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Replenishing the DAYS Younger Crowd

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With Brandon Beemer or Jason Cook (I prefer Beemer) both jobless, JKJ not working, and plenty of young blond (capable) actresses to fill the roles of Mimi and Belle, these four characters need to be back on the canvas driving story for the next generation.

I still wish they would've made Chrishell or Sarah (Brown) Sarah Horton. Both played/are playing dull characters that could've easily been Maggie's daughter.

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I have been saying bring back Sarah Horton for awhile! I think that Chrishell should have been Sarah Horton instead of Jordan Ridgeway. She could have still been running from something and that's why she returned to Salem. Plus Maggie needs her daughters around. Since Daniel is still her son (rolls eyes), lol, this would be a great time for her to get to know her "brother". It would've been a smarter move IMO! I would definitely bring back Shawn, but maybe without Belle! I agree with the person who said it would have made a lot of sense to bring Shawn back to the show especially since Bo is not there. He could definitely help Ciara and it would also be great bonding moments for them. I always said make Shawn a cop! Belle could return later, but they don't have to hook them up. I liked them as a couple but I always pictured Shawn with a new character back then, I just pictured something different. I definitely say bring back Nathan, Philip, Stephanie, Melanie, and Jeremy. I think having Jeremy, Nathan, and Sarah would definitely be great in revitalizing the Horton family with the addition of Abby and JJ. But I would definitely build the Johnson family back again as well! Just so many ideas!

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Jett Carver (played by the gorgeous & well-endowed Marcus Patrick, haha) was the never-before-mentioned son of the deceased Theo Carver, I believe.

It's a shame they don't commit to someone who's a dynamic actor and keep him around for more than a year. They could've kept Cameron around, although the actor was quite bland.

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