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I wish they would bring back the last blast teens!! But I could never accept anybody as Belle but Kirsten Storms, and Jason Cook as Shawn. That's how it is with me. The teen scene was the last time on soaps for me that it was fun to watch a soap. It's nothing but dark and depressing nowadays.

It's a good thing I like to read. I can get my fantasy/romance this way because love in the afternoon on soaps is all but dead! Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples's new graphic novel "SAGA" volume one is coming out next month and I can't wait! It's shaping up to be as great as Brian's last series "Y: The Last Man".

I'm still hoping that RC will bring Matt/JC back soon. I think their is plenty of story to be told.

Kirsten did a nice interview with Stephanie Sloane in the current SOD and KS said a lot of nice things about Jirsten. I love Stephanie's love for all things Shelle/M&M/Jirsten!!

Shelle magic - http://youtu.be/ztc1GkQbtSk

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I agree that Alexandria is a missing link as she should've been SORASED to rival Taylor and her Taytots--especially when Thorne was planning a takeover, which was dropped. Plus, she could give Taylor something to do, other roam around FC like a lost puppy, as she could raise h*ll for her hitting and killing her mother. It could also give Stephanie and Thorne something to do (too) as Stephanie could be conflicted between her grandkids, and Thorne could once again try and win control of FC. B&B has a bad girl in Steffy, but there is room enough for another one.

Kristen, Felicia, Zende, Dino, RJ Forrestor. All these characters are needed on the show desperately. It would be genius to have Zende, Dino, RJ (and Hope) all ban together against Thomas & Steffy--Stephanie's favorite grandkids. Again, it'd give Stephanie something to do. Add Felicia and Kristen (who I think Maura West should've been recasted as instead of Y&R Diane), and there is a good FC business story with potential.

Majority of the Horton clan on DAYS. Sarah Horton for one. Still think that Sarah Brown should've been cast as Sarah instead of creating Madison. Bill and Laura Horton should've stayed after Alice's funeral. Nathan should've been brought back. The missing Tommy Horton should've been recast (with possibly Stuart Damon) as he'd be a gold mine for a writer (like Sarah) as he's been gone for DECADES.

I agree that Jen Lilley would be PERFECT as Belle as she really does look like Deidre Hall. Shawn, Mimi, Chloe, and Phillip needs to return too. Dare I say that Rex could make a return too . . . tongue.png

Keemo on Y&R. It's about time that Jack's other son should be brought back to rival the Newman men. Jack & Victor is getting old. Should be Keemo/Billy/Kyle V. Nick/Adam/Noah now.

Majority of the Winters clan--Dru, Olivia, Nate, and Malcolm (not Eddie Winslow). Dru is needed because she always brought the fire and drama to the Winters. Olivia always the sensible one. Nate could be a romantic rival for Devon. And Malcolm NEEDS to be back on this show. Aaron D. Spears should've been snatched from B&B (seeing as he's recurring and has been for awhile) and implanted in this role as he looks similar to Shemar, and is suave like he is.

For GH--Sarah Webber & TJ Hardy. The Webber/Hardy clan should be rebuilt. Dillon & Brooklyn need to return for the Qs. Keesha (with Maya & Zoe, who we never got see but was promised) are missing links too. I think it's time that Jason Q and Jason M merge into one with him remembering all, and being conflicted with his past and present life. Throw Keesha in there cause problems and there you go.

Finally, Serena Baldwin. With Lucy,Christina, Scotty, and a SORASED Morgan. Have Serena come to town bent on getting revenge because Lulu killed the brother (Logan) that she never got to meet. Have her team up with Brooke to bring down Lulu. Brooke tries to seduce Dante (again) while Serena goes after Michael. Michael rejects her and she cries rape, yet Morgan knows she's lying and tries to prove his brother's innocence. Serena uses Christina to distract Morgan while Michael goes on trial. The truth comes out and Serena is pegged the town pariah. PC needs a bad girl in the youth dept. and a seed of Lucy Coe's is that girl. Plus Carly v. Lucy would be EPIC.

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OMG yes!

Who remembers this picture?


Such wasted potential. Instead we have had to endure 4 years of Sami/EJ/Nicole/Rafe with Austin, Carrie and Lucas thrown in. Ugh.

I also would love Chelsea back but she can leave Uncle Max i n Europe.

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    • Yeah… any kind of whack explanation would never make Rachel getting in to see Kristen seem believable. The little psychopath still needs to be brought down a peg or two.  Tripp was really adorable today though. Too bad Gabi didn’t see his little show either

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      They really need to play Tripp/Wendy/Johnny a lot more. It could be so good. And they should bring Chanel back into it as well.  And I gotta admit, I do kind of like Alex’s new glasses. They look a lot better
    • I love being loved and waking up to a simple little video someone sent me from far far away. Awwww. My heart 

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      (and yes, I do have one). Good morning or shall I say Bom Dia to me! He's such a little doofus.

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    • OH?   Well Eva the Diva does not take kindly to cheating if I remember....
    • It was over Michael who started that feud back in 1998. Phyllis was jealous that Michael was spending so much time with Diane over her divorce case with Victor.
    • Jill Zarin has let go of her rental in Ramona's building on the Upper East Side. Looks like she'll be spending more time in FLA. Her 'Goodbye NYC' makes me feel like it's a wider Goodbye to the OG RHONY 

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        Hmm.  Sounds like he got caught doing something he wasn't supposed to do.
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