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Discussion thread for the Friday recap and I'll start with a recap of this week's hos


Skeleton Ho


Beat Up Ho


Chompers Ho


Switch hitter Ho


Embarrassing Ho


Struggling Hos


Background Ho


Boss Ho


Happy Ho


Bra-less Ho


Oops, deleted Ho


18 year old Ho

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Lindsay really does need to put some weight back on to fill out her face

I'm not sure how I feel about Jane just being there right now, I'm sure she'll get story in time but while it's realistic to life to have that barista we always see, it's also off putting to just have her there to essentially be a continuity extra

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That makes so much sense. I guess she could be worse. And anytime you have an Erika Slezak interview, that's a good thing. NuMatthew seemed excited about the character and Jen Pepperman seems like someone who doesn't take a lot of crap, which is definitely a good thing. The lifestyle fashion segment or whatever was awful though. Those must go. Maybe they could sub in OLTL history lessons or something for newer viewers.

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I honestly don't like it. It feels forced and doesn't fit in an online environment. It's clearly a "show" in the tradition of broadcast/cable network TV. When Leslie says, "we'll have more after the break," I'm like..."what break?"

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Um, great that Lucky Magazine is sort of like...helping promote OLTL (or the other way around), but what does this dang swimsuit crap have to do with OLTL? Am I, as a viewer of OLTL, supposed to give two shits?

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