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Best and Worst Schemes

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-Vivian killing Carly's patients and trying to frame her and then burying her alive. (DAYS)

-Sami breaking up Austin & Carrie. (DAYS)

-Kristen faking her pregnancy. (DAYS)

-Lexie doing whatever to keep Isaac from Hope. (DAYS)

-Kimberly stealing Jo's baby. (MP)

-Annie trying to get Gregory to marry her. (Sunset Beach)


-Nicole giving Chloe the flesh eating disease. (DAYS)

-Chelsea using Zack's death to break up Bo & Hope. (DAYS)

-Sami blackmailing Lexie into telling Carrie she'll have a deformed baby if she and Austin have children. (DAYS)

-Jane trying to break up Jake & Allison (MP)

-Virginia getting Vanessa pregnant via turkey baster. (Sunset Beach)

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Janet getting plastic surgery and posing as 'Jane Cox'.

Less than stellar:

Erica kidnapping Bianca and posing as a diner waitress named Sally. OK, wouldn't people recognize her as Erica Kane? Plus, I think that was during the '88 writer's strike and while I've only seen bits and pieces of the story, there seems to be lots of holes in it. And that Steven Andrews guy -- while I guess was the point -- was too creepy.

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I really enjoyed the storylines surrounding Barbara's multiple schemes on ATWT:

She made a very drunk Tom Hughes think that they had had a one night stand in a hotel room in NYC, causing a rift between Tom and Margo. Barbara conspired to keep the secret, even going as far as to make sure that another associate, one of Fashion's distributors (can't remember his name) wouldn't have a chance to talk to Tom, as he was the only person who could verify that Tom passed out in his hotel room and couldn't have possibly slept together. Barbara even had the man fired, making up some excuse about his incompetence, so that he'd have no reason to come to Oakdale where he'd most likely run into Tom. Every time it seemed that Tom and Margo might find their way back to each other, Barbara made sure to be around as a constant reminder of the reason the couple were apart, while still professing the hope that they'd get back together.

Barbara aspires to get revenge on Brian McColl for dumping her before they were supposed to marry. Brian had moved on with Shannon O'Hara (A.K.A. Erin Casey). who Barbara had unsuccessfully tried to have arrested as a jewel thief-- even sending the police to take her into custody in the restaurant where she and Brian were having dinner, while scheming with Lucinda to get some reporters from Lucinda's newspaper to take photos and report on the incident, which resulted in a brawl, with half the restaurant being arrested. When Barbara learned of Brian and Shannon's impending marriage, she resolved to find a way to stop the wedding. Having Shannon investigated by a private detective, she learned that Shannon had once been married to a Scot named Duncan McKechnie. The fact that Duncan supposedly died in an avalanche (I know, soapy right?) didn't deter Barbara. She had him found and brought him to Oakdale just in time to stop the wedding as it was in progress!ohmy.png

Barbara also had an affair with the son-in-law of her mentor/friend/ and occasional scheming buddy Lucinda Walsh, while simultaneously designing a series of outfits for Tonio's new and naive wife Sierra. It was an interesting dynamic to see a scene with the three of them with Barbara fitting Sierra for clothes for her post nuptial celebration bash that was being thrown by Lucinda while plotting rendezvous to shag Sierra's husband.

The bizarre thing is that when Lucinda found out, she didn't go to her daughter or even get outraged. She pretty much blamed Sierra's still being in love with Craig Montgomery and not paying Tonio enough attention, causing Tonio and his machismo to stray.

And did I mention that these series of events happened all in the same year?!excl.png

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