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Soap Opera Cast Lists and Character Guides- Cancelled and Current

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Announcers           Bob Dixon     1956-57
                                 Harry Kramer   1956-72
                                Hal Simms     1972-84       substitute   1966-72
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I think that Maggie's last name was Lorimer.  (Robin Groves played her.)


Wallace Shawn definitely appeared on the show.


Correction:  Deborah was NOT an alcholic!   She originally was seen as a fun-loving girl who enjoyed smoking marijuana.   She was also briefly involved with Danny Micilli  and (undercover) with Rainey Cooper.

Eve Morris DID try to kill Cookie, but she actually killed Malcolm

You have listed both Russ Weatherford and Russ Weatherhead.   I would bet that they are the same.


  2 hours ago, danfling said:





Voice-Over   (Tobias)     Russ Weatherford     1979


Malcolm Thomas    Ed Kemmer   1964-65    Nancy's ex, dated EveM., Kitty, and married Cookie; murdered by Eve
Lieutenant Deborah Saxon   Frances Fisher    cop, daughter Tony, involved with Owen Madison and Steve Guthrie, as well as Danny Micelli and  Raney Cooper

Maggie Lorimer       Robin Groves   1977-78     Logan's secretary


Eve ____     Morris    Constance Ford    1964-65    tried to kill Cookie killed Malcolm

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One Man/One Woman's Experience

Each 15 min segment ran back to back One Man at 11.30/One Woman at 11.45

Initial story One Woman - 'Never Let Me Go' starred Mildred Clinton

One Man - 'Two Young Lovers' starred John Griggs

Re 3 Steps to Heaven

Add Jay Barney - 2 week stint as a psychiatrist Sept 54

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OCTOBER 6,1952-APRIL 10, 1953 DUMONT



Series that lasted 15 minutes per day with one actor/ actress only in each episode




                  John Griggs




                    Jack Manning








              Mildred Clinton

Evelyn Juster      week of episodes titled " Fatal Decision"  

Wendy Waldron









SEPTEMBER 3, 1951- AUGUST 1, 1952 CBS




Paula French...Karen Hale

Joe Kettle      Richard Carlyle

Ma Kettle...Doris Rich 3STH

Pa Kettle...Frank Tweddell

Betty MacDonald...Betty Lynn   1951- March 1952

...Pat Kirkland     1952

Bob MacDonald...John Craven

Lisa Schumacher...Ingeborg Theek

Jed Simmons...Grady Sutton


Grammy    Mary Perry

Mother(Betty)...Nancy Carroll

?????...Paul Ford       


Actress Karen Hale was the sister of Alan Hale, Jr, The Skipper "Jonas Grumby" on Gilligan's Island.




AUGUST 3, 1953-DECEMBER 31, 1954        NBC




Jennifer Alden  ...   Lori March       see  Hoppers

Alan Anderson    ...   Dort Clark        YM

Vince Bannister ....   John Morley

Max Bremner  ...   Mercer McCloud

Dr. Campbell     ....Harry Holcombe

Jason Clive    ...   Lauren Gilbert     EON, CMM, LOL, FUSA

Mrs. Clive   ....  Harriet MacGibbon    GW    Beverly Hillbillies

Charlotte Doane   ...    Mona Bruns     CVVR, PB, AW, TBD OMF

Mrs. Doane ...   Doris Rich   Egg&I

Nurse Gaines ...   Natalie Schafer     see Hoppers

Cliff Jenkins     ...   ????

Walter Jones    ...   Earl George

Pigeon Mallory   ...  Eeta  Linden

Bill Morgan   ...   Mark Roberts   Y&R, GH, B&B, DHSJ, MissSusan, DYN

                             ...Gene Blakely

                        ...   Walter Brooke    see Hoppers

  "Poco" Mary Claire  Thurmond Morgan ....  Kathleen Maguire  see Hoppers

                                ... Diana Douglas 2/54   ...   DOOL, DAL, DYN, CAP, KL, LIAMST

                                ....Phyllis Hill         MS, GH

Chip Morrison ...   Robert Webber   SFT, LOL, , MR, SH, TBD, VL

Barry Thurmond   ...   Roger Sullivan

Alice Trent   ...   Laurie Vendig 

Beth Waring   ... Madeline Belgarde 

Nan Waring    ...   Beth Douglas




Angela ...  Ginger McManus    1953   IF/PFL
"Uncle"   Frank  ...   Frank Tweddell         Egg &I

