuler   2007-09
Duncan McKechnie      Michael Swan    1986-95; 2001; 2003
        part Scotsman, part pirate, part hero and part rogue;  married Shannon and Jessica; father of Beatrice and Bonnie
Lilith DeVries McKechnie     Sara Botsford    1988-90  psychotic ex-wife of Duncan, sister of Roderick, allegedly shrunk Shannon's head(she didn't)
Margaret ____ McKechnie   Margaret Reed   1986   flashbacks
Shannon O'Hara McKechnie     Margaret Reed   1985-90; 1994-95
     aka Erin Casey   (also Erin Cavanaugh) Niece to Earl Mitchell; dated Brian M., Glenn and Mark Harrington;    took care of Dusty for John, almost married Brian, married Duncan; presumed dead, returned in 94
Reverend Angus McKenzie       J.R. Horne     justice of the Peace
Doris ___  McKenzie     Carole Monferdini    wife, Angus
Bridget McKinnon       Jenna McGrane      2000-02    Jake and Vicky's daughter
                                   Megan Ferrara    2000-02
Jake McKinnon       Tom Eplin   1999-2002   editor of City Times, lost wife Vicky; married Molly; killed by crazy Mary Mennihan (vast history on Another World)
Marly  Love (Hudson) McKinnon     Ellen Wheeler   2000; 2001; 2002
     Vicky's twin; Jake's ex-wife; took custody of the twins
Michelle McKinnon       Kayla McGrane   2000-02  Bridget's twin
                                      Laura Ferrara     2000-02
Molly Peterson Conlan  McKinnon cousin of Carly mother of Abigail formernews anchor at WOAK; dated Nick Scudder,Holden, Andy, David Stenbeck, Chris, Mike and Dusty
                          Cristina Chambers      2004
                          Lesli Kay    1997-04; 2009-10
Victoria "Vicky" (Carson) Love Hudson Frame Harrison McKinnon
                   twin to Marly; mother of Bridget and Michelle; wife of Jake; killed in plane crash
                               Jensen Buchanan
Brian McKnight    Brian McKnight       1995   singer
Alan ":Red" McLean     Peter Maloney      1994
Major Gerard McLean     Brian Delate         2007
George McLellan (aka Mel Asher)   ?????      1989     Security Head in Florida Hospital
Sandra McLure    Stephanie Raye      2004     fashion reporter 
Dick McMahon        Ed Kurtzman
Mrs. McMillan         Joann Bayes 
Fred McNeil        ?????    12/77     alibi   Jay Stallings  
Sandy McNeil         Ted Pejovich       1987   Duncan's buddy, James' employee
_____ Mead      Bill Kux
Nurse Meade         Lori March          early 1960s
________Meadows      John DiBenedetto        mausoleum guard
Anne ___ Meadows     Barbara Joyce   1959-61   couple that raised Jimmy aka Danny Stewart
Dr. Joe Meadows       John Boruff 1959-61      couple that raised Jimmy aka Danny Stewart
Mary Dolan Mennihan     Marian Thomas Griffin  2001-02   crazy nanny that killed Jake McKinnon
Valerie Merediz      Sara Ramirez     1997      attorney
Dr. Merker         Gregory Chase        1996
Officer Jessie Meyer    Cathy Diane Tomlin      2007-09    occasional
Captain Meyerson     David Wilson Barnes     2007
Jake  Meyerson        Robert Bacheler
Dr. Lynn Michaels   Oakdale's favorite psychiatrist
                                Haunani Lee       (temporary)
                                Barbara March    (temporary)
                               Beth McDonald      1997
                               Courtney Simon   1985-05
Lois Middleton    Diane Franklin     1979  Betsy's friend   dated Kirk Simmons and Matt Kelly    got pregnant
Terry Milburn        Scott Klavan         2010
Judge Marilyn Milian    Judge Marilyn Milian       2007
Alma ____ Miller     Joanna Roos     1960   Lisa's mother
                               Ethel Remey      1963-77
                             Dorothy Blackburn     1978
Dr. Miller          Doug Ballard         1983-84
Henry Miller        Luis Van Rooten      1960-61
Mr. Miller        ?????     8/85     one of Guy Howard's thugs
