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  1. Had to vote for Days of Our Lives simply based on the fact that I stopped watching the show in 1987/88 (after ten years of viewership) because it was becoming garbage. And not the guilty pleasure type. A few years later when The Jerry Springer Show came along, I realized Days in the late-80's was like Springer on it's trashiest and tackiest day.
  2. Dug this one out of my magazine storage yesterday. I remember purchasing it off the newsstand when I was 20. Haven't looked at it since. Does anybody else remember if the soap press (Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Magazine, etc.) ever covered this? Or was it just tabloids like National Examiner and Globe?
  3. The place they have come to for safety and shelter was in the comics at this particular juncture, it just didn't have the name of Terminus (or any name that I recall).
  4. I'm not really upset over The Glenn and Maggie Show or Maggie seeming to forget that she even has a sister or even Rick turning into a (so-called) monster. What gets me is all this speculation about cannibalism. WTF? Where did that come from. Has Woodbury jaded the viewers so much that there is no possibility that there are good people left out there in the apocalypse and those that do form a safe haven are eventually going to eat you??? BTW, this was an interesting read. Season 5, yet to be filmed, is already getting seriously dissected and analyzed: http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/walking-dead-season-5-spoilers-3320955
  5. Very interesting that each season finale continues to top the previous one yet there are episodes during the season which have higher numbers than the finale itself i.e. the February 9 midseason premiere. I personally think they do a better job of making the midseason cliff-hanger more of an on-the-edge-of-your-seat type cliff-hanger than the actual season finale. To me, the season finales have been the end of dramatic arcs and the beginnings of new ones.
  6. I wonder if the fact that Tyrese, Carol, Judith (and even Beth) were not a vital part of the season finale will play into the spin off. Remember that show is supposed to premiere in 2015 and since The Walking Dead won't be back until mid-October, there may not be much time in between that and the premiere of the spin-off. So some of the things that happened last night might give us more knowledge on the spin-off. As for the lack of deaths. I'm good with that, too. Losing Hershel, Patrick, Karen, Lizzie, Mika (and every single Woodbury person that evacuated to the prison in 2012) is plenty.
  7. Me too. It was all over the place, though, in terms of your traditional finale. One thing I've learned about this show though is to not call the season finale a cliff hanger because it isn't. At least not in the same way Dallas and Dynasty did cliff hangers. I think they're overreacting about Terminus, though. I think it's a good place, full of good people and we'll probably see them realize this during the first three or four episodes of season five. seven months from now.
  8. I thought the same thing for awhile but in retrospect they already did the remix on that one.
  9. You may get your wish. Andrew Lincoln and showrunner Scott Gimple are tonight's Talking Dead guests. That speaks volumes. Something(s) epic are about to go down in just a few hours.
  10. I'm not a hater of the prison setting. In fact, I enjoyed it probably 100x more than that farm. I think the biggest problem with the prison is that it was so tied in with the Governor. Shortly after season two began, I remember thinking to myself, "This show would be so cool if they could just get back on the road and experience things as if they were on a journey someplace safer [rather than staying in one spot]." And I think that's why the second half of season four has been so enjoyable for me. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't have minded the journey to Terminus to last a little longer, perhaps for the duration of the first half of season five.
  11. I agree. Getting them out of that prison and back in the real world is the closest they have come to the brilliance of season one. Guess the question on everybody's mind right now is who bites the dust tonight. Literally every single cast member's name has been tossed into the fray. I think I've seen speculation it will be Beth the most but I find that so hard to believe since her story began with her trying to end her life. It wouldn't make sense. Her journey doesn't seem to have come full circle yet. My money is on either Glenn or Maggie or Sasha or Bob.
  12. I know right. In fact it was 30 years ago next month that I first heard Holiday played on the radio. I was just a little boy and not only did I think she was black but that "Madonna" was a group of black female singers since they were all the rage in the early-1980's (Sister Sledge, Pointer Sisters, etc.). It wasn't until May of 1984, while watching MTV, and seeing the Borderline video, that I realized she was a petite white singer girl. God bless the Queen!
  13. I heard her new ballad, Perfume today. It reminded me of the sound a 45 record makes when you play it on 78 RPM.
  14. Was thinking the same thing. I reckon Keith Sweat must have been unavailable.
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