Laura  ....    Inge Adams

Mike ....   Joe Brown, Jr.      ran a burger joint 

Susan      Susan Oliver    younger sister    9/53


Psychiatrist     Jay Barney     9/1954      2 weeks



Announcer      Don Pardo





Donald Buka              AMC, TD

Sam Gilman        4/54

Henry Lascoe     4/54

Kay Medford       4/54

John Pavelko     1954

Jane Seymour      4/54

Howard Smith

Ralph Stantley

Donald Symington     4/54

Irving Taylor



Edited by slick jones
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NOVEMBER 13, 1995- MARCH 23, 1997
Cooper Alden       Michael Weatherly   1995
Deborah ____ Brewster  Alden    Nancy Addison Altman   1995
Tyler    Alden      Michael Deutchman   1995-96
                           Zach Wroblowsky     1996
                           Casey Gunther         1996-97
Dr. Arnold      James Murtaugh 
Dr. Bakers      Jack Ryland         
Pat ____ Baxter   Lee Chamberlain   1996
Ally Rescott Alden  Bowman     Laura Wright    1995-97
                           DeLaine Yates  1996 (Temporary)
Steffy Brewster   Amelia Heinle   1995-96
Jocelyn Roberts Brown    Lisa LoCicero    1995-97
Larry Brown       Larry Brown
Dr. Burke      Joanne Camp - Sobel    
Marty Burns      David Margolis    1996
Officer Cappelini     Barry Sigismondi     1996
Bernardo Castro     Philip Anthony-Rodriguez   1995-96
Michael "Mike"  Chamberlain    Michael James Reed    1996
Azure C. (Chang)     Carlotta Chang    1995-96    transgender character
______    Chang    Paul Young    1996   Azure's brother
Resident Chang       Jonathon Sam     1995-97
Jared Chase    Joel Fabiani    1996  
Sydney (Dottie Simpkins) Chase  Morgan Fairchild   1995-96
Malcolm Christopher      Geoffrey Whyte    1995
                                       Grainger Hines     1995-96
Beth ____ Dixon           Elizabeth Whyte      1996
Detective Lucy Dolan     Kristina Lear     1996; 1997
Father Luke Fletcher      Richard Holmes     1996
Dr. Angela "Angie" Baxter Hubbard Harrison Foster     Debbi Morgan   1995-97
Jacob Foster     Darnell Williams     1995-97
John Garcia     Fernando Lopez       1996
Dr. Geren       Stan Egi       1996
Guido Giordano      Emanuele Secchi       1997
Rico Giordano      Joseph Ragno
Murray Golden    John Doman     1996
Andrew Gross    Ron Parady      1996
Mrs. Hansen    Laury Marker    
Mr. Hansen     Tucker Smith 
Loren Harris      Apryl Foster
Darryl Hassey      Murphy Guyer      1996
Lorraine Hawkins    Maggie Rush   1996-97
Bobby Heckler     Alex Kilgore     1996
Dr. Hollis      Frances DuMaurier   1996
Liam Hopkins    Ted Pejovich    1996
Dillon Hornsby     P.J. Aliseo     1996-97
Frankie "Rajhib" Hubbard     Alimi Ballard    1995-96
Lyndon "Buck" Huston    Philip Brown    1995-97
Tess Wilder Partou Huston    Catherine Hickland
Melanie Jackson     Kathleen Sisk    1996
Kayla Jones    Erica Mer    1996-97
James Kenyon     Monti Sharp      1996
Tommy Kessel     Paul Lazar
Samuel King   Henry Doughlas Berrings   1995-96
Mr. Kingsley     Paul Schaeffer   
Kevin Larkin      Mark Deakins     1996
Robin Leach  Robin Leach      1996
Nurse MacPherson     Lisa McMillan     1996
Molly Malone   (real name Sandra Carlson)   Melissa Dye   1995-96   (Music Box Killer)
Trudy ____ Malone    Beth Dixon     1996
Dr. Marino      Jan Munro     1997
Vicky Mason    Ginger Tipton     1996