Nicole Miller         Nicole Miller     1984    fashion designer
Dr. Milton      Greg Zittel       
Officer Eugene Milton     Daniel Pearce      2010
                                       Roy Feinberg        2010
Carmine Minardi              Frank Gulli       1993    Renata's brother
Gino Minardi                  Mark Lotito      1992     Renata's brother
                                      Emmanuel Xuereb   1992-93
Renata Minardi               Gianna Ranaudi     1992     former lover, Damian  executive assistant at Kingsley-Malta
                                       Elizabeth Sastre     1992-93
Dr. Ming                         Stephen Sable
Agent Earl Mitchell      Farley  Granger     1986-88    secret agent; Shannon's uncle; Lisa's late husband
Nurse  Mary Mitchell     Joan Anderson   1963-65
Matt Mitchell               Noah Mazaika         2005
Sally ____ Mitchell    Delphi Harrington     late 70's
Stan Mitchum          Daniel Ahearn        2005
Reginald Moffett      ??????    6/85     attorney Stewart Cushing
Jake Molino    David Wasson    
Dr. Henry Moller      John Seitz  1982    Barbara's sanitarium doctor
Miss Moloney        April Adams        1985
Mitch Monroe     Mitchell McGuire     
Monty Montague      Paul Schoeffler    
Andre Montand     ??????      11/85      Shannon's ex-lover
Senor Montez          Greg Mitchell
Bart Montgomery       James Raymond    1984
Bryant Montgomery   son of Sierra and Craig; loved Jennifer; died in car crash; also dated Abigail and Ruby
                                    Dennis Marrotta    1987-89; 1990
                                    Jaime Kenyon
                                   (young) Zach Sorrow    2000
                                  Todd Rotondi    1999-2001
Cabot Sinclair Montgomery    (age 16)   Micah Alberti     2004
                               Aiden Wagner    2004
                                   Billy McFadden    2004
                               Lucas Kelly     2005
                               Daniel Menake   2005-07
Craig Montgomery        Son of Bart and Lyla; brother of Cricket; half-brother to Margo and Katie; father of Bryant and Lucy by Sierra; father of Gabriel Caras by Lydia; father of Johnny by Jennifer; adoptive father of Cabot with Rosanna. charismatic conniver best known for sleeping with Lucinda and daughter Sierra in the 80s; faked paralysis during his first marriage to Betsy;  presumed dead in Greece; founded Montgomery and Associates; later married Sierra,Barbara, Meg and Rosanna twice.
                    Scott Bryce   1982-87; 1988-89; 1990; 1993-94; 2007-08
                    Hunt Block    2000-05
                    Geoffrey Meek    2006-07
                   Jon Lindstrom    2008-10
Johnny Montgomery     son of Craig and Jennifer, taken away by Lucy and Dusty 
                   Daniel Menake   2005-06
                   Bailey Harkins    2008-10
Dr. Lucy Montgomery     daughter of Craig and Sierra; dated Clark, Rafael, Aaron, and Dusty. Dusty and Luci took Johnny away and brought him back
                                Chelsea Braden
                                Amanda Seyfried   2000-01
                                Peyton List    2001-05
                              Spencer Grammer     2006
                                Sarah Glendenning    2008-10
Rosanna Cabot Walsh Montgomery SinclairRyan Montgomery Ryan Montgomery      spoiled daughter of Alexander, half-sister of Carly and Gwen; tried to steal Carly's kids several times over the years    
                      Yvonne Perry    1992-96; 1998; 1999
                     Cady McClain    2002-05; 2007-08; 2009; 2010
Melba Moore    Melba Moore      singer       1986
Detective Moran     ?????  2/85
Mrs. Moran     Jennifer Joyce    4/85
Shirley Morehouse       Isabel Glasser   1999  best friend, Deena Silva
??Diana Morgan    Michelle LaMothe  1978-80????
