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Gangnam Style


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I was watching ESPN's Mike & Mike morning sports talk show and one of them was dressed as Psy for Halloween. As they cut away from commercial, they played Gangnam Style and showed them dancing to it. Hilarious.

I did see a clip of the Gangnam Style dance on DWTS. Other than Emmitt and Cheryl, it was hot mess.

Here is ESPN's Gangnam Style parody, It is quite good.: http://espn.go.com/e...2/gangnam-style

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LOL!!! But who does the dance moves without the music? :lol:

Anyone saw Psy with MC Hammer last night. I did not watch, but it was a great performance. I love the audience getting into it. Whoever thought this up was brilliant! Check it out on YT:

It was such an awesome performance and the guest appearance by MC Hammer just made it better!

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Officially the most watched video on Youtube. It passed Justin Beiber's Baby a few hours ago and has over 800 million views!

Awesome! "Baby" has been around for almost 3 years and "Gagnam Style" has only been up since July. It's going to bet the first to hit 1 billion views.

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PSY is the "IT" Boy this year.

Come next month "Gangnam Style" will be played in all the holiday parties.

I am sure he will have bookings all over the place.

New Year's Eve he will have his own choosing as to what party to perform at I bet.

Yeah, and get rich. But I sure hope he manages it well.

Take notes from his on stage partner at the AMA MC Hammer. He was once big too. Had a big house out here in the Bay Area. He was on top for a few years, then it all fell apart.

PSY enjoy it while you can. And save your money.


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