Alex Masters    Randolph Mantooth    1995-97
Marilyn McCoo    Marilyn McCoo    
Jackson Montgomery    Walt Willey     1996
Dr. Constance___ Peterson      Courtney Simon    1996
District Attorney Pierce     Ken LaRon     1996
Sarah Reynolds     Judith Blazer    
Nick Rivers     Roscoe Born     1995-97    
Zoey   Rivers   Joni Allen     1995-96
Danny Roberts    Ted King     1995-97
Joanna ____  Roberts      Kit Flanagan    1995-96
Lou Roberts        Robert Trumbull    1995-96
Detective Ruiz     Len Carter     1996; 1997
Mrs. Schaeller       Sonia Stewart
Judy Silver    Judy Gold     1995-96    
Agent Andre Smith       Andre Ware     1996
Carla Soleito Soleito    Amy Van Horne     1996-97
Carmine Soleito     Michael Della Famina    1997
Connie Soleito     Jennifer Esposito    1996
Donna Soleito     Monica Trombetta   1996
Gino Soleito     Al Martino     1996
                          Joe Sirola     1996-97
Joe Soleito        Frank Pellegrino     1996
Joe Soleito, Jr.  James Sioutis  1995-97
Maria ___    Soleito     Suzanne Costallos     1996
Detective Tony Soleito     George Palermo     1995-97
Tracy Angelica Quartermane Ashton Williams Hornsby Soleito   Jane Elliott     1996-97
John Starks       John Starks   
Taylor Stone     Josh Collmer    
Officer Waters   Jarrett Wright    1997
Richard Wilkins     Corey Page    1995-96
Rebecca Wooden    Deanna Jacubczak      1996
Val Zeller       Catherine Campbell
Bruno     Jarrod Bunch        1996
Catherine      Sarah Wynter    1996    +Richard W
Dee             Didi Conn    1996-97    Tracy's spyE\
Dorothy          Echo Allen     1997
Eric       John Healy       1996-97     bartender
George          Richard Holmes    1995
Jason     Tommy Tune       1996     producer
Leonard       Jacinto Riddick    1995-96      chauffeur
Lou          Drew Falcone     1996
Marge      Virginia Graham   1997   Lila Quartermnaine in Tracy's play
Maria     Gloria  Cromwell    1996    outspoken maid
Mark      Kelly AuCoin        1996\
Mark       Bryan D'Arcy James    Ned Ashton in play
Natasha     Diedre Quinn
Pamela       Melinda   Mullins     1997
Raymond    Robert Blackburn    1997    Edward Quartermaine in play
Roger     Ricardo   Cordero    1995
Ron     Ron Galotti          publsher    
Ryan     Dylan Scott    
Tommy    Michael Ryan Segal     1997
Vito     Anthony J. Rubistello     1996-97
Bartender      Donna Murphy     1995
Bartender      Len Carter            1995
Bellhop          David Carlson
Cab Driver     Robert Catrini       1996
Chess Player  Tom Morrissey     1995
Cop                Eileen Galindo
Flower Guy    John Reidy
Hotel Desk Clerk  Jack Aaron
Hotline           Tracy Mitchell
Judge             Paul Vincent    
Mobster's Wife   Mindy Mann
Mover            Marshall   "Dancing Elk" Lucas    1996
Murder Suspect    Ralph A Vallani
Nurse           Elizabeth Van Dyke  
                     Alana Campbell   
Photographer     John Scurti   
Police Officer     Michael Teneglia      1996
Secretary     Jami Simon       1996
Stage Manager (Richard) Brendan Higgins    1995-96
Surgeon        Tim Maloney      1996
Waitress     Tara Lynn Orr   1996
???   Delores Mitchell
 ???   Victor Warren
Anyone with more info, please let me know.
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OCTOBER 5, 1964-MARCH 25, 1966 ABC