Errol Morgan     Jeremy Peter Johnson      1997
                           Jason Roth       1997
Evan Morgan     Jack Ryland        1977
Reverend Morgan     Bennett Stephens
Agent Robert Morgan     Armand Schultz       2005
                                  Terrence McCrossin      2005
Dr. Morris        David Furr         2006
Judge Morris      John Wojda
Mrs. Morris   Never Seen      raised Samantha Markham
Mr. Morris     Never Seen     raised Samantha Markham
Keith Morrissey       Kin Shriner    2005-06    pilot; Julia Larrabee's brother; JJ's uncle; affair with Lily
Leo Morrissey    Zack Conroy    2008    intern; dated Liberty
Percival Morrison (aka Missouri Spats) ?????    9/84   pool shark (Maggie)
Detective Morrow      Louis Mustillo   2008
Henry Moss     Greg Baglia
Judge Moss    Frank Raiter
Libby Mueller   Irma St. Paule
Captain Muggins     Robert Ferro    4/87    ship's captain
Detective Mulcahy      Jack Davidson       1991
____ Mulligan      Andrew T. Murphy     1986-87  bar owner
Adam Munson     son of Margo and Hal, raised by Tom; film school student, loved Abigail; screwed around with Jade Taylor; became obsessed with Gwen; almost died in Afghanistan; came home with face grafts and the name Riley Morgan. Left town..
                Philip "Phips" Smith     1988-89
                Michael Zderko       1989-95
                 Harry Zittel          1996-98
                Bret Cooper
                Craig Lawlor      1998-2002
                Matthew Morrison   2006
                Matt Cavanaugh     2006-07
               Tom Degnan    2009  (Riley Morgan fake name)
Gwen Norbeck Munson   Daughter of Iris  D  and Ray Tenney, half sister to Carly, mother of Billy (by Casey) and Hallie by husband Will 
                      Jennifer Landon  2005-08; 2010
Detective Hal Munson    "the father of half of Oakdale"  ; son of Harold, brother of Claire, police chief; fathered Nikki with Lynda; fathered Adam with Margo; did not father but raised Jen as his own;fathered Will by Barbara; raised Paul as a father figure; fathered Parker with Carly; he went by Harold Gleason while undercover as chauffeur for the Harper family.; married Lynda, Barbara (3 times), Carly, and Emily.
                  John Hillner       (temporary)    1994-95
                  Richard Council    (temporary)
                 James Kiberd     (temporary)    2001
                 Randolph Mantooth   2004-05
                  Benjamin Hendrikson  1984-2004; 2005-06
Hallie Munson      Alexa Kaplan     2010
Harold Munson    John Seitz       1986    Hal's father
                           Barton Heyman     1989
Liberty Ciccone Munson     daughter of Janet, dated Leo,married Parker
                      Meredith Hagner    2008-10
                      Sarah Wilson     2010
 Detective Nikki Graves Munson       Hal's daughter by Lynda  former IRS agent, dated Jeremy, Ryder, Andy, Matt, and Henry
                       Jordana Brewster   1995-98; 2000
                        McKenzie Satterthwaite     2004
Parker Munson         son of Carly and Hal (Brad and John were also in the running)   briefly married  true love, Liberty
                     Justin Weiss      1999
                     Cole Kachelhosser     1999-2004
                     Giovanni Cimino      2004-06
                     Mick Hazen          2006-10
Will Munson      son of Barbara and Hal, dated Gwen, Celia, and had affair with Jade; accidentally killed Rose D'Angelo as a teen 
                      John Pink    1993-96
                      Bryan Abadrabo      1996-99
                      Brett Groneman      2000-04
                      Jesse Lee Soffer     
Mandy Murdoch     ?????    9/1984   dated Bob  
Mrs. Murphy     Madeline Sherwood    1983
Officer Murphy     David Courier     1992-93
Valerie Murphy    Toni Lewis     2002
Sergeant Musgraves    Josh Pais
Mabel of Mabel's Red Hots       Lynne Lipton   1997
                                                  Maggie Task
Madeline the reporter               Barbara Gulan    1998
Magda in charge of wedding security   Judy Gold   
Maggie the little girl Julia and Jack helped  Joanna Wolff 1998
Maggie the nanny      Erica Thomas     2009-10
