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CBS Fall 2014 Schedule

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CBS Fall 2014 Schedule - Will be announced on Wednesday, May 14

9 PM – The Good Wife


8 PM – The Big Bang Theory/2 Broke Girls
8:30 PM – Mom
10 PM – NCIS: Los Angeles

10 PM – Person Of Interest

8 PM – Survivor
9 PM – Criminal Minds

Beginning Oct 30:
8 PM – The Big Bang Theory
8:30 PM – The Millers
9 PM – Two And A Half Men
10 PM – Elementary

8 PM – The Amazing Race
9 PM – Hawaii Five-0
10 PM – Blue Bloods

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So .... CBS makes some big moves yet again. Once again they prove why they continue to remain #1.

Sunday's will see 60 Minutes remain at 7. Madam Secretary at 8 leading into The Good Wife at 9, which leads into original flavor CSI (which will run through it's season and then be replaced by CSI: Cyber)

Mondays will see Big Bang Theory lead off the night at 8 (to bolster Mom at 8:30). 2 Broke Girls will air at 8 when BBT moves back to Thursday's on October 30th. New drama(with humor, apparently) Scorpion will air at 9pm leading into the relocated NCIS: Los Angeles at 10pm.

Tuesday's sees NCIS of course at 8 leading into NCIS: New Orleans at 9 which leads into Person of Interest at 10.

Wednesday's sees the "resurgent" (their words) Survivor leading off the night still at 8PM. Criminal Minds remains at 9pm and leads into new psychological thriller STALKER at 10pm.

Thursday's sees NFL football until October 30th, when Big Bang Theory, The Millers, and Two and a Half Men return in their same slots. Men leads into The McCarthy's. Elementary returns at 10pm along with the sitcoms.

Friday's has The Amazing Race moving to lead off the night (smart move, it has a solid audience) into Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods.

I'm sure Undercover Boss will bridget the seasons of TAR. Also Mike & Molly and The Mentalist are being held for midseason, as is Battle Creek (with Josh Duhamel) and The Odd Couple (with Matthew Perry). I'm assuming Mike and Molly and The Odd Couple will land on Monday's at some point but that's just speculation on my part.


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Same. Looking at CBS' schedule, I am impressed with how the new shows are paired on the same night with established ones, as well as with how one show sort of flows into another, theme-wise. CBS' shows might not be adventurous, but they're reliable, and that's important to remember.

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Awww, would have loved a NCIS night. I would have gotten a kick out of that, but it is all good.

Interesting moves and pairs, VERY glad HIMYD wasn't picked up but they do have until midnight. Dunno who would want to buy it if not CBS.

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I'm excited NCIS:LA is leaving Tuesdays for NCIS:NO, because I honestly don't like it, and hopefully NO bridges the gap from NCIS to POI for me.

FLOORED How I Met Your Dad was cut. Grateful, but floored.

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Once Again CBS shows why they are #1. Pretty Damn good schedule. Nearly every new show has a lead in of an existing one. That's how you do it.

Sundays: Needed a change up. Though placing Madam Secretary here means it's never going to start on time due to football overruns. That's going to annoy me.

Monday: I'm SO glad they gave Mom the post TBBT slot here. I thought Mom was by far the funniest new sitcom this year. This should give it some much needed exposure. Which it's been a tradition for decades that his was CBS's "comedy night", but glad that CBS reducing the comedies this night to an hour. That block just wasn't working anymore. Glad to see NCIS: LA finally move.

Tuesdays: Pretty much the same, but they plugged in new spin off NCIS: New Orleans instead,

Wednesdays: Pretty much the same, save Stalker gets the CSI slot.

Thursdays: I LOVE that they kept the 2 hour comedy block, good counter-programming to all the drama's, but I HATE the order the comedies. For one, I really think BBT should move to 9, that way it can help out the entire block. As it is now at 8pm, it helps out the 8:30 Comedy, but doesn't help the 9Pm ones at all. Plus, Millers should NOT get that post BBT slot a second time. It looses over have the BBT audience. McCarthy's deserves a shot at it.

Friday: Not much change except Amazing Race here.

CBS should hire me haha

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Another good thing about CBS is that it will experiment with timeslots and see if they can't get people interested in shows. I've got a feeling The McCarthys might be a better fit after BBT, and Men is such an aging warhorse, no one really gives a FF where it is.

That Scorpion is so gonna fail. It's got Katherine McPhee, and the first half of the season it's up against football. I'll bet by January, CBS puts back that second comedy block hour.

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Nina Tassler told Entertainment Weekly that the producers balked at retooling the show. I'm curious as to what the network wanted retooled.

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