Dr. Bob Ayres       Yale Summers     1965

Lieutenant Bauer    H.M. Wynant     1965

Simon Benjamin   ...   Jon Lormer       65, PP, Miss Susan 

Ray Benson    .....    Jim Dawson     1965

Nurse Jessie Murray Brewer     Emily McLaughlin    64    phone call to Dr. Dan Garrett

Phil Buckley.... Dennis Patrick   64 OLTL, SS, DS, RIT, DAL, MHMH, SOM

                       ......Ted Knight     64      TCH,  MTM Show

Buzz Coleman   Les Brown, Jr.  +      Jill   65-66

Henry Coleman...Frank Maxwell   GH, RTPP, GG 65-66

Martha ____Coleman...Maxine Stuart...65-66 GH,EON,FHY,Y&R,PP

George Cook     Fred Vincent      1965

Jimmy Dahl...Ken Metcalf...65 +Jill
Mr. Fisher  ....   Gavin Gordon     66

Irene _____Forsythe...Irene Hervey...64-65 Honey West   Liz'wealthy mother, divorcee

...Constance Moore...65

Henry Forsythe,. ..Walter Brooke 64 FC,DAL,BP,PB,TBD, 3STH,OMF     Liz's father

Aunt Alex "Garrett"..Irene Tedrow ...64-66... MHMH,PP

                               ...Sara Taft          64

Baby Boy Garrett    Naver Seen    miscarried child     64

Dr. Dan Garrett...Paul Picerni...64-66 CAP

Susan Canfield  Houghton Garrett...Peggy McKay   64-66 GH, LOL,DOOL,FBOW

Gilly Gillespie...Robert Hogan...65-66             attorney


                      .....     Robert Osborne   1966

Lena Karr Gilroy...Norma Connolly...65-66 EON,GH,MHMH

Roy Gilroy...  Harry Millard   65                                                                                             Barry Russo   65-66

Mrs. Gubbins  ...    Billie Bird       65   KL, YDIL

Mr. Hanaway     ?????    64     Matt's boss

Peter Houghton... John Lodge  66    + Susan, father Jerry

Skipper Jackson ....   David Pritchard    65

_____ Jansen    Never Seen       64   Irene's business rival   

Ginny Jansen     Gina Trikonis       1965 

Sarabelle Jordan   ...   Sherry O'Neil     65-66

Jerry Karr...Pat Rossen...65-66

Dimitri Killeran  Ben Astar      65           worked at the symphony

                       ...   John Banner    65)

Julie Kovacs...Meredith MacRae ... RIT        65

Dr. George Lyons     Martin Blaine     1965

Cynthia Allison Martin   Never Seen, wife of Ken

Dr. Ken Martin     Hunt Powers (Jack Betts)    65 Dan's friend  suggested a trip for Dan/Susan like the one he took with his wife, Cynthia Allison Martin

Max Matthews        Craig Curtis      1965

Jill McComb...Betty Conner...65

...Brenda Benet...65-66 WTHI,DOOL

.....    Mikki Jamison   65

..... Susan Albert   65

... Susan Yardley   66

Dr. John Meyers...???? ...??? eye doctor

Anne McComb Reynolds...Lee Merriweather...64 AMC,TCH

...Susan Brown...64-66... GH,PC,Y&R,Santa,RTPP,FTR,BP,ATWT,EON

Walter Reynolds...Michael Mikler...64-66 dated Carol W. GL

Mr. Rojas    ...Abel Franco..65-66..

