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  1. I hope that they would consider bringing back Keemo! That would be a good move and a smart one. And even if it is an offspring, that would be a good hit to remembering history and building from it. I look forward to CLASSIC YR returning and the elegance being restored. That's one of the the reasons I watched the soap and really got into it along with all of my other soaps. Seeing the Victor and Nikki wedding from 1984 just brought back all the memories of classic soap opera. I want that to return. WISHFUL THINKING right here...but I would love for CBS Daytime to be restored with GL, ATWT, CAPITOL, SFT lol, making it the diamond network again. But that's just wishful thinking. Just makes me want the old promos back too.
  2. I think Kevin was definitely at his best when he first appeared on YR and was evil. They should've continued on with the dark side of Kevin and build from there. Then eventually write him off instead of trying to transform him into this bad guy gone good. Some characters are meant to only run for a certain length of time. There are characters that are meant to be and have longevity for years and years. Then there are characters who are supposed to be there for 6 months to a year or 2, but that's it. I believe Kevin was supposed and should have been one of those characters. Gloria was cool to have around and at the very beginning, truly worked. I like that they did bring her back because there is much that can be done with her. However, where they messed up was with different pairings or romantically pairing her with some men. They haven't always integrated her with the right characters in my opinion. YR may also need to look into bringing back some of their older characters from the past and building new history and revisiting old history from there. For example, bring back some Brooks and Fosters or their children would be a start.
  3. She could've definitely been the one who slept with JJ when he was down in Florida! But I think she's being brought back and hopefully placed in a romance with Valerie's son! And if written right, they can be great! It could be similar to Jessie and Angie's romance on ALL MY CHILDREN! I would love that!
  4. I love Sharon and Nick! Part of the reason why Sharon's and even some of Nick's new romances didn't pan out or become that successful is because Sharon and Nick are endgame! I think everyone knows that and truly are waiting for them to reunite. That's part of the problem on the soaps that are left on. Keeping couples apart who are in some way staples to their shows with all of the history and great love/romance or trying to pair half of the couple with another partner AND it's not working nor the majority of the fans are receptive to it! Stop moving away from the formula that worked and whether many want to admit or not or claim that times have changed, the formula then still works! We want angst between star crossed lovers, we want to see that look from across the room, those stolen moments together when they know they are in danger or risk getting caught. Sharon and Nick belong together and ever since they broke them up, they have destroyed Sharon's character over the years.
  5. In the short article, they say his name is Tom Baker! His name was Tom Yergin! Was that a mistake or did they change the last name for some reason?
  6. I'm glad they brought her back! I think there was a lot that could be done with the character. They needed to build the Carver family and develop more of Abe and Lani's father/daughter relationship. Furthermore, Lani should have been Rafe's new love interest and a couple could've been born from them. There was potential there. Another thing, the soap needs more diversity! They have done a good job with the Hernandez family and Paul providing diversity, but there's still more to be done. I really enjoyed her character and she is beautiful. So I'm glad for her return and hope that the writers really start to delve into characters more.
  7. Agreed! And the thing is I like the character of Rafe, but I think they are just trying to hard to make him this leading man that he is not. It's not the actors fault, but it is the writers past and present, moreso present! The character has had potential to be great but writers have failed him by not putting him in a strong solid romance of his own. NOT pairing him with Hope, IMO! Hope and Rafe DON'T work! They are better as friends. There were many opportunities to really push him as a romantic leading man with adventure and danger. Pairing him with a new character or new leading lady to help add to DAYS history would've been awesome. I still say they missed the boat with Lani and Rafe pairing. I think they would have been a great pair given both cops, her being Abe's daughter, going on police cases/assignments, etc. Instead, they tried to push a Lani/Shawn/Belle/Philiip quadrangle. Now the idea of that wasn't bad becuase Shawn and Belle were having marital problems. So them entertaining other people was okay. However, it should've been Lani and Rafe slowing getting to know each other and experiencing troubling situations leading to growing feelings and a slow building attraction to romance. Just my opinion.
  8. I like Deimos!!!! He's evil and a villain, which is something DAYS needed again! Just like I enjoy Andre Dimera back on the screen! Do I think they can do a little more with Deimos and really develop the character even better, SURE I DO! But we have to consider who the headwriter is at the current moment! Really, there are some good things in place going on at DAYS, but just need to be fine tuned. This is coming from someone who loves writing and creative writing, degree and concentration in it and everything. No, the show is not perfect, but they are giving us little elements here and there are really good. As fans, we can be very critical and I get that. But soaps are meant to not only entertain, tell story, and capture our imagination and hearts, but we have to also just learn to sit back and let it take our imagination and not fight it. I think for all four soaps, they are working very hard to churn out good material. Are they always going to get it right? NO! But they are working hard to do their best with what networks provide them financially and creative limits.
  9. I'm not saying recycle characters lol! But I'm saying it's time to start reinventing characters with the similar characteristics and personalities. I'm hoping that the nurse, Amy, is Amy's daughter! That would be a great tribute to the original character and actress. It's just time to start looking at the past and yes making it modern, but get the soaps back to there glory where we were vastly entertained and invested.