Maggie             Cheryl Ann Leaser        2007
Magnifico the magician     Ryan Oakes     2006
Mahalia that helped James S.     Gammy Singer   
Mandy the student       Victoria DeMare     1999
Manny               Holter Graham    2010
Marco           Mario Campanaro        1994
                     Jordi Caballero       1994
Marco      ??????    2/1984    stopped Richard from killing Gunther
Marcy                  Meghan Strange     1999
Marcy        Larisa B. Emanuele     2009 
Margaret the waitress     Ruth Kulerman
Margarita the flower lady   Ida Bernadini    
"Mental" Marge    Cheryl Moore   2001
Margery          Mary McTigue     
Maria          Judith Delgado     2008
Maria          Jackie Cossett
Marie         Claire Winters          2006
Marilyn, Lyla's nanny for Katie    Melissa Johnson   1990-94
Marilyn that dated Jack     Marla Sucharetza       1998
Marilyn the stage manager   Lisa Jolley
Marissa      Marissa Chibas      1986
Marj       Robin Groves       1987
Marla from Rhodes College   Buffy Cannon       2002
Marlena      Ingrid Whittakher
Marsha the waitress    Stacie Linardos   1997
Martha                        Jackie Hoffman
Martha                        Elizabeth Swain    4/85
Aunt Martha   (voice-over)     Glynis Bell       7/1999
Martin        Blaise  Hemingway
Martino, David's employee    James Soviero     2001
Marty      Adam LeFevre        1998
Mother Mary/Mother Monica    Margaret Hall    1991   Mother Superior
Mary                 Kristen Stewart Chase       2006
Mary, Brad's friend     Annie Mistak     2009
Mary Beth the model      Heather MacRae
Mason  (Claudia Colfax's first husban)    Never Seen
Matt the rude teen      Scott DeFrietas    1984
Matthew   Lucinda's butler    Thom Zimerle   
                                             Paul Martel     1986-95
                                            Mark Irish   
Maurise the limo driver        John Reger
Max the Java manager      Marcus Schenkenberg      2000
Max the maitre'd     John Jenis
Max from Virginia Common      Sean Hemeon        2002
Max                         Ryan Link     2006
Max                         Tim Kubart    2005
Max                         Craig Chester    
Max                         Scott Brown
Max                         Alex Garcia (Darke)
Maynard                  Dick Martinsen         1986
Megan  Aaron's friend    Katie Lowes       2004-05
Megan    dated Clark    Kristina Apgar       2004
Mei Ling                     Elaine Tse      1996
Mel the messenger           Jan Austell   
Mel the kidnapping witness   Jessamyn Bradley
Melanie   Craig's assistant   Dontee Kiehn    2005
Melvin the businessman     Greg Moody    
Melissa                          Wendy Allyn     2004
Mercedes the divorcee with Simon     Laura Sametz
Merle     Kevin Thomas    
Mia                       Athena Curry       2007
Miguel the hotel clerk      Eddie Andino
Mike        George Gerdes           5/86
Mikki, Frannie's friend      Jane Krakowski     1983
Mildred the maid    Julie Jirousek        
Mildred        Marilyn Redfield         7/87
Millie, Julia's supervisor       Kit Flanagan
Mimi  Diana M's friend   Julia Murray     5/84
Miranda            Linda Warren
Miranda                Jackie Hoffman     2007
Miranda      Sarah Viccelleo   (Clements)       2007
Mitzi the waitress       Sue Ellen Estey
Moe         Brian Huskey          2005
Mona   (Damian)    Kim Sweeney     
Monica   Barbara's model     Jennifer Karr 
Monique  from Doctors Without Borders   Eleanor Handley     2010
Morgan              Eric Martin Brown          2005
Morlin the Protector     Peter Dinklage      2002
Mort                Joseph Prussak     2008
Muffy    Lisa Peluso      ?1974
Murray       Jerry Matz         1985
Murray the security guard      Bill Christ      2000
Murray, Rose''s friend  Matt Walton     2000
Musiq  the singer         Musiq
Mya    Martha Milian         2005
Myra        Claudia Rocafort        1996
Anyone with corrections, dates, actor info, etc. please let me know
Edited by slick jones
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  • Members
Nurse Nash        Beth Glover      