Jeremy Smythe      ...   Berkeley Harris       65

Mr. Spencer   Peter Brocco       65.boss, Buzz

Liz Forsythe Stevens...Floy Dean...64-66 DOOL,MS

Mady ____Stevens...Maria Palmer...64-65     mother    Matt, Paul

Matt (Crane) Stevens...Charles Grodin...64-65

...Scott Graham..64, .65-66

Paul Stevens...Mike Stefani...64-66

Theo Stevens...Don Randolph...64-66        father, Paul, Matt, eye problems

Judy Swain   Never Seen       child in a custody suit     64

Mrs. Swain    Never Seen     mother in custody suit Dan was involved in    64

Marian Taylor   ....   Lynn Wood       64         worked with Susan at the Welfare Center

King Titus... Dort Clark   ATTL, 3STH   65-66

                  ...   James Chandler    65 (temp)

Mrs. King Titus       Athena Lorde           1965

Carol West...Susan Seaforth (eventually Hayes...65-66 DOOL, GH,B&B,Y&R,SUN BE



Alma the doctor ...  Ann Morrison     64   GH       Susan's OBGYN

Felix      Ivan Bonar               65         worked with Paul 

Joanne  ???...   knew  Gilly

Hoby            Alvy Moore       1965

Lily   (Irene's maid)     Maidie Norman    1965

Ted    ....    Craig Hundley      1965




Bartender...   Bill Quinn        65   Dallas,  LHS

Bartender   ....    Benny Rubin          64

Bartender   ....    Julio Medina          65

Captain           Race Gentry       1965

Poet          Dal Jenkins        65

Receptionist   ...   Mary Jane Canfield      65

Social Worker     Ila Bratton


???...Michael Christian...              PB,PP,GH

???...Barbara Boles



Thanks to synopses added to imdb, some additional information has been added, including Susan Garrett's maiden name, Canfield.


A last name  for Ginny, a poet, and a maid for Irene are new additions.



Two Port Charles natives, Jessie Brewer (in a phone call) and Dr. Ken Martin (Hunt Powers aka Jack Betts) showed up in  Queens Point.


Thanks to Sudsluvva's synopses/ cast additions on imdb.

Edited by slick jones
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The following are responses to the  EON cast list posted on FB. These are from Mark Thomas Faulkner:


Harry Kramer’s dates of service as Edge’s announcer were 1957-72. Bob Dixon was the series announcer from April 1956-December 1957


Carol Roux has stated that she never appeared on Edge. The actress who played the part of Molly in 1964 is unknown.


Stephen (Steve) Burleigh played a “Cop” on Edge in 1977.


Margo’s doorman “Dennis” was played by Sam Jarvis, not John.


Lisa Keith played Brenda in 1979 and did not appear in 1978. Her character was originally called Brenda and was referred to as Becky in her last appearance, though it was the same character.


Eric, you have Corky as being played by Joy (Connie) Claussen. Joy Claussen played Corky. Connie Clausen (one “s”) is a completely different actress. Connie played Gillian Brill in November 1957.


Adam Wade played the “Doctor” who examined Vic Lamont after he was shot at the New Moon. Wade appeared in that one episode aired in February 1975.


 The character of Joel Gantry first appeared in January 1973. Paul Henry Itkin and Nick Pryor both played the role in 1973. Neither appeared in 1972.



Warden Davies was the warden at Warmdale prison, not Wormdale, lol.



Nick Nicholson told me that actors who never appeared on Edge frequently added it to their resume to help pad it. Because there were so many short term roles and turnover on cast, it was difficult to prove that an actor didn’t appear on the show.





The following are from Michael Wilcox, a fan with many autographed photos from the 60s/70s that is quite knowledgeable  about EON characters.



"Margaret" Liz Hillyer's Maid appeared on the Show in 1969 & 1970 (not 67 - 68). The Hillyer Servants at that time were "Mrs. Willoughby" (BEULAH GARRICK) in 1968 and "Maynard" the Butler (RONALD DAWSON from 1966 - 1968). The maid "Margaret" was on after "Orin" & "Julie" left Monticello - and not until 1969) during the time that "Liz" was deciding to move into an Apartment and stop living in Claybank by herself.


JOSEPH GEORGE & RALPH OLIVER were the Thugs that kidnapped "Ron Christopher" (BURT DOUGLAS) and took him out to the Woods to murder him in 1969.


MINERVA PIOUS portrayed "Nicole's" Landlady in 1969 - 1970 and her name was "Cecelia Castamore". She was the Mother of the infamous "Roger Castamore" (portrayed by LAURENCE PRESSMAN in 1969 and then by ROY LONDON in 1970) who was sort of a "Norman Bates" (PSYCHO) type of character. He watched "Nicole" in her Apartment through "peep-holes" - rather creepy.


