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  1. I hope that they would consider bringing back Keemo! That would be a good move and a smart one. And even if it is an offspring, that would be a good hit to remembering history and building from it. I look forward to CLASSIC YR returning and the elegance being restored. That's one of the the reasons I watched the soap and really got into it along with all of my other soaps. Seeing the Victor and Nikki wedding from 1984 just brought back all the memories of classic soap opera. I want that to return. WISHFUL THINKING right here...but I would love for CBS Daytime to be restored with GL, ATW
  2. I think Kevin was definitely at his best when he first appeared on YR and was evil. They should've continued on with the dark side of Kevin and build from there. Then eventually write him off instead of trying to transform him into this bad guy gone good. Some characters are meant to only run for a certain length of time. There are characters that are meant to be and have longevity for years and years. Then there are characters who are supposed to be there for 6 months to a year or 2, but that's it. I believe Kevin was supposed and should have been one of those characters. Gloria was coo
  3. She could've definitely been the one who slept with JJ when he was down in Florida! But I think she's being brought back and hopefully placed in a romance with Valerie's son! And if written right, they can be great! It could be similar to Jessie and Angie's romance on ALL MY CHILDREN! I would love that!
  4. I love Sharon and Nick! Part of the reason why Sharon's and even some of Nick's new romances didn't pan out or become that successful is because Sharon and Nick are endgame! I think everyone knows that and truly are waiting for them to reunite. That's part of the problem on the soaps that are left on. Keeping couples apart who are in some way staples to their shows with all of the history and great love/romance or trying to pair half of the couple with another partner AND it's not working nor the majority of the fans are receptive to it! Stop moving away from the formula that worked and wh
  5. In the short article, they say his name is Tom Baker! His name was Tom Yergin! Was that a mistake or did they change the last name for some reason?
  6. I'm glad they brought her back! I think there was a lot that could be done with the character. They needed to build the Carver family and develop more of Abe and Lani's father/daughter relationship. Furthermore, Lani should have been Rafe's new love interest and a couple could've been born from them. There was potential there. Another thing, the soap needs more diversity! They have done a good job with the Hernandez family and Paul providing diversity, but there's still more to be done. I really enjoyed her character and she is beautiful. So I'm glad for her return and hope that the w
  7. Agreed! And the thing is I like the character of Rafe, but I think they are just trying to hard to make him this leading man that he is not. It's not the actors fault, but it is the writers past and present, moreso present! The character has had potential to be great but writers have failed him by not putting him in a strong solid romance of his own. NOT pairing him with Hope, IMO! Hope and Rafe DON'T work! They are better as friends. There were many opportunities to really push him as a romantic leading man with adventure and danger. Pairing him with a new character or new leading lad
  8. I like Deimos!!!! He's evil and a villain, which is something DAYS needed again! Just like I enjoy Andre Dimera back on the screen! Do I think they can do a little more with Deimos and really develop the character even better, SURE I DO! But we have to consider who the headwriter is at the current moment! Really, there are some good things in place going on at DAYS, but just need to be fine tuned. This is coming from someone who loves writing and creative writing, degree and concentration in it and everything. No, the show is not perfect, but they are giving us little elements here and th
  9. I wish NBC would attempt to resurrect their Daytime Line-up again and start by bringing back The Doctors!
  10. AWESOME PROMO!!!! This is the Jennifer I know and love. She was stronger and a fighter! And she was IN LOVE with JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH how I wish Search for Tomorrow was still on!!!!!!!! I love this clip! Tony Dimera coming between Liz and Neil was classic drama. I couldn't hate Tony then either! I loved all of these characters.
  11. I think that would be a great idea! This would be a great way to bring back characters and even keep a few! Mike Horton (Mike Weiss portrayal) could definitely return. Jeremy Horton could return as a hospital intern. Nathan Horton could return too now as a doctor. Maybe Linda Patterson could make a return and she be an anonymous benefactor. Sandy Horton could also return and be on the Hospital Board of Directors. Josh Taylor could go back to playing Chris Kositchek and Sandy and Chris could reconnect slowly in a mature adult relationship again. They could write a big gala/ball/benefit
  12. I just love these promos! That Justin and Adrienne promo was AWESOME! Angelica Deveraux was a thorn in their side. Victor did a lot of dirt with trying to destroy J&A. Writers knew how to write!
  13. These promos were and still are amazing! I couldn't help but get excited watching them! I wish DAYS OF OUR LIVES still wrote characters and stories like that. The promos back then knew how to lure you in to watch. You wanted to know what was going to happen. The Marlena one with wanting revenge against Stefano for "killing" Roman and kidnapping the twins was pure DAYTIME DRAMA MAGIC!!!!!!! I so miss it. The promo with everyone on Alamania and the the building crumbling and so forth was great drama and a lot came from that storyline. The third one with the party at Lawrence Alamain's and
  14. I so agree with you on that! These writers do a very bad job of using history to enhance their storylines. Not only that they do a very bad job of incorporating characters from the 70s, 80s, and even early 90s to make the show more cohesive.
  15. I would love for the character of Mike Horton to come back to Salem and Days, but as Mike Weiss portraying him again. I would love for Mike to come back to town assuming a position at the hospital as Chief of Staff. He could really put Ann in her place. Daniel and Mike don't have to be best friends, however, he could disapprove of Jennifer and Daniel's relationship. Or they could just be good acquaintances. With Mike back in town, Robin could come back and they rekindle their romance. Or even Margo could come back in town for a little while and Margo ends up being Paige's mother. Or wha
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