  10. I love it! And it's about time! It's time for the soaps on air to start reinventing the wheel so to speak...what I mean by this is where the next characters to carry the soap forward like those past characters did. Where's the next Alan and Monica? Rick Webber? Luke and Laura? Edward and Lila? Scotty? Sean? Tiffany? Anna and Robert? Frisco and Felicia? and so forth. I could go on and on, lol! But I'm looking for that Alan/Monica/Rick/Leslie quadrangle type story that drove much story back in the day. Where are my next WSB agents and going up against the Asian Quarters. I think Where are my next Steve and Audrey Hardy? I just think it's about time to bring forward our vets more and when casting new characters or characters who have connections to legacy characters establish them better with backgrounds and story. I'm not saying reincarnate the same storylines, but I am saying to craft storylines that possess similarities and pull in the fans like it once used to. The problem with soaps now is they think we don't want to see that type of storytelling anymore, but the reality is we do. Think about the many prime time shows on air now that are pushing the envelope with danger, romance, sex, passion, deceit, and so much more. We all understand that daytime is limited with going to racy and provocative, but daytime soaps used to be racy and provocative on different levels. This casting is a move in that direction. I remember Amy being a gossip and very quirky. I loved her character for that personality and it added so much to the show and hospital then. I hope they do the character justice and write her correctly. I hope that she is the daughter of Amy Vinings and interacts alot with Laura. I hope that she becomes a best friend to Liz. What I don't want them to do right away is throw her into a romance. I like the attention being put into the hospital and I hope it continues. Make the hospital the focal point again where many storylines and romances happen. Make Port Charles the main character again where the citizens of Port Charles interact with the city and not the other way around. Oh yeah I like the Dr. Monroe, Duke's son!
  11. You are absolutely RIGHT! It's the same repeated storylines over and over. And furthermore, Bill is the love of Brooke's life???????? Ummm, wasn't that Ridge for years and years? I just can't stand how the show has gotten so far away from what it's supposed to be and how they continue to write these characters.
  12. The show is a mess and for these so called good ratings....PLEASE LET'S STOP! The couple of points they get here and there are nothing compared to the ratings that really showed something of big gains. There have been spikes here and there but that's not the major problem, it's the quality of the show that is being tarnished. These August spoilers are very BLAH and sound like nothing interesting. This was once a great soap and right now it's barely holding my attention with pointless murders and this whole fake Jack storyline has been disappointing. It's just not Young and the Restless style!
  13. Anthony Geary's interview was great and spot on about how the industry has changed and their focus. I think we all can agree that we started to see exactly what he said in regards to the writing, acting, and casting. I also agree with him when he says if you end up speaking up or out, then most likely you are ousted and labeled the trouble making actor/actress. If you just go back and look at old episodes of soaps, GH, being one, the caliber of acting was different, the emotion was there with lines and storylines. The heart was felt all through the soap opera and that's what made it so tight-knit, real community throughout the soap. I agree with him on the storylines as of late with Luke and his departure. I know many will disagree with me on this, but bringing back Jake and tying it to Helena, as always do, is just bad writing and lacks creativity. It was a poor decision. I understand wanting to redeem Luke's character in some ways, but there were better ways to do it. And that whole mess with Frank Smith being alive and paralyzed was idiotic. Everyone saw Luke shoot and kill Frank Smith. I don't get RC's fascination with resurrecting charaters from the dead who really serve just one purpose for an arc of a storyline just to kill them off again. It could have been as simple in just really doing your homework and making some better choices for storyline direction for Luke's exit. I know he thinks that he will only be remembered for his portrayal of Luke and his romance with Luke and Laura! But that he should embrace because Luke and Laura's romance is one of the contributing factors that made GH and other soaps what they were especially when it came to supercouples and every soap has a staple couple or many big supercouples! But I do understand where he's coming from. The reality is when you are a part of such a big couple, fans are going to remember you for that and what you added to their lives and television screen. Embrace it and be proud of that work and know you made some difference or gave the audience some happiness. Luke and Laura were huge and I love them for their romance and storylines afterwards. But I also love the actor Anthony Geary because he has contributed great work to GH and the acting community with some stellar performances. It's basically this, AG's interview was honestly without a doubt truthful. Yes, there were places in the interview that ego definitely shined through and he even acknowledged some of it. He will be missed on GH and since they won't have him on GH after next week, the show has some major scrambling to do to fill such a huge void and gap. The focus needs to go back on the vets and fast, then base some storylines on the other generation. Couples like Lulu and Dante need to be fixed and forefront but with a huge dose of romance and adventure. Maxie and Nathan are great but they need something more to propel them to a super couple status IMO. I think they missed the opportunity again for Morgan and Kiki to propel them as young lovers. Jason (Jake) and Sam need to reunite. Lucky and Liz should have been that next big staple couple years ago and I think it could still happen. GH is definitely lacking a lot IMO right now and HEART is one thing! Where are the solid families? The Quatermaines are still very much absent and need to be rebuilt badly. The Hardy's are non-existent. The Scorpios are all over the place. The Webbers are where? And we could go on and on...it just lacks HEART and FAMILY! It would be great to see more scenes shared between Carly and Lulu, talking about life, problems, romance, and new beginnings especially since Carly is remarrying Sonny. Have Tracy and Dillon shared many scenes yet? I will say this the only back from the dead storyline I would like to see is the return of Alan Quartermaine! He should've never been killed off. This is my rant for now lol! Sorry! I just have a passion for soaps and the return to greatness!
  14. I wish NBC would attempt to resurrect their Daytime Line-up again and start by bringing back The Doctors!
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