_______  Navarro   Gilbert Cruz     
___  Nelson    Michael Mulheren
Blythe Nelson    Shelley Conger     1989-93 (occasional)  reporter
Ellis Nelson     Kurt Robin McKinney    2010   Craig's thieving accountant
Sandy Nelson       Melinda Page Hamilton
Elroy Nevins         Cliff Weissman   1992-93   brutally raped Margo with Sam Fickett
Gray Nevins (aka Gray Gerard)   Dominic Fumusa    2008   won Al's Diner from Henry, Elroy's brother that went after Margo for payback
Herbert Newman      Robert Stanton   2003     Marshall Travers' lawyer
                                 Terrence Mann    2003
Monica Newman      Vickie Patik        1979     dated Ian McFarland
Mr. Nguyen       Dalton Leong        1988
Dr. Niarchos        Gregory Roziakis         6/1987
Vinnie Nichols   ??????     4/83    convict uprising at prison
Anne Nielsen    Never Seen      dated David Allen (Stenbeck)
Jens Nillson                 Jens Martin Krummell    
Gregory Noble        Christian Baskous    1992
Detective Nolan     Ben Thomas   5/1986
Judge Nolan        Jerry Mayer
Officer Nolte     Darren Pettie      2002
Billy (Hughes) Norbeck      Daniel Menake     2005 stillborn son of Gwen and Casey
Colton "Cole"  Norbeck       Chris Heusler     2007;2008   son of Iris,father of Hallie Munson with Sofie Duran; drug addict; killed Sofie for hiding money; went to jail 
James Norman     James Broderick   1962    dumped Ellen Cole
Brian  Norris      Marcus Diamond    1983
Frank Norris     Steven Marcus
Inspector Edwin Norton      Christopher Wynkoop   1988
                                            Colin Fox      1988
Albert Norville       Kevin Carrigan   2001   former Montgomery and Associates employee turned bartender
Miss Nussbaum     Marina Zenovitch
Dr. Nutton     Greg Zittel
Nan         Melanie Vaughn         2007
Nancy              Dawn Yanek       2007
Naomi the maid         Dorothy Lyman        2004
Nassos   the fisherman    Titos Vandis    1983-84
Nate                           Kelly Neal
Nate, Bryant's bro      Cameron Scott         2000
Neal                       Michael Gaston
Nello                         Spiro Malas          1987
Nick                          Brandon Dooling
Nick the homeless kid   Neal Huff        
Nick                     Chance Kelly
Nicole the model     Brandhyze Stanely
Nicole  Alison's  cellmate      Joselyn Reyes
98 Degrees          Justin Jaffrey
                             Drew Lachey
                             Nick Lachey
                             Jeff Timmons
Norman the guard       Jerrome Clark
Officer O'Brien     David McDonald        1990
Matt O'Connor     Eric William Morris    2008-09    met Casey in jail and joined him in Oakdale
Agent O'Malley     Abraham Smith     20008
Sister Mary Catherine O'Malley   Tresa Hughes     
                         (Young)      Tara Falk
Mary Pat O'Neal   Barbara Garrick   1987    met Dusty at Rose's diner
Officer O'Neill      Krista LePore    2000; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2009
Siobhan   O'Rourke     Priscilla Shanks        1993
April O'Shea          Garland Hunter
Aiden O'Toole        George Heslin
Angus Olliver    James Rebhorn       Reid's uncle, arrived post Reid's death
Dr. Reid Olliver     Eric Sheffer  Stevens   2010   Unapologetic, arrogant and witty doctor brought in to cure Noah by Luke; moved in with Katie and son Jacob; started to fall for Luke before getting killed off, donating his heart to Chris Hughes.  One of the best written gay characters in daytime--- Noah should have been driving over those train tracks
Celia Ortega         Alyssa Diaz    2004-05   singer, Rafael's sister, dated Casey
Rafael (Rafi)  Ortega        A.J. Lamas    2004-05   boxer, Celia's brother; dated Luc
                            Michael Cardelle         2005
Beverly Overton     Mary Elaine Monti     1994
Charlotte Overton     Julie Potter         1993-94
Bradley Cooper Owens     Paul Rolfes      2003
Dr. Owens         Bryan Hicks          1997
Olga the babysitter        Ann Marie Casson
Olga at the spa          Charley  King        2005
Olga the maid            Nereida
Otis the orderly          Stu "Large" Riley  
Edited by slick jones
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