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Y&R- Simpsons and Bob Newhart Show star Marcia Wallace (ex-Annie Wilkes) has passed

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I've been a little sad about this all day. I remember Marcia's battle with cancer getting a lot of coverage on Entertainment Tonight back in the day. The Simpsons hasn't had a palpable hit like this since Hartman was killed. No more Edna/Seymour-centric episodes. The show certainly will not replace her out of respect. I wonder if they'd go so far as to kill Edna off like they did Maude Flanders. I say send her off Sally Spectra-style. People have a rough enough time with live action recasts, but recasting inimitable voice actors is especially hard to adjust to (see: Betty Rubble).

R.I.P. Marcia, thoughts and prayers with her loved ones.

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I was just reading about some of the Simpsons characters a few days ago and read some of a bio of Edna.

I mostly remember Marcia from Bob Newhart, where she was always dependable, always funny, always real. On TV today "real" means being an !@#$%^&*], but on MTM shows, it meant being sardonic, but not too much so, believably commenting on the boring insanity of day-to-day life, and occasionally having those moments where your world stands still.

I always liked that they let Carol find happiness and love...and get to keep it.

We've lost so many wonderful sitcom actresses of her generation and they never get the credit they deserve.

Thanks for being such a major part of my life, Marcia. I'll sing a few choruses of "Oklahoma" for you.

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