REVA ROSE portrayed "Vivian" the "Capice" Housekeeper in 1969 (not 1967 & 68). I remember when she was shown and it was in early 1969.


 I have to say that this Information is a real treat to discover today. I loved reading this Cast List, and it is especially interesting to see all of the short-term Characters. The best part was seeing so many familiar names. I knew that LARRY KEITH of ALL MY CHILDREN & ANOTHER WORLD had appeared on EDGE, but never knew anything about that. I was always curious about his EDGE appearances. I was hoping to see who the Actor was that portrayed "Marty" the Bartender during the Riverboat sequences in 1967 - 1968. I remember him trying to coax "Julie" to drink alcohol. He really teased "Julie" a lot and flirted with her. I recall him slipping "Julie" drinks that contained alcohol, but, she never fell for it. As a young Teenager I was impressed with the fact that "Julie" wouldn't drink. Here she was surrounded by all of these criminal types but she retained her values and virtue through all of it. I wish that Someone could supply the Actor's name who played "Marty".



I really would like to know the name of the Character that CELESTE HOLM portrayed as she was involved in the MILLETTE ALEXANDER & WESLEY ADDY ("Gail" & "Dr. Hugh") Story. He dumped "Gail" for this woman. I know that HOLM & ADDY were married to each other in "real life".
All adjusted to be re=posted.
Edited by slick jones
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More cast information from Michael Wicox 


BARBARA RODELL portrayed "Miss Ames" in 1971. FRANCINE BEERS portrayed "Nurse Ernestine Hubbell" and not "Margaret". I see an "Ernestine Hubbell" (DOROTHY BLACKBURN) listed as a Character in 1964 and am confused about that one. I can state emphatically that "Nurse Hubbell's" first name was "Ernestine". I kept Cast Lists at that time.

"Miss Ames" was an Airline Desk Clerk in 1971.


I wish that Someone could supply the name of the Actress that portrayed "Mrs. Kingston Houghton" in the Plot that had her accuse "Gail Armstrong" (MILLETTE) of stealing an emerald Brooch in 1958. I would also like the name of the Actor that portrayed her Son "Frances" who actually stole his Mother's Brooch, and because "Gail" had rebuffed his advances, framed her for the theft.


 I have to clear up some misinformation regarding the twins "Laura" & "Julie". The actual name of "Orin's" 2nd Wife was "Laura Hathaway Hillyer" - she was not a "Jamison" as is listed here. Her twin "Julie" was "Julie Hathaway Jamison Hubbard Hillyer". When the twins were born "Mr. Hathaway" (off camera) agreed to sell one of the baby girls ("Julie") for Adoption (to pay for mounting medical bills), which was arranged by an unscrupulous "Doctor" - I am assuming the Adoptive Parents were the "Jamisons", but that was never really made clear. At the time I remember feeling bad for "Mrs. Hathaway" because she was led to believe that one of her twin babies had died at birth. She was completely kept in the dark. As I recall, there was also a Nurse involved in the deception (in cahoots with the Doctor). But the point is that "Laura Jamison Hathaway" is incorrect.


PLEASE change the part about "Julie" being "Laura's" look-a-like Cousin - they were revealed to be twin Sisters - not Cousins. One of the Soap History Books printed this error and it has muddied the waters ever since. It was a huge reveal in the Plot that "Laura" and "Julie" were twin sisters as "Orin" had suspected. Cousins would have been ridiculous.


MILLETTE ALEXANDER portrayed "Laura Hillyer" in 1968 also (not just 1966 -1967) - but, as a "Vision"/"Hallucination" of the dead Wife of "Orin" in his delusions/dreams. "Orin" would wake up and hear "Laura" playing the Piano and would spot her wafting through the Hallways of Claybank wearing "wind-blown" filmy Night Gowns - very eerie scenes. So technically "Laura" was on in 1968. MILLETTE couldn't have been portraying "Laura" on EDGE in 1965 because she was still playing "Nurse Sylvia Hill" on AS THE WORLD TURNS in 1965 and early 1966. Another mix-up with the dates.


