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If you were EP of GH who would you fire?

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Since it's being done for Y&R, I feel like this should be done for GH as well

I'd fire:

Kristen Alderson

Roger Howarth

Michael Easton

William deVry

Michelle Stafford

Kathleen Gati

Teresa Castillo

Bring back:

Genie Francis

Tristan Rogers

Adrianna Leon

Recast Dillon and/or Lucky

Have Bobbie return to GH as head nurse and living in the Brownstone again with Lucas, Felicia, Mac,Kevin, Lucy and Scott

Move Duke and Anna into a penthouse and involve Robert as an unlikely roommate

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Almost 90% of the cast. Only people that would be safe would be Monica, Tracey, Liz, Lucy, Lulu, Dante, Maxie, Kevin, Mac, Felicia, Scotty, Bobbie, Anna, Patrick, Jordan, Molly, TJ, Shawn, Lucas, and the kids.

Everyone else is fired and we'll have a big sweeps involving an atomic bomb being dropped on Port Charles with a monkey flu epidemic returning. First ones to go are Luke and Sonny followed by Franco and Cujo Carly.

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First and foremost: RC. THAT CLOWN must be prohibited from headwriting duty stat. He clearly has no idea how to write REAL drama.


MS, KA and RoH; probably ME too but I dont want to get rid of any doctor on show called General Hospital no matter how much I dislike them.

I think way too much airtime is wasted on the first three and I dont think they

bring anything to the canvas.

I might consider getting rid of Franco and making RoH play a new character

I would put the kibbosh on any triangle-related storyline and focus on building couples and use internal conflicts instead of manufacturing angst via a third parthy.

And for selfish reasons I would give PS (Brad) and ZG (Levi) contracts because i think theyre hot and want them to become a couple on-screen.

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Clearly i'm in the minority. Roger Howarth is probably one of the only people i would keep. he's a breath of fresh air to a half dead show.

I would do a murder mystery like they did on Loving or The city where they killed off half the cast.

My list would include:

Levi (first one to be killed)

Faux-luke (Don't really care who he is by now)


Julian (or recast)

Robin (for good!)



I'd keep all the young kids because both Spencer and Carly's daughter remind me of when Star Manning on OLTL was young

I'd bring back Quartermains. For 30 years they were the pretty much the main focuss of the show but now they are rarely on. When Kiki said they were still "fighting," I was like "So we have to deal with this crap and just hear that the Q's are still fighting. dumb!"

Give Ned a contract

give Monica a story...maybe a lover

bring back Jason (Quartermaine...not Morgan)

Justus Ward

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Between a hurricane and a subsequent, second outbreak of Lassa Fever that hits the town of Port Charles, I would "take care" of...virtually the entire cast, lol.

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