 It was revealed during a "Father-Daughter" Talk between "Orin" & "Liz" that his 1st Wife's name was "Elizabeth" - their daughter "Liz" was named for her Mother! I have seen Someone asking about the name of "Orin's" 1st Wife.

Elizabeth Hillyer" died when "Liz" was a young Child.


The Character of "Sara Capice" had no "H" on the end of it. She was named for "Sara Lane Karr" (TEAL AMES) who also had no "H" in her name either.


I have it written down that DAVID PENDLETON also portrayed a "Lt. Hewlot". CHANDLER HILL HARBEN portrayed "Lt. Hewlett", so I don't know if it is the same Character or a different one.


Mark Thomas Faulkner Michael Wilcox I have CHH playing Lt. Fountain in 1975. Lt. Hewlot most likely was David Pendleton as he appeared as a Caribbean policeman.


back to Michael


KATHERINE MESKILL did not portray "Mattie Lane Grimsley" after 1969. It is an error (again from that "History Book") that she was on EDGE until 1971 - she joined WHERE THE HEART IS in 1970! KATHERINE also portrayed "Mattie" in 1966.


"Nurse Lydia Holiday" was portrayed by JANE WHITE - not "WHYTE".


ALAN MANSON portrayed "Ken Emerson" from 1966 - 1968. Not just 1967.



Michael Wilcox SHELDON GOLOMB portrayed "Randy Crawford" #2 - not GOILCOM.
All added in.
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Even more info from Michael Wilcox


JAMES (JIM) DUKAS portrayed "Frank Loomis" in 1968 (not Dukes).


Danny Miceli" was portrayed by 3 different Actors: MacINTYRE DIXON, JAMES CATUSI, & LOU CRISCUOLO.


FRANK CAMPANELLA portrayed "Chief Bill Marceau" temporarily in 1968 (not 1967).


 I don't know if you want to note this, but, "Debbie Martin" had a twin sister named "Karen Martin" who was murdered in car bombing.


The Father of "Elly Jo Jamison" was "Big Jim Jamison" (never shown - just referred to). I am wondering if he was "Julie Jamison's" Brother.


There was a hilarious "wise-cracking" Beautician who gave "Julie Jamison Hillyer" a "Make-over" in 1968 and I can't recall her name. She asked "Julie" So, how long ya been dyein' yer hair, Honey"? "Julie" replied "for as long as I can remember - I always thought that it was so pretty." She showed the Beautician a small color snapshot of "Laura" and said that she wanted her hair that color. The Beautician took a closer look at the Photo and said "so, yer goin' back to the "Classy look" huh? Then "Julie" tried to explain that it wasn't her in the Photo. The reaction was: "Well who's this - yer TWIN?!". Funny scenes. "Julie" told her not to cut her hair short!



I believe that the Actress who portrayed this Beautician Character was a "name" Actress like BIBI OSTERWALD or perhaps POLLY ROWLES.


I believe that PAUL McGRATH appeared on EDGE in 1968 as well. He was "Governor Kelly" who gave Exoneration Papers/Stay of Execution Order to free "Julie Hillyer" from Redstone Prison.


Not sure if you have this, but, an elderly Actress named VIOLA BORDEN portrayed a mental Patient in GREEN HAVEN SANITARIUM named "Mrs. Tupperman" & WINSHIP COOK portrayed a Character named "Eileen" both in 1984.



All of the info will be added into the cast list this week, I'm waiting for him to finish sharing info




All added to the list

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Diego Alvarez    Never Seen       owner of Alvarez Oil
 Sylvia____ Alvarez...Taro Meyer   AW(2), AMC        88  Diego's widow, possible affair with Tonio
Mr.  Gardner   ....   Donald Buka        88     art gallery owner, showed Sabrina's work
I added these to the AS cast list on pages 54-55, along with many spelling fixes and some additional character tidbits.  All of these (with appreciation) came from @Brolden.   
EON fixes will be made tomorrow.
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